15 Crazy Reasons Women Are Addicted To Pregnancy

Pregnancy. We’ve all heard about the many aches and pains in the business of making people.

Famed writer Nora Ephron once wrote, “If pregnancy were a book, they would cut the last two chapters.” Let’s be honest. For many women, pregnancy is no walk in the park.

Despite what can be a challenging nine months there are those women who lavish at the thought of being pregnant. There are women who are called ‘bumpaholics’ because they’re seemingly addicted to pregnancy.

While so many can’t wait for their pregnancy to end, others can’t wait to get pregnant again. They may have just given birth to twins. Yet they’re already thinking about adding a new addition to their clan.

I decided to dig deep into the minds of bumpaholics. I wanted to explore why some women may find themselves addicted to pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief these women do exist.

Could you be a bumpaholic? Do you find yourself obsessing over baby bumps and taking detours through the maternity aisle? Does the idea of morning sickness seem like no sweat off your back?

Or are you a woman that can’t bare the thought of pregnancy after pregnancy. Are you struggling to manage taking care of just one child? Do you shudder at the thought of having three children under the age of three?

Let’s talk a walk on the wild side into the world of pregnancy addiction.

15 To Keep A Man

Unfortunately many women use pregnancy as a way to keep their partner hanging around. This is an extreme measure that reeks of insecurity, desperation and sometimes even manipulation.

If a relationship is going sour, some women may feel that their partner is considering leaving them. They think that having the man’s child will somehow make him stick around.

What often ends up happening is the other party feels resentful. A man may also takes advantage of the woman’s insecurities.

Or even worse - he may leave her high and dry. Just check a few episodes of Maury Povich if you need some convincing. Having a child with someone doesn’t mean they’ll remain committed to you.

In an unhealthy relationship adding a child to the mix could mean adding fuel to the fire.

No one should be tricked or dragged into being in a relationship. A healthy partnership entails both parties willingly wanting to be present with or without a child involved.

14 Filling A Void

Healthy reasons to get pregnant again can include wanting to replace a deceased child or suffering a miscarriage.

However there are some women who repeatedly get pregnant to fill a void in their life. These voids can be psychological or physical.

Some women feel lonely and think having another child will bring them company. Other women believe having a child will give them a stronger sense of purpose in life.

Therapists say a woman having a child can never completely fill a void in her life. They say giving birth may provide a temporary boost in how a woman feels. However, the high will eventually wear off.

The feelings that they were originally trying to fill by getting pregnant will most likely return.

It’s important to have psychologically sound reasons for wanting to get pregnant again. If you’re not sure of your intentions, get in touch with a therapist. You don’t want to bring a child into the world on shaky emotional territory.

13 To Make Money

Babymaking is big business. And I don’t just mean in terms of buying baby clothes and furniture.

It’s also a viable career option for some people.

There are documented cases of women who get pregnant over and over. They choose this lifestyle not to increase their own family. They are opting to act as surrogates for couples who are unable to conceive. Sometimes surrogates have no desire to become parents themselves.

This career actually pays pretty decent money in many parts of the world. According to the Conceive Abilities surrogacy agency, American surrogates can get paid from $39,000 to $52,000 or more.

That’s a year’s salary for many people! And for good reason. Bringing a child into the world for someone else is a huge selfless commitment that not many could do.

While it may seem crazy to some, this is a practical decision for a woman looking for a lucrative income scheme.

12 To Help Others

If you’ve ever felt like you were losing hope in humanity this just might restore your faith.

Remember when we mentioned surrogates?

There are actually some women out there who are repeatedly being surrogates for free.

That’s right. They are committing selfless acts for other couples with no expectation of pay.

Don’t believe me?

One selfless woman in the UK named Tara admitted that she is addicted to pregnancy so much that she’s acted as a surrogate for three different couples over a two year period. She said shortly after her own twin boys were born she couldn’t wait to get pregnant again.

Tara explained that she is the most happy when she’s expecting.

“Surrogacy is very addictive,” she revealed.

“It’s a huge rush from the moment the test comes back positive.

“It’s an amazing feeling to hand over a child to someone who desperately wants it, and I feel at my best whilst pregnant.”

Again - she does this all for free!

11 They’re Afraid Of What Comes Next

Some women are addicted to getting pregnant because they love the period of infancy. They don't feel ready to leave that beautiful time period behind.

Think about it.

How often are new parents told to cherish the months of infancy and toddlerhood because it all flies by? People warn them that despite the sleepless nights there will be a day that they’ll miss it all.

So in some women’s minds the solution to this is to keep getting pregnant. These women savor everything about the initial postpartum period. The smell of a young baby. Their innocence and dependency.

For many women a child growing up is bittersweet to watch. It feels hard to accept that their current baby may be the last. As they watch their children become more and more independent pangs of sadness tear at their heart.

