15 Crazy Moments From Dance Moms You Gotta See

The season 7 finale of the hit reality show Dance Moms came full circle when Abby Lee Miller and her dancers returned to Pittsburgh. There have been rumors that the show was ending due to Abby's legal troubles. Keep your cool Dance Moms fans - We anticipate that the rumors are false and Dance Moms will return for season 8. But, will Abby Lee Miller be included in the cast? She could possibly go to jail for fraud. We're sure the show would not have lasted as long as it has without the larger than life personality of Abby Lee Miller. We hope that Lifetime will find a way to film around Abby's absence if she gets incarcerated.

What's Dance Moms without Abby? She pulls out all the stops to provide the girls with winning dance numbers and she's always in the center of the drama. It's unfortunate that the drama gets more spot light than the dances sometimes. Abby puts a lot of thought and work into each number she choreographs. When she attaches her name to a dance we can bet she does not want that dance to fail.

The moms are constantly worried about Abby or another dancer taking away opportunities from their kids. The reality of it is - the moms are taking attention away from the kids and their talent. The focus of this show is put on the moms fighting. Every episode is filled with drama and anticipation which keeps us all coming back for more. Who's going to get a solo and who's going to be on top of the pyramid? No matter what Abby decides there will be a mom who's not happy about it and we can't wait to see how they react. Check out our list of the top 15 craziest moments on Dance Moms.

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15 Day 1 - Abby Calls The Police

The first time we see Abby Lee Miller in season 1, episode 1 of Dance Moms we can see her greeting her students with a smile as they walk through the door. Abby immediately goes on to tell viewers all her credentials and explains that her goal is to produce employable dancers. After the first few dance clips shown, viewers were immediately hooked on the show that would become the biggest spotlight in the competitive dance world.

It only takes two minutes and fifteen seconds for us to hear Abby say, “Suck it up I don't want to see those tears.”

So, we immediately expect a tough teacher and dramatic mothers trying to protect their kids. But, what we didn't expect was to see Abby call the police on a mother in the very first episode. Talk about coming in with sirens. Watch this clip as one mom gets fired up and refuses to back down to Abby. Don't worry, “She doesn’t have any weapons JUST HER MOUTH!”

14 Melissa VS Christi

In season 1, episode 4 we see one of the first of many Maddie vs Chloe battles. It's not so much Maddie vs Chloe as it is Melissa vs Christi. We have to give Christi credit for at least trying to resolve her Abby issues in the hallway, but when Abby wouldn’t hear her out things got crazy. The worst part is that the fight happened in front of the kids.

Christi wants to talk about Maddie. She feels like Maddie gets special treatment and that she was set up to win. No one wants to talk about it and that makes Christi fly off the handle. She makes Maddie cry and then we see Melissa's signature move of walking away.

Abby is right about the fact that it is wrong when Christi talks badly about Abby in front of Chloe. Parents and teachers need to be on the same page. Weather it is a school teacher or dance teacher. It's not fair to make a child chose between a parent and a teacher. The best way we can help our children succeed is to work with the people who are teaching them.

13 Topless Abby

Abby rejects a hug from Jojo, Kalani and Nia while she hugs her favorites with a smile. Kira won't sit back and take it when she thinks Abby is picking in her kid. She's on the verge of tears when anger takes over and causes her to chase Abby in the hallway and flip out in front of a lot of people. By season 5 we are used to the screaming fights and threats to leave. It's what Abby admits to that is so shocking to fans.

Abby admits that she wants Kalani to stay with her instead of her mother. We know that Abby cares deeply for certain students, but it's crazy that she actually wants to take Kalani away from her mother. Abby thinks Kira is a bad mom for being with a man that she's not married to, and has no problem saying it in front of Kalani.

This is Abby contradicting herself when she told Christi not to talk about her in front of Chloe. The parent should not talk badly about the teacher, and the teacher should definitely not talk badly about the parent in front of the kids.

12 Abby Throws A Chair

Abby and Kelly have a very long history together. Abby says that Kelly was a mean girl when she was twelve and she's still a mean girl. That may be true, but Abby shouldn't take it out on Brooke and Paige. Especially Paige, she's so cute, little and sweet how can you not love that girl? Once again, a child is torn between their parent and teacher.

Abby is mad at Kelly and throws a chair on the ground. Kelly is mad and proceeds to give Abby the finger in front of her own kids and everyone else's. Here is goes again, Abby goes on to talk about Kelly to Paige. I don't think it was the chair throw or the finger that caused Paige to burst into tears. I think it was her being pulled in two different directions and not knowing which way to go. While Abby and Kelly scream at each other, Christi is the one who is comforting Paige.

