15 Craziest Things Women Have Done Because Of Pregnancy Brain

When a woman becomes pregnant, her brain no longer functions as a companion, but as an enemy at times. Because a pregnant woman’s body and mind is working non-stop to produce a fully formed human being, her brain capacity suffers as a result. This is scientifically due to the fact that the brain’s gray matter shrinks while pregnant so that Mom’s brain can be reshaped to respond in new ways, particularly when caring for her soon-to-be baby. This will allow her to process social situations differently and protect her newborn once he or she arrives. Crazy stuff! And all of this crazy, mindblowing science can cause women who are expecting to behave in unbelievable ways.

Normal reactions to this brain adjustment come in the form of memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or even performing certain tasks without being aware of it happening. Pregnancy brain is a very real and very troubling adjustment for intelligent women who have previously functioned at 110% their whole lives. It’s also an adjustment for their partners who have to deal with this new woman they’re about to share the responsibility of parenting with.

However, it doesn’t last and after only two years (yes, it can take that long) a woman who was with child will be happy to have her brain back to their pre-baby state. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if any of these situations, or similar ones, continue well after your baby is born.

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15 Soaking Wet And Wasted

“I went through a carwash with about 200 dollars worth of groceries in the back of the truck.”

Oh no! All that well spent money on the pregnancy basics, such as cookie dough, Doritos, and peanut butter, is going right down the drain – literally! This is one catastrophe we have to be sympathetic of. Not only did this woman slip up in her choice to run her wheels through the car wash while carrying a valuable load of groceries, she lost all the food she desperately needed to sustain her baby’s growth and her own enormous cravings. It’s a sad day for this woman to say the least and we hope that some of those precious good were salvageable in the end. If not, she could always start a Kickstarter fund that gives back to preggers who can’t afford the mistakes their pregnant selves make.

14 Naked From The Waist Down

“Walked out of the house with everything including baby and baby accessories. Everything except pants.”

Yikes! That’s one embarrassing pregnancy moment that requires a laugh, and is hopefully one of the things that her pregnancy brain will also help her to forget. It’s easy to fall into a state of thoughtless comfort at home, especially when your number one priority is your baby. Throughout all your planning, not taking notice of yourself or your physical state becomes a common occurrence for new or expecting moms. Leaving the house without pants is easier than you might think, but you’ll quickly take notice of your bare gams the moment that fresh air briskly touches your weeks old leg hair, or when you catch the stares of your neighbours. Luckily, pregnancy brain moments like these will at least let us all take notice of the lack of slacks before we actually leave the property.

13 Avocadon’t Start With Me

“I cried at [the grocery store] when they didn’t have any ripe avocados and actually told the produce worker “I hope you are happy, you pathetic punk. I hate you.” He then found me in the check out and handed me 2 ripe avocados and said “my wife is pregnant too, it’s ok.”

Awww, what a lovely and understanding gentleman. If only more people were as accepting of the irrational and often absurd things pregnant women say and do. It’s true that we don’t always have control of what our brain is telling our bodies to do, so it’s a breath of fresh air when people respond to our overreactions with empathy and compassion. For this produce worker, you can tell that he’s been there on probably more than one occasion and his wife is one lucky mother to have him by her side.

12 Lucky Ride

“I parked my car in the driveway, ran into the house and fell asleep. Walked out to the car in the morning to find out I’d left the thing running all night!”

What a lucky duck this woman is! She must live in the safest – or at least most understanding – neighbourhood in the world. It’s possible that no one even noticed the car was running, or maybe they expected someone to come out of the house at any moment to return to their idling engine. In either case, this woman should thank her lucky stars for forgiving her forgetful pregnancy brain! To face an empty driveway when running late to your next OB/GYN appointment would not only be frustrating, but it’s going to cause a whole lot of stress for mom-to-be. While her actions may have resulted in a lot of wasted fuel and extra atmosphere pollution, we bet that her shock over the incident left a bigger scar on her ego than it did on the ozone.

11 NOT Your Average Reaction

“I was looking through stuff [...] when I came across a random piece of paper that read, “Thanks for last night. PS, don’t tell your wife.” [...] I lost my mind and came running to my husband, ready to commit a crime of passion. He just starts laughing [...] and reminded me that I had written it and left it at his place when I left one morning before we lived together.”

