15“Nothing About My Day is ‘Mine’”

Jillian Z, a stay-at-home mom of 3 little boys, tells us that nothing about her day is hers.

“People have this false impression that I have all of this free time. That I can do whatever I want, when I want. I just don’t understand how people can think that. My

day starts with changing diapers, arguing with children about getting dressed, making breakfast and rushing out the door, dragging my two youngest ones so that my oldest child doesn’t miss the bus. And from there, it’s play dates, library programs, craft projects, snacks, more diaper changes, tantrums… Truthfully, nothing about my day is mine. It’s all theirs. I consider it a good day when I can take a quick shower before they wake up and have those 5 minutes to myself; and those five minutes are usually the only part of the day that are actually mine…But even then, I am still strategizing and worrying if I am going to get dried off and dressed before I hear them call for me.”

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