15 Confessions Made By Moms Who Aborted

The subject of pro-life versus pro-choice has been a controversial matter for decades. During the United States abortion-rights movement, Roe Vs. Wade challenged state laws restricting abortion. After the Supreme Court's ruling, a number of states legalized and decriminalized a woman's right to choose abortion. As it is the woman who bears the child, it is her decision to do what she wants with her body. Whether a woman decides to have the child and raise it as her own, put the child up for adoption, or opt out of these options and decides upon abortion, it is her choice and within her rights to make whatever decision she feels is best for her life.

Certain circumstances can lead a woman to choose an abortion. These decisions can range from the pregnant mother to be deciding she is not suitable to be a mother, being too young to raise a child and unable to give it a fair and fit life, to other major issues that can include rape, addiction and birth control failure. It is the woman's life and her personal choice, so for us as outsiders looking in on her life and decision without knowing the facts, all we can do is make assumptions to what led the mother to make this decision. Abortion is a tough topic to discuss, and we should not judge others on the tough choices they may have had to make. In this list, we will discuss some disturbing abortion decisions that some women have had to make, whether or not it was the right choice for them in that specific moment in time.

15 For The Sake Of The Parents

As a teenager, becoming pregnant is looked down upon. Telling your parents you are pregnant at such a young age has to be a difficult situation to be in. In this scenario, the mother to be was a 17 year old girl whose parents were absolutely mortified when she told them about her pregnancy. She wanted to keep her child, but her parents gave her no alternative but to have an abortion. She was met outside the abortion clinic by angry protestors and security guards, who escorted her into the building.

She wanted to run, to run away from the clinic but was coerced inside by her parents and security guard. Her parents were anything less than sympathetic, telling her one way or another she was having this abortion. When this teenage girl went into the room with the nurse, she begged and pleaded for the nurse to help her, as she did not want to go home without still being pregnant. The nurse told her she could have the abortion there or at another clinic across town, but either way she was going to have this abortion against her will. Sadly, the abortion went through, and the young girl regrets not running when she had a small window of time to do so.

14 The Third-Trimester Abortion


A woman who was in her last trimester of pregnancy was told that her child had a large amount of health problems, including congestive heart failure. If the child were to be born, he would need to go through multiple heart surgeries and his chances for survival were minimal. She was then advised by her obstetrician to have an abortion so her child would not have to endure a life of pain. Upon arriving at the clinic, she decided she no longer wanted to go through with the abortion, and begged the father of the child to take her home, but he refused.

When she was escorted into the room, the doctor injected digoxin, a drug normally used to treat heart failure, into the child's heart in order to hill her. The woman then proceeded to deliver the dead child. The staff cleaned the child so the mother was able to come back the next day to pay her respects and say her last goodbye to her dead child. She even had her baby girl baptized, and the pastor himself wept along side the crying mother. Another mother who felt tricked into having an abortion and regrets this choice every day of her life.

13 The Drug Addicted Husband

One woman confessed on Whisper, "I had an abortion 3 years ago when my husband left me for drugs. I have no regrets over it but I would never tell anyone it wasn't a miscarriage." We can only presume that to tell this lie on a daily basis for the past 3 years must be extremely difficult for this woman. We will never know for sure, but to have a child with a drug addicted father would have been a hard life for not only the child but for the mother as well.

This woman has no regrets, so she made the best decision for not only herself, but the sake of her unborn child as well. Drug addiction is a huge and growing problem in the United States, so this woman must have felt that she was doing right by her child as to not bring the child into a dark world filled with lies, deceit, drugs, and constant abuse. We can only hope that she has moved on to a better future where she may one day be able to provide a child the life that they truly deserve.

12 Love Pregnancy, Hate Kids

This confession is definitely out there. This woman confessed that she loves getting pregnant, but has had 5 abortions because she is not ready to be a mother. This just feels like a contradicted statement. Personally, I do not know any woman who absolutely loves being pregnant and chooses to not want the child she is bearing. This is a truly disturbing confession. A lot of people can understand making a mistake and making the decision to abort based on the persons current life circumstances, but to have a total of 5 pregnancies and 5 abortions just because you enjoy the feeling is completely mind-blowing.

