14Carrie - My Only Night As A Call Girl

This is Carrie's story.

"Ok, so I'm not really a prostitute. I don't make money by being intimate with strangers. But there was this one night in college. I was broke. Really broke. My electricity had been turned off earlier that day because I couldn't pay the bill.

And I was hungry.

Really hungry. I didn't go out to the bar looking to get paid for doing the deed. I went to the bar hoping to find a nice guy to buy me a snack and maybe a few drinks to wash away my worries. All I wanted was food.

Well I found one. We got to talking...and drinking. I told him my situation. He offered me $300 if I....well....you know. It wasn't the first one night stand I'd ever had, but it was the first time (and only time) I was ever paid for doing it. Three weeks later I woke up puking. His name was Chris....I think."

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