11 Jojo Leaves For Good

Jojo was a hit on Abby's spin off show Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. It wasn't surprising when she joined the Dance Moms cast. But, the way she left Dance Moms is what shocked us. We have to admit that when they said they were leaving in season 6, episode 29, we totally thought they would be back! Jess and Jojo stuck it out through so much drama at the Abby Lee Dance Company. We can't believe how and why she left.

Bottom line, Jojo left because she did not want to do a ballet duet. Abby is constantly accused of setting some dancers up for success while intentionally setting others up to fail. Jess felt that Jojo was set up to fail because ballet is not her best genre. However, Jojo will never get better at ballet if she doesn't perform it. It is a terrible lesson to teach a child to quit; rather than sticking it out to the end and trying their best. There are plenty of reasons to leave the show Dance Moms, but this wasn't one of them.

10 Cathy VS Christi

Christi is one of our favorite dance moms. She always adds some excitement to every episode she's in. Villain Cathy knows just what to say to get under her skin. It's expected for fights to break out over who gets a solo, costumes and trophies, but sometimes these moms are savage with low blows. Cathy has a tendency to take the focus away from dancing and she's just plain mean.

When Abby and Melissa ask Cathy to return a $300 costume, somehow Christi gets attacked for her clothes. As if criticizing her clothes wasn't enough, Cathy goes on to make fun of Christi’s nose. This is all happening in front of the kids. It's no surprise that Christi responsed to Cathy with some inappropriate language. But, Cathy picking on someone for their appearance is just as bad or maybe worse! That is not the example we want to set for young girls. What's really surprising is that Christi didn't start throwing punches when Cathy put her hands on her.

9 Holly Has A Breakdown

Holly has to be one of our favorite Dance Moms. She might not be as entertaining to watch because she's usually not acting crazy, but she is respectable. She thinks before she speaks, she doesn't swear and most of all she has integrity. Holly and Nia can handle a lot of criticism and we very rarely see tears from either of them. It was jaw dropping when Holly finally hit her breaking point.

This breakdown was a long time coming for Holly. As viewers, we don't see or know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but we can clearly see that Abby does pick on Nia. It is clear that Abby doesn't believe Nia has the same star potential as Maddie. Abby is right. Nia doesn’t have the same potential, Nia has more! When Holly is having her weak moment we see Nia standing strong. She doesn't even flinch when she is criticized.

8 Kira Throws A Bottle

Kira took a break from the Dance Moms cast when she had an adorable baby boy. Kalani wanted to continue dancing on the show, so she was under the care of Maddies mom Melissa. When the moms confront Kira about her absence, Kira understandably gets angry. It's a hard to choose between letting your teenage daughter live her dream and caring for your newborn baby. We think Kira tried to do what's best for both of her kids. Jess accuses her of staying home “to do whatever she wants.”

Aren't all the women on this show mothers? Maybe they forgot how much time and energy is spent taking care of a newborn child. Kira might not be the “most brightest” one in the room, but Jess surely isn't either. We’ll give Kira the benefit of the doubt and say it was the ranging post baby hormones that caused her to throw a water bottle across the room at Jess.

7 Yolanda VS Jamie

When Abby decided to bring in a mini team, we knew it would double up the drama on Dance Moms, and boy did it ever! When it comes down to two minis and Maesi, who is stuck between being a mini and a junior, things get heated. The mini Moms, Stacey and Yolanda, are ganging up on Maesi’s mom, Jamie, because they want Maesi to leave. It's funny because these are the moms that so badly wanted to be accepted by the elite moms when they were new. Now they are just as bad, maybe even worse, by trying to run off any new dancers that may threaten their daughters.

Yolanda admits that Maesi is taking time away from her daughter, Elliana. Jamie won't back down and then adds fuel to the fire when she laughs and points out the Elliana is crying. These moms can pick on each other all they want, but it really is crossing the line when they start to pick apart the kids. Yolanda snaps and starts yelling at Jamie and probably offends the entire state of Iowa in the process.

6 Kathy VS Jill

By season 5 we would be more surprised if Abby and Cathy didn’t fight, so it's not shocking when they are having yet another argument. Cathy and her team of moms act like they despise Abby so much, but at the same time they urne for her approval. They specifically asked Abby what she thought about a dancer. Abby starts by complimenting her then critiques her and that's where the fight begins. Sure, Abby doesn't live up to the teaching rule, give two compliments for every one critique, but the fact she threw out a compliment at all is amazing.

