This is one of the weirdest cravings a pregnant woman can have, and it's not just for common people. Even celebrities have been smitten by them, so much that Kim Kardashian had a beignet day in New Orleans during her pregnancy. Don't believe us? Head on over to her Instagram where you

can see her perfectly contoured face, her cleavage (obviously), and her hand holding a puffy, deep-fried pastry covered in powdered sugar.

And, why not? Have you ever tried a beignet--especially one from New Orleans? This donut-like, sweet treat is famous for being one of the most famous sweets (and food item) the city's residents and tourists can’t resist. The deep-fried choux pastry that is covered in icing sugar is like a dream come true. Why even try to stop your craving for something this delightful?

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