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On this occasion, the woman here has had 2 childbirths. The 1st one was while she was on epidural. The 2nd one was while she had no epidural at all. Her 2nd delivery was relatively short

compared to many other cases discussed above. It only took about a half an hour. Again, she was too far along in her labor for an epidural to be of any use.

By the time she had given birth, she was, as to be expected, relieved it was over.

One must not take it at face value, though. She did say that even though the pain was bearable, it was nonetheless almost beyond bearing. Furthermore, the whole labor period was a 30 minute slot of strong contractions. In fact, they were heavy enough to significantly change her mindset about giving birth.

After both ways of childbirth, she definitely now would choose to have an epidural if she had to give birth again. So despite her modesty, an epidural is worth taking instead of sharp labor pains. Why go through a lot of pain if you really don’t have to?

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