15 Crazy But True Ways These Babies Beat The Odds And Lived

We all think of babies as these tiny little precious things, that are like china in our hands. We need to look after them and protect them because they are so delicate. But some babies are really hardy little fellows! Some little ones seem to defy all the odds and break all of the rules when it comes to fighting for their lives. Some of them just will not give up, no matter what! Whether they have been born way too early or they have a condition which is affecting them, there are always babies that constantly surprise us.

Some tiny bundles of joy seem to overcome just about every single hurdle possible. Battling one problem after another, it’s surprising that such a little person has so much fight in them. In situations where it would seem possible for a tiny baby to survive, they constantly battle through to prove us wrong. Ignoring the fact that their odds of survival are 1 in 100 (even less in some cases), they keep pushing to live. These babies and their parents never gave up the fight, which is why they beat the odds and lived.

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15 Baby Number 1: Freida Mangold Was Born After Just 21 Weeks 

Baby Freida Mangold is the record holder for being the most premature baby to survive. She was born at a mere 21 weeks and 5 days and only weighed just over a pound. Freida had a twin brother, but, unfortunately, he did not survive. He had very bad intestinal problems and heart problems and Kilian did not survive. Freida came out of intensive care after 5 months, after overcoming her severely premature birth.

Her doctors have said she is a miracle baby and said that she would get healthier and stronger over time. When she was in the intensive care unit she was having to be fed through a tube into her tummy. Her mother had a complicated pregnancy from 15 weeks, so problems were expected. She was hospitalised at 20 weeks and the doctors were trying to delay delivery for as long as possible, trying to give the babies more time to develop to avoid complications.

14 Baby Number 2: Twins Born After Just 24 Weeks 

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Aiden and Ethan, twins born after only 24 weeks, weighed just over a pound each when they were brought into the world. Their mother was rushed to the hospital with a detached placenta, a serious emergency. Both boys had to undergo surgery at just 6 weeks old for operations on their hearts. They also survived lung disease, sepsis and brain haemorrhages. Aiden progressed more swiftly than Ethan. Aiden was in the intensive care unit for 3 months and Ethan was in intensive care for 6 months.

The poor boys have experienced hernias, where their insides were protruding through the wall of their abdomen. They also struggled with seizures, developmental delays, tonsillitis and some awful night terrors. The 2 boys were not allowed to come into contact with other children until they were around 4 years old. This was to try and prevent them from catching infections which could have been detrimental to their health.

13 Baby Number 3: Baby Girl Born With Her Heart Outside Her Body

A baby girl born to Tazmina Khatun shocked her parents when she was born with her heart beating outside of her body. Tasmania had not sought any medical attention during her pregnancy and hadn’t even had an ultrasound scan to check the health of the baby. The mother was lacking in knowledge and was unable to afford check-ups. The baby needed to be transferred to a specialist hospital where they could deal with the problem.

The baby’s heart has developed outside the wall of the chest – this is called ectopia cardis. Because the doctors acted so efficiently they managed to save her. This condition is very rare and affects only 1 in 260,000 births. The parents are hoping for the little girl to survive and live a normal life. They are wishing for her to continue a happy and full life.

12 Baby Number 4: Doctors Tried To Revive Boy For 20 Minutes

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Australian mother Katie Ogg delivered twins after just 27 weeks, a boy and a girl. The mother was told that her little boy was not breathing. They tried for 20 minutes to revive the baby boy but they could not, and declared he had died. Katie was absolutely broken and was passed the little boy’s body to hold so she could say goodbye. It was at this point that Katie found that her baby still had life in him and he was gasping for breath. She was told that this would stop soon and come to an end.

But it didn’t and after a number of minutes, little Jamie looked to be moving about and breathing. Katie and her husband cuddled the little boy for nigh on 2 hours before they could convince the doctor that Jamie had life in him. The little boy was helped to be revived by the warmth and touch of his parents. It is thought that being able to hear the beat of his mother’s heart may have helped. Jamie experienced no further health problems and he and his sister are happy kids.

11 Baby Number 5: Baby With Only A 0.07 Chance Of Being Conceived

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Tiny baby Olivia had only a 0.07 percent chance of being conceived. Her mother was diagnosed with a weak cervix before giving birth to her eldest daughter. After this, she was diagnosed with hyperhomocysteinemia, meaning there is a very high level of homocysteine in her blood. Homocysteine is a type of amino acid and Olivia’s mother says she was under the impression her blood was too thick. There was not enough oxygen in her blood to support a baby’s development after 24 weeks. She was offered a procedure to try and help deal with some of the side effects of this condition, after being refused a hysterectomy.

