14Dominika’s Strawberry Smoothie Surprise

Dominika’s story is interesting. First of all, she upfront states that she wouldn’t consume placenta on its own. Here too, it’s evident that human placentophagy isn’t something that everyday people adopt in their mentality, despite its rising appeal.

Nonetheless, when her husband cut pieces of her placenta and blended it into

a strawberry smoothie, which is one of the most common types of smoothies, Dominika’s didn’t see anything wrong with that because she couldn’t taste the placenta. Having kept the placenta from the birth of her two children, she feels it’s something acceptable when taken in this way.

On the other hand, Dominika does go on to say that delaying cord clamping after childbirth produces placenta that ‘is not as juicy.’ She states ‘no blood or any other taste comes through.’ It needs to be considered, though, that ‘afterbirth’ must immediately follow after childbirth, as delaying its excretion is dangerous and can be fatal for the mother.

Therefore, the advice of a doctor or medical practitioner should be considered before intending to attempt human placentophagy.

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