15 Crazy Funny Things Moms Did To Prevent Boredom During Labor

However a woman brings a child into the world, doing so is a feat that should be celebrated. For many moms-to-be, the process of giving birth is pretty tedious, and often involves a lot of waiting around. While it's hard to believe that an expecting mother would actually find herself feeling bored during the momentous hours leading up to the birth of her child, more than a few women have admitted that waiting for a baby to arrive can get extremely monotonous.

Some little ones arrive soon after their moms feel their first contractions, but other tiny tots take their sweet-ass time being born. Distraction can be a powerful tool, and may assist a laboring woman in getting through the tough task of enduring until the end of a long labor.

So what's a mom-to-be in labor to do when her baby isn't quite ready to arrive? She's gotta do something to get herself through the sometimes mind-numbing and often painful hours that lie ahead. Some women have gotten quite creative when it came to how they chose to pass the time while in labor. Many decided they weren't going to allow a few contractions to slow them down. One mom shared that said contractions “definitely hurt, but when you’re running around toting kids and holding down a job, you just work through stuff. Things have to get done.”

The following 15 women got some impressive "stuff" done while they were in labor, and we're pretty sure boredom wasn't an issue for any of them as they awaited the arrivals of their precious little ones. You go, girls!

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15 Applied A Full Face 

Makeup artist and consultant for Luxottica, Alaha Majid, brought her go-to beauty items along with her to the delivery room, and decided a great way to pass the time while she awaited her baby's arrival was to treat herself to a full face of flawless makeup. After the fact, she shared on her Instagram account, along with a photo of herself expertly blending foundations in her hospital bed,"Three weeks ago at this time I was finishing up my makeup and getting ready for my princess to make her appearance. Yes, I was doing my makeup while I was in labor! I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed."

Majid told US Weekly, "After being in labor for over ten hours, the only thing to help keep my mind off of the pain was to do something that I love to do. I also love to read and during the first few hours that is exactly what I did, however, reading started to give me a headache, so I figured I’d pull out my makeup bag." Addressing the haters, Majid added, "I’m sure if a woman who loves to knit were to knit during labor, no one would think twice about criticizing her.”

Majid looked flawless when her new daughter, Sophia, arrived, and also shared on Instagram, “I wore my @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty mink lashes in ‘Sophia’ since it was appropriate. Lol.”

14 Did A Television Interview

Raechel McGhee of Somerset, Massachusetts agreed to appear on television quite close to her due date. Unfortunately, her water broke right before she was scheduled to go on the air. She decided to go through with her commitment, even if she ran the risk of delivering her baby on live TV.

McGhee recalled, "I was at the time the director of a girls group home in Mount Vernon, New York. WNET had contacted me and asked if I would be willing to be appear...So when my water broke, I spoke to my doctor...I called WNET and I said, 'Listen, my water broke. I don’t have any contractions. If I’m still like this by 4 o’clock this afternoon, I’ll be there.' I didn’t want anybody to point fingers and say, 'She was supposed to be on TV, but she blew it.'"

McGhee continued, "There I am in the makeup chair, and all of a sudden, it felt like I must have had a wad of silly putty in my lower abdomen, and somebody stuck two thumbs in and pulled. Seven or eight minutes later, I had another one. They put me up on stage. The host and hostess started asking me questions. I was still having contractions. I had to control my speech, control my face."

Some may call what McGhee chose to do over the top, but she concluded, "I don’t regret it."

13 Had A Dance Party

Akilah Wooten made the most of her labor while awaiting the arrival of her baby at Atlanta Medical Center. When her midwife recommended she do some squats to help her baby move down into her birth canal, she took things a step further, and whipped out some impressive dance moves instead. She and two supportive back-up dancers got down to Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" to help pass the time and hopefully prompt her baby to get moving as well.

Angela Ruffin is the nurse midwife credited with capturing Wooten's impressive dancing-while-in-labor skills on video. The recording has received over 1 million views since it was posted to YouTube. Ruffin shared, "She came in labor but the baby was sitting high in her pelvis. I told her to get moving and walk or do squats."

Ruffin feels the dancing "definitely helped" to move Wooten's labor along. The expecting mom's daring decision to dance it out while in labor paid off, and she welcomed a healthy baby girl to the world just a few hours later.

12 Ordered Pizza

One woman admitted to getting majorly hangry while enduring an extremely long labor. What did she do about it? Well, she ordered a pizza like a boss. Some medical experts frown on women eating during labor, due to the chance that a mom-to-be will need an emergency C-section, and may aspirate food while under anesthesia. However, recent studies have proven that the risk of this happening is very low, and eating during labor can be very beneficial, as doing so helps keep an expecting mother's morale, and energy, up.

According to the American Academy of Anesthesiologists, women with low-risk pregnancies should feel free to nosh on their favorite foods during labor, as long as they don't go overboard, of course. The ASA stated, “Most healthy women can skip the fasting and, in fact, would benefit from eating a light meal during labor.”