This procedure dramatically decreased her chances of ever conceiving again, and when the mother met a new partner and went for tests, she was told the chances of her conceiving were 0.07 percent. By some kind of miracle, they managed to conceive and baby Olivia was born early at 25 weeks. For the first weeks of her life, she was supported by a ventilator and being fed by a tube. Her tummy was blowing up as a result of the feeding process and she had to have an operation. Little Olivia is now at home with her mum.

10 Baby Number 6: Tiny Baby Survives Having Had 32 Blood Transfusions 

Jonathan Whitehill was born at 25 weeks and weighed a mere 10.9 ounces when he was brought into the world. A true miracle baby, Jonathan survived a whopping 32 blood transfusions, refusing to give up. He was an incredibly strong little boy, only needing a ventilator for 17 days before he was able to breathe on his own. Despite his display of strength, his parents were told he only had a 1 percent chance of living. This was due to a number of complications with the little boy.

Jonathan had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a total of 5 months. He fought against a blood staph infection and doctors repaired a broken leg he had sustained. Jonathan still needs to visit the hospital for regular checks, to make sure he doing well and developing properly. So far, he is managing to live a relatively normal life, even though the odds were stacked high against him.

9 Baby Number 7: Baby Weighing 13 Ounces Has A Pair of Scissors To Thank For Her Life

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In the United Kingdom, doctors will only resuscitate babies who weigh 1 pound or more. Baby Maddalena weighed a tiny 13 ounces when she was born. Fortunately for Maddalena, a pair of scissors were accidentally left on the scale as she was weighed. This accident meant her weight was recorded at over a pound, therefore allowing doctors to resuscitate her. She was born incredibly early; her mother was only into her 23rd week of pregnancy. Normally doctors won’t consider a baby viable for resuscitation until at least 24 weeks.

Once they had put Maddalena on the ventilator, the doctors realised they had made a mistake with her weight. This small error saved the baby’s life. She had a twin sister that unfortunately did not survive and passed away a few weeks after she was born. Maddalena is one very lucky baby, without that pair of scissors on her scale, she wouldn’t be here today. Doctors think she will be healthy and aren’t expecting to see any problems with her.

8 Baby Number 8: Baby Born With Severe Skull Deformity 

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Baby Jaxon strong was born with half of his brain and half of his skull missing. The doctors suggested he would only live a matter of days. But he defied the odds and survived, despite the dire predictions from physicians. His mother was told when she was pregnant that Jaxon’s brain was badly malformed and that he may not survive the pregnancy. She was aware that there may be a possibility her baby might be stillborn.

When he was born, he weighed only 4 pounds. His mother was told her baby would probably never be able to walk or talk. She was also informed he may not know when he was hungry and might not be able to hear or see. He wasn’t expected to live, and Jaxon was diagnosed with micro-hydranencephaly. This condition affects the brain and is a developmental abnormality. Most who suffer from it have developmental delay and fluid that accumulates in the brain. Often the cause of this abnormality is unknown.

7 Baby Number 9: Baby Placed In Sandwich Bag In The Fight To Keep Him Alive

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Baby boy Noah Clarey was born weighing a tiny 2 pounds and 2 ounces. He was around 14 weeks premature and the doctors warned parents Helen and Neil that he probably wouldn’t survive. They were told to prepare for their baby not to live. Somehow, against all the odds, tiny Noah managed to survive delivery. To keep him warm, he was placed in a plastic sandwich bag for insulation and was whisked away to the special care unit. Doctors were working tirelessly to save Noah’s life.

They managed to pull Noah through, but further tests revealed that the poor baby’s heart had not formed properly. His heart was open and needed to be closed to allow him to survive. Weighing only 3 pounds he was taken into surgery. He seemed weak after the surgery but managed to pull through and slowly started to recover. After 6 months, he was finally able to breathe on his own. He had been using a ventilator for all this time, under the eye of a cardiologist.

6 Baby Number 10: Quadruplets Conceived From 4 Separate Eggs

via: townnews.com

Mother Katalina Martin was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and told she may not be able to have another baby. But despite this, she fell pregnant. Not with twins, not with triplets, but with quadruplets! She said the ultrasound technician was scanning her for a very long time and just kept staring at the screen. When they first told her, she was gobsmacked and couldn’t believe it. She safely delivered the four babies in February, but what the doctors found couldn’t have been more shocking.

