15Day 1 - Abby Calls The Police

The first time we see Abby Lee Miller in season 1, episode 1 of Dance Moms we can see her greeting her students with a smile as they walk through the door. Abby immediately goes on to tell viewers all her credentials and explains that her goal is to produce

employable dancers. After the first few dance clips shown, viewers were immediately hooked on the show that would become the biggest spotlight in the competitive dance world.

It only takes two minutes and fifteen seconds for us to hear Abby say, “Suck it up I don't want to see those tears.”

So, we immediately expect a tough teacher and dramatic mothers trying to protect their kids. But, what we didn't expect was to see Abby call the police on a mother in the very first episode. Talk about coming in with sirens. Watch this clip as one mom gets fired up and refuses to back down to Abby. Don't worry, “She doesn’t have any weapons JUST HER MOUTH!”

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