15 Craziest Psychic Predictions Moms Have Ever Been Told

There are so many reasons for people to talk to psychics. Either they need insight as far as what to do about their career path, love life or if their finances are going to improve.

There are a variety of ways a psychic can do readings. They can read with tarot cards and they are referred to as tarot readers.  There are some psychics who are clairvoyants who can see your aura which is your energy field that is filled with colors. They can also communicate with spirit guides.

Some psychics are mediums who can talk to the spirits of those who have passed on. Some psychics can use crystals, tea leaves and some can read pams to help them do readings.  There are astrologers who are not necessarily psychic but they can read your personal horoscope. There are other ways that psychics can do readings as well.

People who are looking to get a reading are referred to as querents.

There are some very good and talented psychics that have been able to help many people. In fact, many police investigators hire these psychics to help them solve crimes. These legitimate psychics may or may not charge an arm and a leg. It depends on who they are as people too.

Some psychics are truly good-hearted people who want to be fair and don’t want to charge a lot for their services. They realize that people work hard for their money, and some may even do readings for free. And there are gifted psychics who charge a ridiculous amount of money for readings because they want people to know that a genuine reading does not come cheap and have that ‘you get what you pay for’ mentality.

Then you have psychics who are frauds and tell you bull just to make you happy by telling you something that they know that you will want to hear. Unfortunately, these frauds have hurt a lot of people. They also hurt genuine psychics who truly want to help by giving the whole industry a tarnished appearance.

More often than not, when people talk about their experiences with psychics they had, most of the time they received a reading from a legitimate psychic. Some moms on different message boards have spoken about their experiences with psychics and some of the stories they told are downright wild. Here are some wild stories that different moms have told about crazy psychic predictions that they have received.

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15 Note From The Beyond 

If anyone consults a psychic for the purpose of wondering whether their marriage will last or not, that has to tell you one of two things. One being he or she is so madly in love with his or her spouse that knowing that a divorce is in the cards ahead of time will prepare the querent. Or if the querent is so unhappy in his or her marriage to the point of asking a psychic whether or not he or she will be free in the end.

So there was a situation where a mom consulted a psychic and asked him what he saw happening with her marriage. The reason that the woman had asked this question is unknown. However, the psychic told her that her marriage 'would not end in a divorce.' The mom wrote everything down to see if whatever she was told would come true, and stuffed the note in a drawer when she got home.

In 2004, her husband passed away. A few days after, the widow looked in the drawer and found that note from the reading she had years prior. She then remembered the look on the psychic's face when said to her that her marriage would not end in divorce. She even said, 'I could tell he was holding something back. He knew.'"

The fact of the matter is that psychics cannot for ethical reasons tell a querent if a death is sensed. However, the expressions on their faces while not being able to deliver the news can be troubling. Freaky huh?

14 No Kids In The Cards

A girl on a discussion forum had something interesting to talk about in response to a question about psychics and their predictions. She said that her mom and her father (no longer married to her mom) got married because neither of them wanted kids. They intended to enjoy having a childfree life that consisted of traveling and enjoying nights out on the town.

Apparently, something compelled this girl’s mother to consult a psychic, who ended up telling her that she would have two daughters. Of course, the mom wrote her off and said she was full of bull since both she and her dad at the time did not want kids.

But sure enough several years later this girl and her sister were born. She didn’t say how the parents treated them in the discussion forum, but hopefully, these girls were provided loving homes even though the parents didn’t want kids. Sometimes psychics really do know their stuff. Even if they tell you things that you don’t want to hear.

13 Getting A Raise < Getting Pregnant

In December 2016, a woman, now a new mom had decided to consult a psychic because she wanted to know what was in store for 2017. The psychic told her that she would find a fantastic job in the beginning of the year and that she would get pregnant right after stopping her birth control.

She said that she ended up getting a truly amazing job at the end of January. Another bonus did indeed happen. After stopping birth control and having her IUD taken out, she got pregnant 3 weeks later! A psychic like that surely would not be written off because if this woman wanted to hear this kind of news, of course, she was going to believe it. Lucky for her this psychic was not a fraud and was right about her hitting the jackpot in 2017!

Getting a job you love and getting pregnant shortly is an example of when it rains, it really pours!

12 The Big Little Sister


One mom who had a four-year-old and a baby at the time consulted a psychic. The psychic told her some information that confused her initially. She said that the baby would always be older than her four-year-old. She also congratulated her on the birth of her blue-eyed, blond-haired baby boy who wasn’t even in the picture.

