15 Cravings for a Pregnant Woman's Sweet Tooth

For those of you dealing with cravings, it sure as hell can get difficult at times. There's no denying the struggle is real. Typical cravings include foods that are normally tangy or spicy, while other women crave items like ice creams and chocolate milkshakes. It looks silly in the beginning but at 3 a.m. when you're rummaging through the fridge, you (and your partner) realize how much of a problem these cravings really can be.

And yet, can there be anything better than sitting in bed with all kinds of snacks that are the worst for you surrounding your blanket-burrito’d self? There can’t be. No one judges a pregnant lady on her snack choices--at least, not until her hormones have calmed down and the baby is sleeping through the night. And the worst part is, pregnancy cravings are a hundred times stronger than normal cravings. That desire of hot fudge just won't budge because the stomach wants what it wants. And usually, it's your harried partner who has to rush from store to store to keep your taste buds satisfied. Anyway, getting back to the point . . .

Pregnant ladies get the eyebrow raise with some of the weird concoctions they come up with during their cravings, but what are the foods that get these ladies going? Here are 15 pregnancy cravings women just can’t ignore.

15 Beignet

This is one of the weirdest cravings a pregnant woman can have, and it's not just for common people. Even celebrities have been smitten by them, so much that Kim Kardashian had a beignet day in New Orleans during her pregnancy. Don't believe us? Head on over to her Instagram where you can see her perfectly contoured face, her cleavage (obviously), and her hand holding a puffy, deep-fried pastry covered in powdered sugar.

And, why not? Have you ever tried a beignet--especially one from New Orleans? This donut-like, sweet treat is famous for being one of the most famous sweets (and food item) the city's residents and tourists can’t resist. The deep-fried choux pastry that is covered in icing sugar is like a dream come true. Why even try to stop your craving for something this delightful?

14 Cheesecake

Speaking of Kim Kardashian . . . this lady's crazy, or maybe just has too much time and money. It was during her pregnancy with her second child that this lady flew all the way to Paris just for her favorite cheesecake that you can find only at Hotel Costes. And sure, all of you are rolling your eyes judging her for how she's spending her money. Before you start judging her on flying to Paris just for a craving, think about what you would do with a craving if you could afford to fly all over the world. Plus, c’est Paris!

Plus, anybody who's ever had cheesecake will know the deliciousness of this dessert. Craving or no craving, there's no denying the pull of the average cheesecake (let alone the perfect one) that it can have on mere mortals like us.

13 Chips

Here's an interesting piece of history on chips: they weren't originally designed to be served as chips! No. George Crum created them in 1853, and it was done out of spite. One of the diners constantly sent back his fried potatoes for being too thick. Then, Crum simply sliced them paper thin, fried them, and added salt to it. The diner loved it and eventually, the dish came to be known as potato chips.

Sure, chips are not on a typical list of desserts, but they're a pretty darn good snack even when you’re not pregnant. They’re delicious to eat, you can take them anywhere, and they satisfy your salt craving. Whether they’re just plainly salted, salt n’ vinegar, BBQ, or some fancy kettle cooked chip, pregnant ladies can’t get enough.

12 Lemon Cake

Sour foods are on the list for those who are pregnant. If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant or you are already, you may fall in love with lemon cake--even if you hate it now. But what’s to hate? There’s cake, there’s lemon, there’s sugar . . . it doesn’t seem so bad!

Here's an interesting bit of information for you: taste buds change during pregnancy, so some experts suggest it’s actually the strong, sour taste you crave. Also, if you feel the need to constantly eat acidic foods, you should look into it. Perhaps it's your body's way of signaling to you that you have low stomach acid. For the uninitiated, this acid is important as it sterilizes and breaks down your food. Instead of Googling your symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor. He or she can give you the correct medication.

11 Ice Cream

What's better than a dessert that makes you feel more comfortable when the air is sticky and hot, brings back childhood memories, and tastes amazing? There’s a reason why kids go nuts over ice cream. It’s delicious, rich, creamy, sweet, and it cools you off. If you were able to steer clear of this before, you may have trouble now that your cravings have started to kick in!

And today, there are dozens of flavors to choose from. Even vegans can celebrate because there are so many vegan substitutes for almost every food item out there. Trying to find the perfect flavor to satiate your taste buds can in itself be an entire process which can be time-consuming. For those who are still very diet conscious, don't worry. You can opt for flavored yogurt.

10 Chocolate Cake

What woman doesn’t crave chocolate cake, like, pretty much every day of her life. However, those who aren’t carrying a baby inside them lack the outer support to just go nuts and eat the whole cake (no judgment here, though!). Eating a chocolate cake may make you feel better than eating one when you're not pregnant.

Did you know that statistically speaking, women (both pregnant or otherwise) are more likely to have a craving for chocolate than men? Another interesting thing to note is that the craving itself doesn't arise from the deficiency of chocolate in the body. However, it does contain many ingredients like antioxidants and magnesium, which is sometimes what your body signals you to eat in order to neutralize the deficiency. It's also a known fact that this dessert increases the body's levels of dopamine, thus making you happy. So go ahead and gorge down those chocolate cakes.

9 Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt can be good and terrible for you at the same time. It’s fewer calories than regular ice cream, but if there’s tons of added sugar, it’s not looking so great. But, that doesn’t stop pregnant women from indulging their sweet tooth every now and then or . . . all the time. But know that you're not alone in your cravings. An astoundingly high number of pregnant women crave yogurt or ice cream, and if you're wondering why that is, read on.

It's no secret the baby growing inside you needs high quantities of various nutrients to develop healthily. One of those ingredients happens to be calcium. However, during pregnancy, a lot of women find it difficult to eat cheese or milk. As a result, they tend to eat sweet yogurt.