Why? These days, even if a woman does need an emergency C-section, in nearly all of these procedures, anesthesia is administered through a spinal tap instead of through a face mask. Basically, the benefits of eating during labor outweigh the risks. Let the pizza eating commence!

11 Hit A Few High Notes

There is no wrong way to get through the difficult process of labor, and one mom turned to music to get her through. A viral video featuring mom-to-be, Temple, singing through her contractions as she prepares to welcome her baby to the world has received nearly 2.5 million views. The recording shows a calm and collected Temple belting out a lovely version of Michael Olson's "Psalm 23."

Temple opted for a home birth, and is settled into a comfortable spot in her house as her 7-year-old daughter records her singing. The video claims she endured "two strong contractions while singing," but it's difficult to detect exactly when they happen due to Temple's relatively calm demeanor for the duration of the recording.

Temple eventually welcomed a 10-pound baby boy, Koa, to the world, and has inspired many others to use singing as a way to get through their own labors. Sing it, sister!

10 Ran A Marathon

Amber Miller welcomed her baby girl, June, to the world just hours after finishing a marathon. Why? Miller signed up for the race before she learned she was pregnant, and, although the date of the marathon was extremely close to her due date, she decided to simply put one foot in front of the other, and see how far she got.

Miller told reporters, "I was having a conversation with my parents and said, 'You know what? I have no plans of actually finishing.' I was planning on running half, skipping to the end, then walking across the finish line."

She and her husband started the race at a run, and, as she began to experience contractions, slowed their pace to a walk. They finished the race in 6.5 hours, grabbed a quick bite to eat, then proceeded to the hospital to deliver their baby girl. Medical contributor for ABC News and director of gynecology at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, Dr. Jacques Moritz, admits that Miller's choice to run a marathon so close to the delivery of her baby is "outside of the norm," but he does not feel she put herself or her baby in any danger.

9 Attended A Wedding

Melissa White didn't intend to steal the spotlight on her BFF's wedding day, but that's exactly what happened when White went into labor five weeks early on the day her bestie, Bernadette Beahan, had chosen to tie the knot. Beahan proved she was a true friend by moving her hair and makeup appointments so she would be able to go see White, and her new arrival, Hunter, in the hospital.

Beahan told The Motherish, "There were a lot of mixed emotions when it all happened on the morning. Obviously I was super happy for her but also sad she couldn’t be there. When she called me, I think we both sat on the phone crying to each other for five minutes. I had a lot of joy and happiness for her and her partner but again it was sad she couldn’t be there getting ready with us.”

The gracious new bride also dished, “[Melissa and Hunter] are doing well. We’ve been on our honeymoon for the past two weeks, but I got to see [them] before we left. Hunter is doing really well, and will still be in hospital for another week. We now share the best date ever and it’s brought us closer together.” Now that's a true friendship.

8 Spent Time With The Dog

The above photo is a sweet shot of a mother-to-be spending time with her furry friend as she awaits the moment she will bring a new life into the world. Pets have been proven to assist in calming the nerves of their owners. In many cases, service dogs make it possible for their owners to live much fuller lives than they would be able to without their faithful companions.

Dogs in particular seem to have a sixth sense, and a way of knowing when their beloved humans need some extra tender loving care. The way the dog above is lovingly resting his head on the arms of the expecting mother is one of the sweetest things we've ever seen. He's comforting her, reassuring her and offering her his protection and support without saying a word.

We love this woman's choice to pass the hours of her labor with her adorable pooch. Maybe having a dog in the delivery room is a protocol all pregnant women should begin to follow.

7 Bought A Car

It's one thing to buy a Slurpee on the way to the hospital, but Deborah Stengle took things a step further when she bought a car right before her baby arrived. Stengle shared, "I had been without a car for about six months. It came down to the last week before I was due, and I was like, I can’t have a baby without a car. Tuesday night comes, middle of the night, I’m starting to have labor pains. Wednesday, I have to buy the car."

Stenlge continued, "The bank opens at 9 o’clock, so we drive ourselves to the bank the minute they open.  I’m having contractions the whole time. The guy that’s helping me is, like, 22 and doesn’t know anything about having a baby. He’s taking his time, talking very slowly and trying to be all customer service-oriented. I said, 'We need to get through this as fast as we can so I can have the baby,' and he was like, 'We don’t want you to have the baby at the bank.' I was like, 'I don’t want to have the baby at the bank either.'

The brave and determined mom concluded, "We finished up transferring the money and he was like, 'Good luck!' and I walked as fast as I could to the car. I’m taking super-deep breaths and freaking out, and we drive to the hospital. My daughter was born at 8:35 in the evening, and the joke was that we bought her a car."

6 Took A Test

Tommitrise Collins, a 21-year-old student from Macon, Georgia, gained some major recognition after a pic of the mom-to-be ultra-focused on taking a college exam during labor went viral. Collins told People magazine, “I didn’t want to give an excuse. I made sure I just went ahead and did what I had to do, I handled my responsibilities. I didn’t want to get behind in my work.”