However, a few years later, the mom ended up having a little boy, as the psychic predicted. Additionally, as time went on, it was apparent that the oldest daughter had significant learning and intellectual disabilities. Therefore, the second daughter who was a baby at the time of the reading ended up taking on the role of being the big sister even though she was younger.

Nothing was known about how the little boy ended up turning out. However, this is an example of how psychics can really be the real deal. Even though they are not able to elaborate on the information that they are receiving, which can be confusing to the querent at the time of a reading.

11 Grandpa's Hidden Secret 

Back in the old days, that being even 50 years ago things were so different. For instance, if a couple who isn’t married had a child, they would either have to have a shotgun wedding while the woman is pregnant or give the child up for adoption. That simply doesn’t happen except for those who follow a strict religion or who are religious.

A girl on a public forum who was chiming in on a discussion about psychics stated that after her grandfather passed away, her mom went to a medium. The medium told her that while grandpa was still around, he really wanted to tell her mom that he had another child that was never mentioned.

In the end, the mom ended up speaking to the grandfather’s wife about it. (he obviously did not marry the girl’s grandmother) The wife confirmed this to be true! Grandpa and grandma of this child ended up putting her up for adoption because sex before marriage, which didn’t even happen in this case was a big no-no then.

This is a big indicator that big secrets like this can come out after death whenever a medium is in the picture.

10 She Has Mom Written All Over Her Aura


Some people who go to psychics are very easy to read. Perhaps their aura, the color of their energetic field around them can give things about them away easily. Other factors can also come into play such as reading spirit guides well when it comes to psychics being able to read some easier than others.

This mom of three kids recalled the time that she went to a psychic when she was 21. She said the psychic said she would meet her husband through someone who she knew. She would also get pregnant before being married. She would then be married at 25, and have twin boys at some point.

The mom said that her best friend introduced her to her husband when she was 22 and conceived their daughter when she was 24. She said that she married her husband when she was 25 and had the twin boys last fall.

So who really knows how the psychic just easily read all of this on this woman, but she obviously must have had the mommy energy all over her aura!

9 Happy Thanksgiving! You’re Pregnant!


One mom had chimed in a discussion forum about psychics and mediums, stating that she had been trying to get pregnant for months. While she and her husband were struggling to conceive, that is when she decided to consult a psychic.

The mom asked the psychic if getting pregnant and if children were in the cards for her. The psychic told her that she would finally be pregnant in November of last year. She didn’t believe it at the time, but lo and behold November rolled around and she had found out that she was indeed pregnant with her son on Thanksgiving Day last year.

If she didn’t find anything to be thankful for, on prior Thanksgivings, she certainly did find a very good reason to be last year! And the psychic was obviously legitimate because he saw it happening, but he didn’t see it would be on Thanksgiving Day. How cool is that?

8 One Of Your Kids Is A Cheater


A woman told a story about how her mother-in-law who went to a Chinese soothsayer decades ago, which is another term for a fortune teller. She wanted to have all of the fortunes read on all of her three kids. She was told that one of her son’s had a particular life lesson to experience- that was to learn from infidelity.

Apparently, the woman who told this story said that she was having dinner with her mother-in-law one night before she married her son. And why would the boy’s mother talk about that before the wedding? Perhaps to subtly warn that woman? Or she laughed about what a crazy thing to predict because her son was a fine young man and would never cheat?

The woman said that she took it with a grain of salt and still married him. Well 20 years later being today, she is filing for divorce because that fine young boy that she married cheated on her. Perhaps she shouldn’t have taken it with a grain of salt.

Since the Chinese soothsayer said this was his life’s lesson, what did he learn from it?

7 The Teacher Who Hates School

About 12 years ago, a mom who had two pre-teen girls at the time went to a psychic and asked her what they would be when they grew up. The psychic wasn’t able to give a clear answer on one daughter. However, the mom was told that her other daughter would become a teacher.

The mother laughed because both of her daughters hated school. Especially the daughter who was predicted to become a teacher. The mom also never saw her as having the kind of patience that is required to teach as well!

Lo and behold, even though one of the daughters still has no idea what to do with her life (even the psychic had no idea at the time), the other daughter is in her second year of teaching today. Sometimes really strange things can happen, like a student who hates school having the desire to become a teacher one day. The psychic certainly saw that one coming.

6 Happily Ever After


This mom said that while she was dating her boyfriend at the time, she went to a tarot reader one day. The reader had asked her if she was thinking about her boyfriend at that very moment. The mom said she was indeed.

The reader showed her the Lovers card and said flat out that she was going to have lots of kids with her boyfriend who she was going to marry and be in love for the rest of their lives. Now that is something that only a psychic who is full of it would tell a querent because who wouldn’t want to hear such wonderful news like this?