When things get heated we can always count on Jill to step in. Except, Jill didn't even do anything wrong this time. She was simply going to capture Cathy’s fit on video when Cathy snatches Jill's phone right out of her hand and runs. Security has to step in and stop Jill from chasing after Cathy. I would have loved to see what Jill would have done if no one was there to stop her. Word of advice: Don't ever steal a dance moms phone!

5 Tami Throwdown

In season 4 Abby decides to bring in a new junior elite team at the ALDC to compete against her already beloved ALDC team. Double the moms and you're going to double the drama. These new moms throw down and make our original dance moms look meek. The fight starts out very typical. New mom, Christy, wants all the other moms to “GO HOME!”

It's when Christy throws something across the table that gets redhead Tami fired up in a way we've never seen on Dance Moms. She nearly rips out the weave of one mom in order to get to Christy. Christy pushes her throats as a defense move, and then a big guy comes out of nowhere to get in between them. Shirts are flying off, pictures are falling off the wall, and Tami is literally jumping over this guys back to throw a few more punches in at Christy. The studio turned into a madhouse.

4 Kathy Hits Abby

Cathy has a bad habit of coming into the ALDC dressing room before and after competitions. Every time she walks into the room she has already premeditated the drama that she's about to stir up. Cathy starts yelling and getting closer and closer to Abby. Abby never gets out of her chair, but Abby says, “Let’s see if she melts.”

As Abby is commenting on Cathy’s witch like behavior, she also tosses some water out of her water bottle in the air towards Cathy. Abby immediately apologizes and states that she had no intention of actually hitting Cathy with the water. Cathy, with her sarcastic and snippy personality, purposely swings her purse and hits Abby in the back. All while claiming she didn't mean to. Cathy starts to storm out of the room thinking she won.

Jill always has Abby's back. She wasn't going to let Cathy leave like that. Jill grabs an entire water bottle and throws it on Cathy's head. Cathy comes at Jill with the purse then throws water at her. There's water flying everywhere and this is definitely one of the most crazy moments we've seen on Dance Moms. In fact, this video clip is blocked on almost every outlet that had originally posted it. Luckily, we were able to find a shorten version that's still out there.

3 Fight In New Orleans

Bad things are bound to happen when you spend the day drinking in New Orleans. Especially when you're with a group of dance moms that have no trouble getting into it without alcohol involved. According to WebMd, people are more likely to get into an argument or physical fight when alcohol is involved.

We know this was a typical drunk fight because it's not even clear why they are fighting. We know Christi doesn't like Leslie and she doesn't want her on the team (per usual). Leslie tells someone to get Christi. Christi says she will stand there because she's a "real dance mom." We're not sure what Christ meant by that, but we think she was just waiting for any opportunity to fight with Leslie.

Leslie tells Christi she had too much to drink and that's when Christi flips the drink right out of Leslie's hand. Christi was just as surprised as we were when Leslie attacked her. This fight got both of their daughters suspended from the team.

2 Abby VS Kelly

With the long Abby vs Kelly history both on and off screen, it was only a matter of time before one of them crossed the line. In this case, it's safe to say they both crossed the line, and they both paid a high price because of it. Abby was simply being Abby when she started picking on Brooke for being unhappy. Abby threaten to put Kalani in her place and that's when Kelly stepped in. Kelly was ready to walk out the door when the other moms pleaded for her to stay. Kelly probably wishes she would have left because what happened next had all the Dance Moms fans clenching their fists and gritting their teeth.

Abby comes at Kelly chomping her teeth. She was pretending, but she was most definitely in Kelly's personal space. When Abby forces Kelly to move backwards, Kelly slaps her in the face, and violently grabs her by the hair. Of course Holly is the first one to think about the kids and clear them out of the room. The rest of the dance moms were the same as the viewers - jaws dropped and paralyzed.

1 Kendall Screams At Ashlee

In season 6 we can finally see the affect these moms have on their children. The girls are growing up in an environment where it is normal to scream, curse, and belittle another person. Some of the girls have even witnessed their own mothers in a physical altercation. This isn't just reality television for these young girls. This is reality.

Kendall is the first dancer we have seen burst out in an angry rage against another mother. We are happy that she has found her own voice, but it is sad that she has found it because of adults who tear her down. Ashlee was totally wrong to say Brynn is better than Kendall in front of Kendall. There will always be someone better, but a kid doesn't need to hear that. Kendall has been hearing other moms talk about her for years, and we can finally see the affect it has on her in this video.

Source: Youtube, WebMd

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