13Topless Abby

Abby rejects a hug from Jojo, Kalani and Nia while she hugs her favorites with a smile. Kira won't sit back and take it when she thinks Abby is picking in her kid. She's on the verge of tears when anger takes over and causes her to chase Abby in

the hallway and flip out in front of a lot of people. By season 5 we are used to the screaming fights and threats to leave. It's what Abby admits to that is so shocking to fans.

Abby admits that she wants Kalani to stay with her instead of her mother. We know that Abby cares deeply for certain students, but it's crazy that she actually wants to take Kalani away from her mother. Abby thinks Kira is a bad mom for being with a man that she's not married to, and has no problem saying it in front of Kalani.

This is Abby contradicting herself when she told Christi not to talk about her in front of Chloe. The parent should not talk badly about the teacher, and the teacher should definitely not talk badly about the parent in front of the kids.

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