15 Crazy And Hilarious Things That Made Pregnant Women Cry

Pregnancy brings with it many side effects. Some of them are quite pleasant. The positive things pregnancy brings include: feeling your beloved baby somersault inside your belly, an excuse to avoid helping people move and thick, healthy hair. Other pregnancy symptoms are not quite so wonderful, and may involve heartburn, leg cramps and, for some women, intense emotions.

It's a good idea to be gentle and sensitive when interacting with a pregnant lady. Moms-to-be may cry their eyes out for seemingly no reason. Their emotions are often fragile, not only due to lack of sleep and constant discomfort, but also because of the added hormones running rampant inside of their bodies. More often than not, it doesn't take much to cause a pregnant gal to weep. You've been warned.

If you or someone you know has experienced, or is currently experiencing, the tearful side of pregnancy, rest assured that this behavior is quite common in expecting women and totally normal. Some of the reasons pregnant women cry seem silly, but cut a girl some slack. She's growing a baby after all. After the blessed day when baby arrives, it's fun to look back and chuckle at some of the things that caused a mama-to-be to feel a bit emotional.

Many women, and their men, have been brave enough to admit to the completely trivial reasons they let lose more than a few sad sniffles during their pregnancies. We're glad these parents can look back on ridiculous pregnancy sob-sessions and laugh, and that they are willing to share. Read on for 15 hilarious reasons pregnant women turned on the water works.

15 In A Pickle

One husband shared the story of his wife's insane craving for McDonald's pickles, and how he calmed her cries with his heroic actions.

He says, "Wife wanted McDonald's pickles. Not Vlasic, not DelMonte, not even Burger King but friggin MCDONALD'S pickles. So I went to the McDonald's down the street and asked to buy like a pound of pickles. Girl said they can't sell just the pickles, so I said give me 100 hamburgers, extra extra pickles, hold the everything. She goes and gets the manager. I tell him the wife is pregnant and I can't go back without McDonald's pickles. He goes in the back, comes out with an unopened tub of pickles and says, 'Congratulations. On the house.'"

Hey, a girl wants what she wants: no judging. And, boy did her man deliver. He was willing to do anything to dry the wet streaks on her tear-stained face. He's basically a knight in shining armor. Plus, that McDonald's manager should get a medal.

14 Almost Out Of Reach

This next mama had a meltdown one day due to the fact that she had to reach up above her head. We don't blame her. During pregnancy, sometimes even the thought of reaching up to scratch an itchy nose is disheartening.

She says, "Would have been about 20-ish weeks pregnant at the time: I cried — hardcore cried —because my lunchbox I needed to fill before heading to work was on top of the fridge. I am not short at all. I could reach it easily. But for some reason I cried so hard. I was 30 minutes late to work that day."

Chances are this mom-to-be was crying about more than just grabbing her lunchbox. Sure, hormones can bring on emotions like sadness and frustration, but along with these, being pregnant is HARD. It's exhausting to live day to day life while also growing a human. These tears have been deemed totally and completely justified.

13 Death Of A Snake

Another expecting mother had a quite a harrowing experience while expecting: she ran over a snake with her car. Talk about an emotional day. It was so heart-wrenching, she couldn't get over it. Here's her story:

"I ran over a snake in the road. I ugly cried for two hours thinking about his snake family waiting for him to come home and him never showing up. Those poor snake babies. My husband was just like, 'what?' Which made the snot bubbles intensify."

This poor woman. She has such a tender heart. We love the sympathy she felt for that dearly departed reptile's children. Pregnancy often causes women to see the world in a whole new light. Suddenly, it's apparent that everyone is somebody's baby and that many people and creatures have babies of their own. This realization may intensify compassion, and this girl was feeling it one-hundred fold. Sssssso sweet!

12 Spilled Milk 

Christine rented a car for a relaxing get-away before her baby arrived. Everything was going well until snack time. The expecting mother decided to consume a delectable, delicious yogurt. Then, things took a turn for the worse. We'll let her fill you in on the sordid details in her own words.

She shares, "I literally cried over spilled milk! I opened a yogurt, and it dripped on the seat of the rental car I was in. I was so upset I wanted to turn the car around and cancel my trip!"

Yes, this story is sad, but we hope she didn't cancel her trip. When pregnant, a tiny mishap may feel like a giant disaster. Why? Well, some days, it's hard enough just to put one swollen foot in front of the other. Any unexpected added stress is just too damn much. We feel for Christine and hope she has since gotten over this unfortunate incident.