They found that the babies had been conceived from 4 separate eggs! Non-identical quadruplets are almost unheard of. The chances of conceiving non-identical quadruplets are about 1 in 700,000. The mother was only 27 weeks into her pregnancy when she delivered her babies. The babies only weighed a couple of pounds when they were born, but they are now safe and healthy. So, from being told she may not be able to have any more children, to conceiving quadruplets from 4 separate eggs – these babies really beat the odds!

5 Baby Number 11: Baby Born Without A Nose Defies the Doctors

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Baby Eli Thompson was unfortunately born without a nose. There had been no signs that there was anything the matter during the pregnancy so no one was expecting what happened. His mother says the doctors placed her son on her chest after delivery, she looked down and saw her poor little one didn’t have a nose! She exclaimed that there was something wrong and that he was missing his nose – she was the first person to notice. Doctors have looked back over the medical records of the mother and they cannot find anything they think may have caused this.

This condition is called complete congenital arhinia. It is a very rare condition which can be life threatening. This condition has left Eli without nasal passages or sinus cavities. This means that even if surgeons could create a nose for the little boy using plastic surgery, it wouldn’t make any difference to his breathing. The baby has had to have a tracheotomy and a feeding tube inserted to help him along. That being said, he is still managing to breastfeed successfully and his mother says he is now much happier.

4 Baby Number 12: Little Boy With Incredibly Rare Condition 

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Baby boy Jude Peters was born with a rare condition called Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata disease (RCDP). This condition is extremely rare and has no known cure, and it causes the affected to die in almost every case. This baby is fighting the odds and all of the doctor’s predictions that he may not make it. Across the world, there are only about 53 known cases of RCDP, most of which have unfortunately resulted in death.

Jude’s fight against the condition is very significant, considering his parents were told he might not even live outside the womb. At the moment, there is no cure for the condition, but Jude and his parents are waiting for medical research to be done. RCDP is a form of skeletal dysplasia in one of the more lethal forms. Often with this condition, there are heart conditions, brain damage and kidney problems associated. Fortunately, Jude managed to swerve most of these problems.

3 Baby Number 13: Mother Saves Her Baby’s Life With A Cuddle

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Mother Karen Wollman went for a usual ultrasound check-up so see the progress of her little boy. It was at this point, that she was told her baby had Down Syndrome and a condition known as hydrops fetalis. Hydrops fetalis is a condition that causes the body to swell with fluid. The parents were told by doctors to prepare for the baby to be stillborn. Baby Renner was delivered via an emergency caesarean section when he was just 35. The doctors were gobsmacked that Renner was managing to breathe -he was already defying the odds! They connected him to an oxygen machine, but they could see his lungs and kidneys weren’t working properly.

The doctors told his parents that they shouldn’t expect him to live for more than a couple of days. They asked if his parents had any final wishes for the little boy. His mother, Karen, asked if she could hold Renner in her arms and rock him to sleep in a rocking chair in the hospital. At this point, something incredible started to happen, he began to get better!

2 Baby Number 14: Baby Conceived After The Death Of Her Father

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Mother Sarah Rodriguez had been struggling for years with fertility, and her husband and Sarah were overjoyed when they conceived through IVF. Unfortunately, not long after their baby was born, Sarah’s husband was told his stage 3 cancer was no longer in remission. When her husband was diagnosed with cancer he froze his sperm just in case. He told his wife that she was going to have another baby, and this time it was going to be a girl.

Sarah felt that she should have another child and this would give her more purpose in her life after her husband’s death. She decided to try for another baby and her husband’s prediction came true. Sarah gave birth to a beautiful little girl, who she named Ellis. In a horrifying turn, 2 weeks after being born, Ellis was rushed to hospital as she was finding it hard to breathe on her own. She spent weeks in a critical condition, but fortunately, she pulled through.

1 Baby Number 15: Parents Survived Being Crushed By A Falling Tree Only To Conceive A Baby They Thought They Would Never Have

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Mother, Glenda Budworth, had learned she probably wouldn’t be able to conceive a child naturally. She learned this from the hospital whilst she was making a recovery from rare cancer. Glenda and her husband Adam were on their way home after receiving this desperately upsetting news. It was at this point they were hit by a falling tree and were trapped. In a fit of huge strength, Glenda managed to pull her broken leg from under the tree. This allowed enough space for her husband to get free and enable the couple to escape.

Paramedics came to the couple’s aid. They both had broken backs, fractured legs and had to wear restrictive braces for months to help with their recovery. Against all the odds, the couple survived and can now manage to walk on their own without help. In another amazing turn of events, they conceived a little girl. The odds were seriously stacked against Glenda, Adam and their baby Dolly-Rae, but together they have fought and couldn’t be happier.

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