Well, the mom said this reading happened 25 years ago. And she can confirm that the reading she had that night was dead on. She has been happily married for 25 years, and has 3 great kids, and has no complaints about life whatsoever. Only if the majority of us can be so blessed and perpetually happy. But the psychic obviously saw nothing other than bliss and fertility and was not at all hesitant to share any of that news with her.

5 Expecting The Unexpected, Twice


A woman who was grieving over the loss of her grandmother was living in South Beach at the time had been working for a record label company. She was also living thousands of miles away from her family, and while grieving the loss of her grandmother- she had found out that her label was shuttering and hence soon be unemployed

Because life was bad for her at the time, she consulted a psychic. The psychic told her that soon she would have a new career path, then she would meet her life partner, and then have twins. That news brightened her day, but since psychics are known to be full of bull or can be inaccurate- she took it with a grain of salt.

However, within three months of the reading, she moved back to New York to be near her family. She got a job at a magazine and met her man at work.

Within three months of her dating, she found out she was pregnant with twins and had identical twin girls in the summer of 2014. How freaky is that?

4 When A Stranger Out Of The Blue Tells Says ‘It’s A Boy’


When you are consulting a psychic for insight, you expect to receive news of some sort, whether you want to hear it or not. However, since when would a psychic come up to you out of the blue just to tell you some big news without you even asking? It did happen to a mom!

A mom was chiming in on a discussion board about psychics and told a very eerie story. She said that one day she was standing outside of a restaurant. A random woman on walking on the sidewalk near the restaurant came up to her and told her that she was pregnant with a boy.

The very next month she found out she was pregnant. She already had a girl, but for her first three ultrasounds, it was confirmed that she was having a boy. Talk about weird and kind of creepy in some ways to be told news without expecting it, no matter how exciting!

3 Plenty Of Children Despite Fertility Troubles


There are times when people visit psychics to hear confirmation of beliefs they have, whether it is good or bad news. Because if a psychic tells someone good news who is expecting bad news, that individual will have one of two reactions. One reaction would be pure elation. The other reaction would be claiming that the psychic is full of bull and leaving the querent angrier.

A woman talked about her experiences with a psychic on a message board. The woman was experiencing infertility and suffered for years. She tried to conceive but failed over and over again. She went to a psychic expecting her to confirm that she will remain childless or that she is meant to adopt.

However, the psychic told her that she will end up with lots of kids. The woman cussed her out, said she was a fraud and left.

A year later, the infertile couple decided to try in vitro fertilization but not only did one egg stick, but three did. The woman said she was blessed with triplets and felt bad for cussing the psychic out like she did at the time.

2 The Psychic Doctor

Most psychics are not allowed to diagnose any health conditions, nor tell anyone that someone close to them will die. That is just not ethical. However, they are certainly allowed to give advice on how to naturally treat conditions, as long as no promises are made as far as these remedies working or not.

A mom talked about how one time she went to a psychic for a random reading. She wasn’t particularly looking for insight on anything specific. She was curious about what she could possibly get out of a reading.

The psychic picked up on the fact that one of her kids had throat problems and gave the mom a list of remedies that could be helpful. Lo and behold the remedies worked and her child’s throat was a lot better.

This mom may have said that she wasn’t looking for any insight and was only curious about what she could get out of the reading. But it was likely that this woman subconsciously wanted the psychic to give her insight on a remedy for her child’s throat. Because a good psychic will pick up on that stuff, and in this case that did happen.

1 A Warning About A Pregnancy


Most of the time, a good psychic will predict things that are expected or not. However, one thing that has to be remembered is that not everything that a psychic may predict happens because of one of two things. Either that the psychic is really full of bull, or that something was going to happen but it was prevented due to free will.

Everyone has free will, and that is something that people need to remember whenever a psychic may predict something that is preventable. Sometimes a psychic will predict something just to warn people, and to remind people that they have the free will to change the outcome.

A mom of a teenage son consulted a psychic fairly often. However, there was one session she had that she will never forget. The psychic picked up on the fact that her son had a new girlfriend.

The psychic told her that her son will get his girlfriend pregnant within two years of knowing one another.

Needless to say, the mom came home and had a serious discussion with her son and his girlfriend about contraception. Fortunately the new lovebirds listened and even stated that they weren’t ready for the next step in their relationship.

Fortunately two years has passed, the couple is still together and no pregnancy has happened. Perhaps the psychic told the mom that to remind her to talk to her son and his girlfriend about contraception. In this case, it is a good thing that free will was taken advantage for everyone involved!

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