11 Miranda And Steve

Jessica found herself invested in a riveting television program during her third trimester. It was one filled with emotional will-they-or-won't-they moments. The whole ordeal really took a toll on her emotionally.

According to Jessica, "A month before my due date I spent a weekend binge-watching Sex and the City, and I cried through SO many episodes, especially those with a lot of Miranda and Steve. In retrospect I realize that the series was probably not as emotionally fraught as I was!"

Or was it? To put things lightly, Sex and the City is an engrossing program. Any woman who watches it is putting herself at risk of shedding many tears. Without spoiling anything, Miranda and Steve are two characters who fall in love. They have their share of on-again off-again moments. Any woman who has ever had a rocky relationship will be able to commiserate: expecting or not.

10 Twitter

The next story comes to us via another sweet husband who was just trying to be understanding; even in the moments when his wife's sadness seemed a bit unwarranted.

He says, "My wife had just started an online class and had to make a Twitter account for the class. Just a few moments later I hear her bawling, so I go investigate. I ask her what's wrong and she (crying the whole time) says in the saddest way, 'I don't know how to work Twitter!'"

To be fair, technology can be quite a beast sometimes. We hope this husband proved to be a dragon-slayer who quickly set up his wife's account for her, after which he made her an ice cream sundae and rubbed her feet.There's a lesson in here for the fellas. If a pregnant lady is crying, whatever the reason, be kind. Be gentle. Deescalate the situation as carefully as possible. If not, you run the risk of dealing with a major melt-down.

9 A Christmas Tree

Maria had an extremely exhilarating experience when it came time to make a festive purchase for the holidays.

She says, "When I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant with my second son, it was early December and my hubby and I were debating whether or not to buy a real Christmas tree for our apartment. He didn't want one—not enough space, too much work, blah blah—but I did, and who can argue with a pregnant lady? We decided to get a tree that same day, and I got so overwhelmed with happiness I started crying! I am generally not a sappy/emotional person, nor am I a some kind of Christmas freak, but even I succumbed to those bizarro hormones."

Good news, ladies. The waterworks are not always brought on by sadness. Sometimes, happy tears will flow just as easily. This is comforting. It may freak your barista out if you cry tears of joy when she hands you a pumpkin latte, so reign them in when you can.

8 Lack Of Sustenance

Jordon dealt with a traumatic experience while expecting that would likely make many women cry: pregnant or not. We completely sympathize with her plight. Read the details of her tragic tale below.

"I came in from working in the yard to eat the last chocolate chip pancake leftover from breakfast. Only I couldn't, because my husband had thrown it away ... and dumped the vacuum on it. I bawled."

We may have gotten a bit misty-eyed just reading that, and only hope her husband whipped up another fresh, hot batch of those chocolate chip pancakes on the spot. Food is often the one joy and the one solace in a pregnant person's day. A word of advice for those interacting with a mom-to-be on a regular basis? Whatever you do, DON'T mess with her food. It will not end well, and will most likely end in tears.

7 Broken Earring

Accessories become valuable during pregnancy. Especially those that still fit as things expand. Over time, pregnant women may find less and less of their favorite things are fitting. Rings and stilettos may become unwearable as baby grows bigger, but scarves and earrings can be worn right up until the big day when baby arrives. This fact may be one explanation for why this next expecting mama shed tears over the loss of one of her beloved hoop-shaped ear adornments.

She says, 'I cried when my hoop earring broke. There was nothing special about the earrings; they weren't even expensive. I'd bought them at Target because I like hoops and they were reasonably priced."

Really, who can blame her for crying. Despite its cheap prices, Target's jewelry is some of the cutest around. No woman will dispute this fact. Plus, when one earring breaks, the set is a total loss. Hearing this story breaks our hearts.

6 Macaroni Meltdown

There is a list nearly as long as the Great Wall of China indicating the things women aren't allowed to do while they are expecting. It can get tedious when a girl can't do many of the things she used to enjoy. Some examples are soaking in a hot tub or savoring a glass of wine. Is it any wonder a girl may feel a bit blue if one of the things she is still able to do is robbed from her? No. It isn't.

This next tale features a woman who had the ability to perform the simple task of making a delicious pot of macaroni and cheese. Alas, her boyfriend tried to be a darling and do it for her. Wrong move, Romeo.

