14Melissa VS Christi

In season 1, episode 4 we see one of the first of many Maddie vs Chloe battles. It's not so much Maddie vs Chloe as it is Melissa vs Christi. We have to give Christi credit for at least trying to resolve her Abby issues in the hallway, but when

Abby wouldn’t hear her out things got crazy. The worst part is that the fight happened in front of the kids.

Christi wants to talk about Maddie. She feels like Maddie gets special treatment and that she was set up to win. No one wants to talk about it and that makes Christi fly off the handle. She makes Maddie cry and then we see Melissa's signature move of walking away.

Abby is right about the fact that it is wrong when Christi talks badly about Abby in front of Chloe. Parents and teachers need to be on the same page. Weather it is a school teacher or dance teacher. It's not fair to make a child chose between a parent and a teacher. The best way we can help our children succeed is to work with the people who are teaching them.

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