Most mature women who understand that they are not quite ready to be mothers choose to use some form of contraception in order to not get pregnant, but this woman seems to be a rare exception. We can only hope that she makes the right decision next time, and is either ready for parenthood or uses protection in order to not abort another unborn child.

11 2 Abortions, 1 Pregnancy


This 16 year old teenage girls mother followed her daughters cycle, and when she was late her mother made her take a pregnancy test. When the test came back positive, the mother allowed for her daughter to make the choice of whether or not she was going to continue with her pregnancy at such a young age or to choose a different option. As time passed, the young teenager made the decision to have an abortion, because she knew at a young age she could never give the child the life it truly deserved. When she arrived at the clinic, she decided to avoid surgery and take two different pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, in order to produce a miscarriage for an early pregnancy. It seemed that this method was effective, until she went back to the doctor's a month later and discovered that she was still pregnant!

The following day she went to another clinic in order to have the surgical procedure done to terminate her pregnancy. She never looked at her ultrasound (as the nurse faced it away from her), but she can only speculate that she was possibly pregnant with twins since the pills did create a simulation of a miscarriage which should have effectively ended the pregnancy when she took them.

10 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Another Whisper user confessed, "I got an abortion. Don't hate me. If you were 15 and pregnant due to rape, what the hell would you do? Don't judge me until you know how terrifying that is." Being raped is a difficult reality in itself to deal with, but add becoming pregnant due to rape and it's a becomes another story. This teenage girl was raped, and made the best decision for herself by having an abortion.

Sure, she could have given the baby up for adoption, but imagine having to live with the constant reminder that the baby you gave away was the product of rape. Every person is different and their circumstances are all different as well, and we can't judge the decision made by someone without knowing what it's like to live in their shoes. We can only hope that she has moved past this and grown as a person from this unfortunate experience.

9 The Walk Of Shame

One woman shares her story of being in a committed relationship at 21, but feeling too young and irresponsible to become a parent when her birth control failed. She was on the depo shot when she found out she was pregnant, and was also a full time worker and college student. With the help of a friend and her aunt, she went to the abortion clinic, and was met by angry protesters. She describes the protesters as being older men, who will never know what being a pregnant woman is like.

As she walked across the street, she was publicly shamed by these older men, who were throwing doll baby parts at her, all while calling her a murderer, a whore and condemning her for her cruel and inhumane decision. She felt a sense of relief once she was in the waiting room and away from these hateful men, and claimed it was still the right decision she could have made at that point in her life.

8 The Judge's Ruling

A young 19 year old woman was forced into having an abortion by her boyfriend and his mother, who happened to be the town's Judge. The Judge threatened to take the baby away and put the child into a foster home if her son's girlfriend decided to go through with the pregnancy. Feeling like she had no other option, she went to the abortion clinic, accompanied by her boyfriend. She begged her boyfriend to let her have the baby, but she was not going to win this battle.

After the abortion, she was severely depressed and filled with so much hate and anger. Her boyfriends mother (being the town Judge) was able to have her committed into a psychiatric ward. Even after her release, she continued to self-mutilate herself and even attempted suicide multiple times. Her boyfriend eventually left her for another woman, who ironically had two children of her own. Her life has been hard over the past 6 years since the abortion, but she is now beginning to find happiness through God and has learned to love herself.

7 A Victim Of The Systems

A woman recounts her experience of being "Rapes, brutalized, beaten, and tortured by two men" while hitch hiking in California. She attempted to go to the police, who never filed a report, and the emergency room where the doctor accused her of lying. When she later found out she was pregnant, she had to visit with a psychiatrist in order to be declared mentally ill to have a legal abortion. This was back in the early 70s when abortions were criminalized. After months of terrible luck, she finally found a doctor willing to perform the surgery, but who also refused any kind of follow up appointments. Over the years, she has felt no regret for the decision she made and has stayed pro-choice, wanting to help young woman make the right decision for their own lives.