This is not the first or the last time that a pregnant woman will overreact to something she believes to be true or has forgotten about. It happens and, like this woman’s husband, it’s best to just relax and laugh about it, because that’s all you can do when hormones take over a pregnant woman’s brain functions. It’s fortunate that this note had a hilarious background story that served to be the lifeline for this husband. Had he not remembered this historical token from their life together, he’d be experiencing a world of pain that they may have never recovered from.

10 You Butter Believe It

“I put my keys in the butter tray in the fridge and locked myself out my apartment with a stick of butter.”

How this woman managed to pull this one off is unbelievable, even to us! She had plenty of time to not only notice these acts taking place, but how did she not even notice a stick of butter in her hand? The cold and slimy consistency alone should have snapped her pregnancy brain back to reality before she even made it out the door. So while we’re a little perplexed, we have to shrug it off because your brain on pregnancy hormones can make anything seem rational and normal while you’re in the moment. Heck, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my blinker signal on in my car without noticing it’s clickity-click sound. So, maybe it’s not that far fetched after all that this woman made it to her front door before taking notice of the butter in her hand.

9 She’s At A Loss

“When pregnant with #2, I lost my child #1. Couldn’t find her anywhere. Panicked, looking all over the house yelling her name. I didn’t realize I was holding her the whole time!”

Being pregnant the first time around is bound to make Future Mom do some nutso things while also maintaining her pre-baby life. Before you have kids, pregnancy is a mere inconvenience while your current life keeps on ticking along. Work may be a little more exhausting and relationships may be a little more fragile, but none of it compares to when you’re pregnant with baby number two (or number three or four) and have your life and the life of another person to take care of. Everything around you becomes a blur and keeping it together seems impossible. When you no longer have the ability to think for yourself, because hormones take over, they’re making Mommy do some crazy things that seem impossible to anyone else, like looking for a baby that is on your hip!

8 Bet She’s Kicking Herself Now

“Fours days after giving birth [...] I had a complete panic attack because I realized I hadn’t felt her kick all day. Told my hubby we had to go to the ER now! He looked at me [...] and said, “babe she’s in the backseat” and then cracked up laughing.”

For those who don’t know, pregnancy brain can last long after you’ve given birth to the little hormone generating machine. In fact, it can take months – even years! – before your brain returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Four days postpartum is just the beginning of brain recovery and it’s really unsurprising that this fresh mama forgot about her newborn and assumed she was still pregnant. It all happens so fast that after nine months of carrying a child, four days after delivery is not enough time to put that time and feeling in your body out of your mind, even if your baby’s arrival is the one of the most significant days of your life.

7 Ghosts Of Electronics Past

“I walked into the house and thought, I should check the answering machine. I then stood in the kitchen trying to remember where the answering machine was until I realized I haven't had [one] in over 12 years."

On the flip side to forgetting everything, it seems that pregnancy brain can also resurrect long forgotten memories, making it seem as if they are happening today. And for this woman, it’s caused her to feel nostalgic for the days she used to come home to a blinking machine full of greetings and reminders. Maybe her reminiscing about these good old answering machine days is a subconscious desire for something to currently assist her in remembering things now that her pregnancy brain has created a permanent fog over her short-term memories. It’s a reasonable need for pregnant women and we wish something smart enough could exist for the sole purpose of reminding pregnant women of their everyday tasks, from paying their bills on time to checking the front door for her lost keys.

6 Don’t Push Her Buttons

“I couldn't get the microwave to work — I kept pushing the start button but it wouldn't turn on. When I started crying my husband walked over, closed the microwave door, and hit start. It worked."

Awww, alright ladies. Don’t tell me we haven’t all been here before. Not necessarily in this exact scenario, but one where we sobbed over something so small it would seem crazy to a non-hormonal human. While a wide-open microwave door might seem obvious to most people, to a pregnant lady, it’s a mirage; something that does not exist. For whatever reason, things that are within our direct line of vision become invisible and the part of our brain that transmits information received from our eyes and turns that data into white noise. Don’t ask us why. It not only boggles our minds as well, but it full-on scares us. How did I not see this? Baby-making creates a cloud in your head so that it can focus on building a human from scratch, that’s how.

