15“My kids had ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“It was a rough night, followed by a rough morning. My kids refused to go to sleep, woke up several times throughout the night, and then woke up at the crack of dawn,” Says Merri P, a stay-at-home-mom of three.

“I had gotten about 2.5 hours of sleep, and that’s an

overestimate. When they woke up and the tantrums and refusal to listen started again, I felt like I was on the brink of insanity. The last thing I wanted to do was cook, or listen to them whine about what I had made them or throw the food in the garbage. So, when it came time for meals, I gave them the only thing that I knew they wouldn’t argue about… ice cream. I don’t feel bad about it, either. My kids had ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day. I didn’t have to cook, and I didn’t have to have battles over eating. It was a win-win.”

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