14 Things New Moms Do The Pediatrician Calls 'Dangerous'

Parenting can be tough, everyone has their opinions and it seems as if no matter what we do we are always doing something wrong. Making mistakes is a part of parenting that is unavoidable, but there are some dangerous things that we as parents might not even realize that we are doing. There are so many dangers out there in the world, but it is our job as parents to protect our little ones at all costs, but even when we think that we are doing something good for our children, it could actually be very wrong. The slightest mistake could lead to our little ones being seriously hurt physically, or emotionally scarred for life.

Some people may not realize it, but something as simple as putting baby down to bed with a bottle at night could lead to serious consequences or that simply teasing our children could lead to lifelong emotional issues. There may be some things that are totally out of our control, but if it is something that can be avoided, we would want to know, wouldn't we? In this article we will discuss 15 things that some parents do to their children, without realizing just how dangerous it can be.

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14 The Rotten Night Bottle

Something that we as parents tend to do from infancy, if we are not breast feeding, is putting baby to sleep at night without a bottle. Not only does it get our babies fed, but it also calms them down and relaxes them enough to sleep, so we don't typically look at it as a dangerous thing. However, at around 6 months of age, babies first teeth start to pop through. When this happens, giving them a bottle at night time starts to become dangerous. It can lead to serious tooth decay and end with baby needing the have teeth capped or even removed. Now of course, at that early of an age, baby still needs his or her bottle at night, so we can feed them, but as soon they are done we should always clean off their gums or teeth and lay them down without the bottle.

13 A Sling Instead Of Arms

Baby Sling have grown greatly in popularity over the past few years. Moms find them to be super convenient because it allows us to cool, clean, and go places while holding our little ones. This may seem totally harmless to most people, but there are risks involved with using a baby sling. They can lead to suffocation, and us not noticing it because baby is asleep facing our chests, it can also lead to something called hip dysplasia if it is tied too tightly, and they can cause the baby to become overheated or even develop a rash. However if used properly, and we keep a close eye on our little ones, it is perfectly fine to use. Parents should just always make sure to be extra cautious when using a sling.

12 Sharing The Bed Can Cause SIDS

Co-Sleeping, some mothers love the idea of it, others are appalled by it. Although it is an iffy subject to talk about, it does need to be talked about. A lot of women argue that they have always co slept with their kids and never had any issues, but just because it has not happened to them yet, it can happen. Co-Sleeping greatly increases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) because there is always risk of mom or dad accidentally rolling over onto baby in their sleep. Even though it is a grim and hard thing to think about, the baby could end up either dead or severely injured. Not only this, but it proven that parents who Co-Sleep have a much harder time getting their children to sleep alone when they grow older. So why risk it?

11 Switching The Seat Too Soon

When it comes to car seats things can get a little confusing, they can be difficult to install, and the rules are always changing in regards to how long children should be in them. Doctors now tell us to keep our children rear facing until they are either two years of age, or have exceeded the height and weight requirements. This leaves a lot of parents angry and confused because they are worried that it will not leave their little ones with enough leg room, but leaving them rear facing until they two years old can be seriously helpful if we are in an accident. This is because if they are front facing at that age during an accident the airbag could kill them instantly, this is is not something that we would want to find out for ourselves though.

10 Swinging By The Arms

When our kids are finally walking properly on their feet they love it when mom holds one hand and dad holds the other while we swing them up in the air as we walk. It seems completely harmless, and we have all done it, but it can actually hurt our little ones a great deal. Young children are more susceptible to something known as nursemaids elbow. This is when their elbows pop out of place, it can be very painful, but luckily is an easy fix. This happens when their arms are pulled just a little too hard because their bones are not done growing and they are still very fragile. If we are going to swing them by their arms while walking, we should do so very gently and be careful not to pull too hard.

9 Forcing On The Studs

Something parents have been doing for a long time now is getting their children's ears pierced when they are only a few months old. It is more common in parents of girls, but parents are also doing it their boys as well. This is a topic that can get a lot of people heated, because not many people see harm in getting their kids ears pierced. Typically, when we take our little babies to get their ears pierced we go to the nearest mall to have it done, which is not exactly the most sanitary place to be going. By doing this we raise the risk of infection and we are putting them through unnecessary pain. Lets face it, piercing their ears is something we are doing for looks, and it is not in any way necessary so why put baby through that pain when they might not even want it when they grow up?