6 Traumatized And Going Insane

A whisper user confessed, "I was raped, and got pregnant. I'm going to abort the fetus. What happened was so traumatizing but I can't tell my friends about it because they're viciously pro-life. I'm silently going insane." Having no one to turn to in a difficult situation can't be an easy way to live life. This woman had to endure becoming pregnant from her rapist and has already made the decision to have an abortion. Not only that, but she now has no one to be by her side as she goes through this difficult chapter in her life. We can only hope that she is able to one day move past this and be able to talk to someone about her situation and the decision she made without being judged and hated.

5 A Time Machine To Change A Decision

This one particular story is absolutely heart breaking. A young woman confessed to having an abortion and that she should currently be 8 months pregnant. She is contemplating on ending her own life (on a very specific day) so she can meet the baby that she had decided to abort because she is so depressed and can no longer handle life. Not everyone who chooses abortion is happy with their decision. This particular woman regrets her decision so much that she would rather commit suicide than live another day with the choice she made. We hope that she is able to cope one day, and find the right kind of help so she can eventually lead a happy life. No one deserves to believe that death is a better option instead of life.

4 To Want Kids, Or To Not Want Kids

One whisper confession states, "My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. He wants kids, I don't. Six months ago, I had an abortion and didn't tell him. I don't know how much longer I can handle this guilt." Usually when entering a committed relationship, whether or not you want to have children is a big topic that needs to be discussed. If he wanted kids and she did not, then they should have made the decision to not see each other anymore based on their different opinions on the topic (unless, of course, there is a possibility that one could change their mind in the future). To become pregnant and terminate the child without the fathers knowledge is unfair to him, and her guilt should lead her into telling him the truth so they can both move on into a positive direction in life. We can only hope that she can be open and honest with her boyfriend in the near future.

3 The Abortion Addict

Over the course of 17 years, a Woman has come out to talk about the 15 pregnancies she terminated due to her controlling husband who did not want children. These abortions went on from when she was 16 years old until she turned 33. She has been under "attack" by anti-abortionist groups and has been sent death threats as well as demands that she should be put in jail. Luckily, the woman was able to escape her abusive marriage and now has two children that she is able to love and care for. She has also written a book about her experiences and abortion addiction, which has shocked many that have read her memoir.

2 A Mother's Love And Support

At the age of 18, a young woman was preparing to enter the world of college, and also began dating a man 10 years older than her. He wanted kids, she wanted to finish her studies. When she missed her period for a few months and discovered she was pregnant, her boyfriend revealed that he had slipped off his condom several times while they had had sex. She decided to abort, and he did not support her decision and refused to help her in any way. She was able to convince him to drive her to the clinic as long as she was able to raise the money for the abortion herself. When the day came, he was no where to be found. She had to wake her mother up and confess to her that she had become pregnant but was having an abortion. Her mother was extremely supportive, asked if this was the right decision for her, and drove her to the appointment. The following day, her boyfriend contacted her with a sob story on why he wasn't there for her. Lucky for this woman, she had a very understanding, supportive, and loving mother who backed up her decision and helped her along the way.

1 House Of Horror

Badass woman let's out banshee scream during water birth.

One of the most shocking and disturbing abortion clinics to ever be revealed is that of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. One girl claims to have been accompanied by her grandmother at the clinic, where the young teen girl only weighed 87 pounds. Once the girl was in the clinic, she changed her mind and did not want to go through with the abortion. She claims that the Dr. forced an abortion on her, despite her changing her mind. One report states that Gosnell Ripped off her clothes and forcibly restrained the girl. After 12 hours of being unconscious, the girl woke up at her aunt's house, realizing that the abortion took place against her will. The truth about this horrifying clinic and their illegal practices were finally discovered by the FBI in 2010.

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