She shares, "My boyfriend wanted to make the macaroni and cheese. I accused him of thinking I was incompetent and too stupid to make it myself. I threw a fork at him and went upstairs and cried."

5 Seat Belt Alert

Rachel shared the sad story of her very real struggle with that annoying seat belt alert many cars come equipped with these days. Sure, it's really nice of cars to remind passengers to buckle up, but some of those sounds are annoying enough to reduce anyone to tears after awhile.

She says, "Every time we would go somewhere, my boyfriend would not buckle his seatbelt and a chime would 'ding.' I would ask him to buckle and every time he refused. Balled like a baby."

No wonder Rachel cried! Her boyfriend needs to get it together. The first time he didn't put his seat belt on, okay fine, we'll forgive him, even though it's very strange that he didn't do what needed to be done to end the annoying sound. The second time, pretty annoying, but everyone is a little distracted now and again. But EVERY TIME? Sheesh, dude. Be a little more considerate when it comes to your girl. You're just being mean.

4 A Messy Apartment

Bonnie shares her overreaction when getting the horrifying news that a visitor was on the way, and, in her emotional opinion, her apartment wasn't up to par. This just proves the fact that nesting is very, very real.

"I was in the middle of my third trimester and crazy hormonal. One day after work, my husband casually mentioned that our friend, Kal, was dropping by for a visit," she says.

Bonnie continues, "I took one look around my slightly messy apartment, declared it a 'war zone'—exact words *cringe*—and immediately burst into tears because I was convinced I'd have to scrub everything floor-to-ceiling before he arrived. Paul thought I was joking at first—this is how bizarre my reaction was—but after watching me cry and rant for five solid minutes, he asked Kal to reschedule. Kal eventually did, but not until a few weeks after I gave birth. Smart guy."

3 Barbecue Chicken

Liya had a breakdown over barbecue sauce, which is actually completely and totally understandable. Is there anything worse than getting a hankering for this heavenly elixir only to find it isn't anywhere in sight? Maybe. But not during pregnancy.

She shares, "Once I was trying to make barbecue chicken, but I forgot the barbecue sauce at the store. I live a block away from our local grocery store, my husband offered to go grab it quick. I refused, tossed the chicken in the sink, gave my family ramen and cried."

Once the damage has been done, there really isn't any going back. Sure, Liya's husband was trying to help when he offered to go pick up a new bottle of the good stuff, but it seems once a pregnant lady is in a sour mood, the only way to sweeten it is to allow the tears to run their course. We're impressed Liya was still able make her family ramen. She's basically a superhero for not curling up in a ball on the floor and demanding someone order a pizza with extra cheese pronto.

2 Stinky Shampoo

It's the little things in life that sometimes matter the most. Adayla used to adore the smell of her shampoo, until she got a bun in the oven. Suddenly, getting a whiff was the last thing she wanted to do. We'll allow her to elaborate.

"I cried every time I got in the shower because my shampoo (which I normally love) smelled awful to me during pregnancy," says Adayla.  "My husband bought me three different kinds and I couldn't stand any of them!"

Aw, Adayla's husband tried so hard to stop the phenomenon of sobs perforating throughout the bathroom whenever his wife stepped into the shower. Sadly, his efforts were in vain. This is truly depressing. What does a woman have if she doesn't have the luxury of lathering up with a beloved scent? Well, eventually, a baby. Despite this story's sad beginning, it has a happy ending. That terrible smell and those tears mixing with shower droplets on Adayla's cheeks were totally worth it.

1 Ripped Ravioli

We end with the story of a husband just trying to quell one of his beloved wife's crazy cravings. Unfortunately, when your sweetheart is expecting, it's often the case that no good deed goes unpunished. We'll let you hear what happened in his own words.

"Wife was craving Chef Boyardee ravioli. I was cooking it on the stove, haphazardly watching it when I glance over and it's at a hard boil," he says. "I grab it, pull it off the heat and start vigorously stirring so nothing burns to the bottom. Wife walks in...'YOU'RE STIRRING IT TOO FAST! THEY ARE GOING TO BREAK APART!' She left the room bawling."

We hope this poor woman's worst fear was not realized, and that the vigorous stirring her husband put those ravioli through did not, in fact, break them apart. At least we can take solace in the fact that dinner probably tasted good and salty, thanks to all of those pregancy-induced tears that were most likely running down this woman's face as she choked it down.

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