15Say Cheese!

As Emma Darby can attest to, the mortification does not end after child birth. In her case, that was just the beginning.

“After spending 22 hours pushing out a baby, you can imagine the train wreck that my lady parts had become. Going to the bathroom afterward was

an ordeal - I remember wiping my bum and thinking my insides were falling out. I grabbed my camera and took a few bum selfies to see what the deal was and promptly discovered I had a nasty case of hemorrhoids.

"Fast forward to hours later and family members have excitedly arrived at our home to meet the new baby. While I attempt to freshen up, my husband hooks our camera up to our 60-inch tv and begins a presentation of our various photos. There’s a snapshot of my son’s face, a nice family shot of the three of us and then suddenly the screen displays a close up of my purple grape-like hemorrhoids for all to see. Hubby fumbles to stop the show - but he’s not quick enough and before he can shut it down everyone in the room has been privy to my eight (yes eight!) bum selfies!"

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