15Note From The Beyond 

If anyone consults a psychic for the purpose of wondering whether their marriage will last or not, that has to tell you one of two things. One being he or she is so madly in love with his or her spouse that knowing that a divorce is

in the cards ahead of time will prepare the querent. Or if the querent is so unhappy in his or her marriage to the point of asking a psychic whether or not he or she will be free in the end.

So there was a situation where a mom consulted a psychic and asked him what he saw happening with her marriage. The reason that the woman had asked this question is unknown. However, the psychic told her that her marriage 'would not end in a divorce.' The mom wrote everything down to see if whatever she was told would come true, and stuffed the note in a drawer when she got home.

In 2004, her husband passed away. A few days after, the widow looked in the drawer and found that note from the reading she had years prior. She then remembered the look on the psychic's face when said to her that her marriage would not end in divorce. She even said, 'I could tell he was holding something back. He knew.'"

The fact of the matter is that psychics cannot for ethical reasons tell a querent if a death is sensed. However, the expressions on their faces while not being able to deliver the news can be troubling. Freaky huh?

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