8 Red Velvet Cupcakes

This is a delightful treat that pleases nearly everyone. It’s rich, it’s velvety, it hits the sweet tooth on every single path imaginable. It even took the cake for Molly Sims, who isn’t at all upset that she is eating tons of sweets every day. So, neither should you. But do keep your eating habits under control. Sure, we all know about the "eating for two" excuse but the fact is, you only require a mere 300 calories extra for your fetus. And that equals to ONE turkey sandwich.

Don't use your cravings, especially for fatty cupcakes, as an excuse to eat as much as you want. But then who among us has ever listened to reason? Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt admitted in one of her interviews that when she was pregnant, she used to eat three at a time!

7 Yummy Apple Pie

A little bit old fashioned but a great choice for those who are wishing to satisfy their sweet tooth. It's savory, sweet, and completely delicious. Add some whipped cream, maybe a little bit of ice cream, and you have yourself a full night in! The thing is, apples are an excellent source of nutrition, so if your pies are homemade, make sure you use as little sugar as possible (as to not pile on unnecessary calories).

In fact, apples are one of the healthiest foods a person can eat. They are high in polyphenols, which function as antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. They also have no cholesterol or fat. So what are you waiting for, ladies? Eat up!

6 Angel Food Cake

Although not that bad for you, an angel food cake is still a dessert that you shouldn’t be having every day, or even multiple times a day. It’s light, fluffy, and tastes incredibly sweet while staying at a decent arm’s length from heaping cups of sugar.

So whenever you feel the need to eat a cake (or even a cupcake) why don't you opt for an angel cake? It's as light as air, the quality is to die for, and food junkies will attest to this fact. Can you believe that it's a zero fat dessert? Hard to believe, yes, but it's true. Throw in some strawberries or blueberries, and have yourself a winner! Or if you're pregnant in the winter, you can easily grill it for a summer BBQ treat. Here's a helpful hint: eat it with cold yogurt or vanilla ice cream. This combination really is to die for.

5 Dark Chocolate Souffle

Dark chocolate and a glass of grape juice (instead of your beloved wine) in your sweatpants on the couch--what could be better? Souffles can be yummy to eat, a complete pain to make, and fun to say. A chocolate craving is pretty common in pregnant women and this dessert is no exception.

But do keep in mind (as has already been pointed out) that even though chocolate is the most delicious way to increase magnesium levels, it probably isn’t the most effective. The low quantities of magnesium that are present in chocolate simply aren't enough to cover your body's requirement of that nutrient. This is why if you fear you're having constant chocolate cravings, do get yourself tested for a magnesium deficiency. And if you have it, go ahead and eat lots of green veggies, seeds, nuts and fish to improve your levels.

4 Sundae

Pile on the fruit, pile on the ice cream, pile on the chocolate sauce and whipped cream. For those of you who are already pregnant, take note of this calorie saver: ignore the ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream and just go for the fruit. Or, just ignore the ice cream and add the rest to your hearts’ content!

But if you feel you simply cannot do without the ice cream, do keep in mind a few things. If at all possible, try to plant-based, vegan options for getting your milk because they are way healthier and have a lot fewer calories than their dairy counterparts. Second, you will have zero chances of breakouts or allergies, something which is not true of dairy products. Still, if you feel you have to go for milk-based ice cream, opt for skimmed milk or low-fat versions of the same. Of course, the best option is to make it at home so that no preservatives or unnecessary chemicals are added to your sundae!

3 Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Can we ever get enough of chocolate? The answer is a simple NO. This dessert is perfect for a hot day, or when a cool day rolls around and it still feels as if it’s 102 degrees out there. The bonus about this delicious treat? It's easy to make at home. And there are varying ways of making it. All of them begin by buying fresh bananas from the supermarket and using the chocolate sauce you have at home.

One way to go about it is to peel the bananas and freeze them for an hour. Then, take them out of the freezer, dip them in chocolate, and roll them in nuts if desired. Here's a small variation: warm your chocolate sauce and eat it with frozen bananas. It really makes for a mouth-watering combination. A third variation involves pouring the chocolate sauce over the bananas, and then freezing them again to get the chocolate to a crunchy delight.

2 Butter/Chocolate Popcorn

...Or any other kind of popcorn, really. Cheddar popcorn, movie theater style, caramel, the list goes on and on. Luckily for those who are craving this sort of dessert, the calories are a little more in your favor. Popcorn (besides the stuff that’s loaded with butter) is a pretty healthy snack. For those of you who didn't know this already, popcorn fills up your stomach without piling on the calories. If you feel like munching something, then popcorn's an excellent option.

If you feel that plain popcorn is too, well, plain, then there are options for you. You can try dusting cocoa powder onto your dish for a sweet and salty snack! Or you can heat some butter in the microwave until it's melted entirely, pour the popcorn into a bowl and then pour the melted butter over it. And tada, you're done!

1 Donuts, Duh!

There's not a single soul in this world who doesn't like donuts. Those who've tried them, swear by them (just ask our cops!) and those who've never tried them always dream of biting these delicious, delicious donuts. Plain, chocolate, dusted with icing sugar, jelly--it really doesn’t matter to those with intense cravings. Why? Because they’re full of fat, they’re sugary, and they fit easily into your hand and your cup holders in your car. They’re the perfect "running errands snack" and they keep pregnant ladies coming back for more!

For those who feel that they can't get enough of these yummy delights, here's a simple hack: buy donuts in bulk and then keep them all in airtight containers. Before putting them into the fridge, sprinkle some water over them. This will keep them moist, thus preventing them from hardening up in the fridge. Happy eating!

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