The impressive young mother also divulged that her water broke approximately one week before her expected due date, just hours before she was set to take an on online psychology test. She also shared, "I emailed my teacher to tell her that I was having contractions and that I was in labor and that I’m still going to take the test. It was my decision, she didn’t make me do anything.”

While awaiting the delivery of her baby at the Coliseum Medical Center, Collins completed the exam, even though she was enduring her labor without any sort of medication and has admitted that the “pain was real." She completed the test in 90 minutes, and received a "B." Approximately 20 hours after her labor began, Collins welcomed her new daughter, Tyler Elise, into the world.

5 Wrote A Bill

An anonymous congressional staffer from Northern Virginia was working on a major bill the week before her son was due. She was determined to finish it before going on maternity leave. When she woke up with contractions one morning, she decided to go in to work and do all she could to complete the task before her baby arrived.

She shared, "I went into work, worked all morning. Late in the afternoon, I had to go up and talk to my boss [a member of Congress] about the bill, and at that point, the contractions had gotten significantly stronger, and I was actually timing them on my phone. So I talked to him for 20 minutes while surreptitiously stealing glances at the timer contraction app each time I had a contraction. I don’t think he knew what was going on, but my colleagues all did and they were pretty nervous."

The go-getter continued, "I finished the meeting, went back to my office, and thought, Maybe going for a walk will help. I went with my friend and colleague who was also pregnant at the time, who kept saying, 'You should go home now.' The contractions weren’t terribly close together. Once we got back from that, I had one really strong contraction, and I called my husband and he came. As soon as we got home, I could barely walk. He took me to the hospital, and as soon as I got there, I was dilated to a 10." Somebody make this woman employee of the month!

4 Taught Math

Rosemary Farley, mathematics professor at Manhattan College, felt just fine as she headed to her teaching job one morning. She was nine months pregnant, but planning to get through the day. Her baby had other plans.

Farley recalled, "I had three classes that morning and I taught the first two without incident. I started to get a little bit of discomfort, but nothing big at all. But then the third class came, this multivariable calculus course. Things started to happen very quickly. Serious labor pains hit me and I had never gone from discomfort to pain in [my] other two pregnancies that fast."

She continued, "I thought, 'OK, I’m here, I’ll just get through this last class and then I’ll go home.' I was definitely speeding up my lecture as I was going along. I knew it was time to go when I looked at my hand and it was gripping the chalk ledge. I was pretending I was formulating my thoughts; in reality, I wasn’t thinking anything but, 'I hope I haven’t waited too long.' After that, I turned to the class and said, 'I’m going to have to leave.' You could see there was just terror in their faces."

3 Toured Apartments

Brooklyn-based mother, Jessica Grose, shared the way she chose to pass the time while in labor with her second child. According to Grose, "My second child was a week late and I was sort of at the point where I was like, 'This baby is never coming.' I had to put delivery out of my head because otherwise every day felt endless when I was not going into labor."

"I woke up that morning and I had a little blood and I was like, 'That’s weird' I sort of ignored it. I had scheduled to look at this apartment. In retrospect it seems silly — I was starting to be in a lot of pain — but I was only four blocks away, and I waddled on over. I had the appointment and I didn’t want to reschedule it."

Sure, Grose may have cut things a bit close, but her valiant efforts paid off. She has dished, "It looks like we may get that apartment."

2 Made Deliveries

Elizabeth Carney of Baltimore chose to get things done while in labor with her first child. She shared, "I think I started labor on a Friday night and I didn’t have him until Monday afternoon. The street that I live on, all the houses are up on stairs and have front porches, and I volunteered on the community council for many years, and I gave out the newsletters on my block. I looked at the stack of newsletters on my bookshelf and I said, 'I might as well deliver the newsletters.'"

Carney continued, "I have about 80 houses that I deliver to. It must have been a really funny picture to have the sun coming up and my husband chatting with the doula on the sidewalk as the abundantly pregnant lady treks up all these stairs, stopping in the middle of the stairs to breathe through a contraction."

She hilariously recalled, "There was a neighbor I hadn’t really met before, and I was going up the stairs right next to him. I paused and saw him looking at me and I said, 'Oh, don’t mind me, I’m delivering the newsletters and I’m also in labor.' He just gave me this look that was like, 'what planet am I on right now?'"

1 Stole A Car

While the many ways the mothers mentioned above chose to pass the hours they spent in labor are beyond impressive, nothing really compares to what one brazen Michigan woman chose to do hours before she gave birth.

A high-speed chase commenced in the Great Lake State after police located a black pick-up truck that had been reported stolen and attempted to pull it over. Instead of complying, the occupants of the truck veered into oncoming traffic, and eventually crashed into a telephone pole. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the process. Two men and a woman exited the truck after the crash, and did their best to get away on foot, to no avail.

Police then got quite a surprise when they discovered a fourth suspect still cowering in the truck. Why were they so shocked? She was nine months pregnant...and in labor. The woman was rushed to the hospital, and gave birth soon after the chase ended. No further information on the case was made public, but it is suspected that the woman will face charges of child endangerment in addition not any other charges brought against her. It is not recommended to engage in auto theft if bored while in labor.

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