5 An Unaware Thief

“I filled my car with gas and drove off. Moments later I was down the road when a police car pulled me over. I still had the cash in my hand. The officer was nice enough to take it back to the gas station for me."

This level of forgetfulness is all too common for a woman with a fetus growing within her. While it’s surprising to the cashier who was never paid in full, either at the pump or the grocery store, it’s equally surprising to the woman who realized she just committed a crime. There’s even been times where pregnant women would walk out of a retail store, item in hand, and never realized until she was well away from the crime scene. I wonder how many women have gotten away with an attempted theft only to use the excuse they were pregnant and forgetful. It’s a valid excuse that holds up because, let’s face it, it happens often and at the honest embarrassment of millions of ladies. I guess no one can truly know for sure if it was intended or not.

4 That’s Just Gouda Humour

"I cut a piece of cheddar off a block, then put the cheese in the drawer I'd gotten the knife from, the knife in the cheese drawer in the fridge, and my plate of cheese and crackers in the sink. I walked out of the kitchen and sat down on the couch, totally forgetting why I'd even gotten up."

Now that’s a whole bunch of awkward actions that just goes to show you how much your brain tells your body to do crazy things while pregnant. It can make your body enter autopilot mode, detaching yourself from what’s happening, only to wake up out of your fog and regain control of yourself, having you say, “WTF just happened?” It’s a weird sensation to have a total lack of control over what you’re doing and it’s one pregnant women will never truly become accustomed to. Luckily for this pregnant lady, her cheesy slip-ups didn’t result in anything dangerous and she was able to snap out of it mere minutes after it went down.

3 An Overdue Eggs-planation

“I was trying to cook eggs in the pan but nothing was happening. I finally realized the stove wasn’t on. I'd been watching raw eggs for 10 minutes.”

To be fair, this (or some variation of this cooking mistake) has happened even to the best of us. Pregnancy brain or not, in the chaos that occurs in trying to prepare a meal, forgetting to preset the oven or turn on the stove is often the first mistake one makes. However, we normally realize our error pretty quickly, sometimes within seconds of requiring that heat to perform its necessary action. So for this pregnant woman, watching eggs to “cook” for ten minutes may seem like a long time, but for her its reasonable. She’s merely extending a common cooking faux pas we all come across, but instead of remembering the famous phrase, “A watched pot never boils” (because she couldn’t even if she tried) she blocked that out of her mind in anticipation of the cooking to begin at any moment.

2 What A Mess

“Just went to go pee. Sat on the toilet with my pants still up. Pregnancy brain.”

Yeeeeep. This happens. Often. It’s common knowledge that pregnant women need to pee, a lot, so you can be sure that mama-to-be is heading to that porcelain throne so often that it’s become a mindless habit. Peeing with your pants still on may seem completely shocking and make you think, “Seriously? How does one even do that?” But when you do too much of anything, the task becomes so natural that you can complete it without much thought. Except in this woman’s zombie-like state of using the washroom for the eleventh time that day, she forgot one important step in the process, quickly making her zone back into her surroundings and requiring her to replace the lower half of her wardrobe. Her actions are completely forgivable, just so long as she didn’t leave any on the floor.

1 Well, They’re Both Round Foods

“Went to Tim Horton's with hubby tonight [...] I ordered a Boston Cream Pizza. Needless to say the lady was looking at me very strangely.”

If you thought that the weird phenomenon of pregnancy brain couldn’t result in any other oddities, you’d be wrong. In addition to forgetfulness, entering autopilot mode, and making things before our eyes turn invisible, pregnant women can also create new words or meanings that they believe to be accurate, when in fact they just result in their friends trying to decipher their newfound language. With so many thoughts entering and exiting our minds on a daily basis, pregnant women have to puzzle together what they want to say. And when two similar sounds or words remain scrambled in our brain, like Boston Cream or Boston Pizza, it’s easy to complicate their accuracy or meaning when attempting to voice our ideas. Have no fear, woman, this pregnancy brain moment, and future ones, will soon be a thing of the past.

Credits: Donoah.com, BuzzFeed, Whisper, BabyCenter.ca, ScienceMag.org

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