15"I Considered Giving My Baby To My Cousin."

Kate wasn’t ready to be a mother at all when it happened to her — at least that’s the way she recalls it. There must have been something she wasn’t aware of at the time. A desire for responsibility and a kind of love she’d never experienced that perhaps she

would never have known if it hadn’t been thrust into her lap.

You see, she never wanted to be a mother. She was clear about that when she met her boyfriend at the time. It was a point of tension for them in the beginning because he was quite certain he wanted a big family with lots of little ones and that if she didn’t change her mind they would have a serious problem. They’d only been official for a few weeks when she found herself expecting.

Kate’s cousin had been struggling to adopt a child for some time and she seriously considered giving her baby to her. She felt like she wasn’t ready for motherhood when she was still in college and so young and the relationship with her boyfriend was still so fresh. In the end, she stuck it out and is glad she did. That boyfriend is her husband today and she doesn’t see any way she could be happier without him and her babies.

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