8 Using Gifts To Discipline

This one is for slightly older children, ages four and up. A lot of parents do it, their kids start to act up in the store and they do not want people staring and getting mad so they say, “if you knock it off now, i will get you something.” While this may seem like an easy out at the time, it can actually backfire on the parents big time. This could lead children to thinking that all they have to do is act up a little, embarrass us parents, and then they will get want they want out of us. In the long run, this is teaching them that bad bahaviour gets rewarded and that is the last thing that we want. Children throw tantrums all the time, so we should not just give in to them at the store because we feel it is inconveniencing the other shoppers.

7 The Shopping Cart Hazard

We are all guilty of this one. Shopping carts are used improperly in so many different ways, from not buckling our kids in, all the way to letting them ride in the big part of the cart, standing on the edge as we push, and putting our babies car seats on top. There are so many things that could go wrong and those warning labels are not put on the carts for no reason, although they are usually ignored. When we allow children to ride on the edge of the shopping cart, it could very easily tip over and hurt our little ones greatly. The same could be said for people who put their babies car seats on top of the shopping carts, as if that is where they belong. Many parents think that since it locks in, it was meant to go there, this is not the case, and it makes the weight uneven allowing the cart to tip over and harming the baby.

6 Snipping The Helmet

Many parents get their baby boys circumcised at birth, but this has become a topic of concern among many people. Circumcising our baby boys can have some benefits, like better hygiene and less urinary tract infections. However, the surgery is considered cosmetic and many people believe that it is cruel. Some people say that is is unfair to have this done to babies as they can not consent, but doctors urge that if it is going to be done it should be done right after baby is born because if they wait until they are older, the risks go way up and it becomes much more dangerous. Then of course there is the fact that by doing this we are risking infections and improper healing, which can be avoided by properly caring for and cleaning the area.

5 Letting The Tears Run

Some parents like to use a method hey refer to as, crying it out, when their babies cry for a long period time and have been fed and changed. This can be dangerous in some cases, because babies under six months of age are unable to self soothe so instead of putting themselves to sleep after crying, they are actually passing out from exhaustion. This could be especially dangerous if something is wrong with them and we try to just let them go. Either way that we look at this though, we can't win. As parents if we don't let them cry people will tell us that we are giving in to them and babying them, and if we let them cry it out we are being cruel. There is no winning when you are a parent.

4 Talking Or Yelling?

We all do it. As parents, our children do something bad as all children do, and our first reaction is to yell at them for what they have done, but is that helping the situation, or making it worse? When we yell at our kids, they will eventually learn to yell back and they will think that yelling when they are upset is something that is acceptable to do. That being said, it is also a very ineffective way to get them to listen. Experts say that instead of yelling, which really just is not good for our health anyways, we should get to eye level with them, explain to them that what they did was wrong, and then give them the proper punishment, so that they hopefully learn not to do it anymore.

3 To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?

When a baby is born, they usually get their first shots right away, and then at almost every check up after that for a year or two they will continue to get their vaccinations, and in some places vaccinations are needed for a child to enter school. However, there are people out there who believe that, although unfounded, vaccines lead to their children getting seriously ill and sometimes becoming autistic. So, they choose not to vaccinate their children, which leaves not only their children open to horrible diseases, but many others as well. There are no proven links to vaccines being harmful to babies, and they have actually done a lot of good, so it is best to vaccinate to prevent any serious diseases from threatening the lives our little ones.

2 The Millennial Problem

A problem we face today, as technology has all but taken over, is too much screen time for our little ones. Doctors recommend that babies under 18 months of age get NO screen time at all, and that older toddlers only get a maximum of about one a hour a day of screen time. Too much screen time, whether it be watching videos or playing games on a phone or tablet, can lead to health and developmental issues. It can lead to delayed speech, not enough social interaction, and research has even shown that children who are subjected to longer amounts of screen time tend to sleep less. This is a serious issue that today’s society has, since it is so easy to just plop our children in front of a screen to keep them occupied and calm while we get things done.

1 Carless Choice Of Words

A lot of parents do it, our child does something wrong and we say things along the lines of, “don't be dumb” or “that kid listens to his mommy, why don't you?”. Although things like this can sometimes just come out of our mouths before we have even had the chance to think about, it is proven that doing this can do way more harm than good. Lets face it, saying those things never actually gets our kids to listen, so why do we do it? This is essentially bullying our children, who then learn it from us and then go on to bully other children. Bullying is after all, a learned behaviour. Another bad thing that can stem from teasing our children, even if we meant well, is depression, and our children feeling like they are not good enough. We as parents need to be much more conscious when it comes to choosing our words.

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