In a Babble interview one mother blogged about these very feelings saying,

“I’m afraid of a life without the sweet breath of my babies.

“I’m afraid of a life without the sweet innocence that I see reflected back in my daughter’s big blue eyes.

“I’m afraid of a life spent without the delicious weight of a baby in my arms and a pair of chubby thighs to munch on. I’m afraid, simply, to move on.”

10 Religious And Cultural Values

Some women might seemingly be addicted to pregnancy while it’s really just a result of their religious values.

There are cultures and traditions which have rules against birth control. These cultures feel that contraception is wrong and a form of abortion. Some religions believe that a family should allow their higher power to guide how many children they have.

One example of a family with this ideology is the Duggers from TLC’s, "19 Kids and Counting". Michelle Dugger, one of the show’s co-stars, has given birth to 19 children.

The Quiverfall movement is one society against birth control. According to the BBC, The movement was founded in response to feminist movements as well as to American Christianity which also promotes birth control.

Women who align themselves with movements such as Quiverfall may find themselves welcoming pregnancy after pregnancy.

9 It’s A Social Buffer

The elderly woman in the supermarket. The man you’re waiting for the bus with.

No matter where you are being pregnant seems to be the perfect conversation starter.

Some women crave the social buffer that pregnancy provides.

As mentioned earlier, a conversation will almost always somehow become centered on a visibly expecting woman’s pregnancy.

Women who are introverts may also find it easier to navigate through what are typically uncomfortable social interactions. At the sight of your baby bump, many people love to inquire about all things pregnancy related.

From there the conversation can go to their own memories of pregnancy. It might move into parenting, children, marriage, you name it. You’d be surprised how many networking opportunities being pregnant provides.

Remember, these conversations are only temporary fixes. Once baby arrives the conversation topics in your social environment will be back to normal. You’ll have to go back to making an equal amount of effort to chat it up with someone.

8  It’s A Time Filler

Life can be challenging for all of us. It’s filled with uncertainties and confusing periods of time.

Pregnancy has a way of slowing things down. It can force you to shift focus from yourself to your impending new arrival.

For these reasons some women will use pregnancy as a time filler. Maybe a woman doesn’t feel like job hunting. She may instead opt to remain unemployed by getting pregnant again.

The trouble with getting pregnant for this reason is that eventually your children will grow up. They’ll become old enough to be enrolled in childcare or school. And you’ll be back at square one - with nothing to fill your time.

Many stay at home parents will tell you that you taking care of children all day is not exactly fulfilling.

It’s important to discern the difference between choosing to be a stay at home parent and getting pregnant as your job in life.

7 Being The Center of Attention

Endless foot rubs from your partner. Smiles and tummy rubs from complete strangers. People giving up their seat for you on the bus.

Everyone loves a glowing expectant woman.

Pregnant women are fawned over and doted on. All over the world they receive lots of love. It seems their bundle of joy comes with a special set of privileges.

Many women admit to drinking up all the attention that their bump draws in.

Once their baby arrives all the attention shifts to baby. Some women find they miss all of the personal attention so much that they can’t wait to be pregnant again.

And so they quickly dive back into another pregnancy, seeking that affection and attention that they once received.

While exciting, this cycle of getting pregnant for the sake of being fawned over won’t last forever. It’s a nine month period that won’t sustain the void that an addicted woman is trying to fill.

6 Bump Obsession

Are you the kind of woman who obsessively fawns over her own her bump? Do you also enjoy others doing the same?

Some women are obsessed with having a protruding pregnant belly. They love the round shape their body takes on and how it appears in their clothing. They can’t resist the urge to constantly rub their belly.

Sounds like you're average pregnant women, right?

Well the catch is that some women will get pregnant again and again just to experience having another bump. Some doctors even refer to this pattern as a high.

For women like this, giving birth often leads to feelings of depression. Being bumpless makes them feel ordinary. They quickly begin to consider getting pregnant again.

It’s perfectly normal for a women to fall in love with her growing belly. However there is a fine line between loving your belly and your confidence being based off it.

If you find yourself valuing your self-worth on your pregnant stomach, you may want to consider talking to a therapist.

5 The Love Hormone

Have you ever thought of mother nature being a reason for a woman being addicted to pregnancy?

There’s actually a science behind those related motherhood related feelings.

Oxytocin is a hormone that both men and women’s bodies produce. It’s also called a love drug or cuddle hormone. It’s even present in social interactions such as when two friends  are out to dinner together.

During conception, oxytocin can influence bonding between partners.

However it has very particular effects on women during intercourse, breastfeeding and childbirth.

This powerful hormone is also present during pregnancy. When Oxytocin is at play it can nudge a woman into feeling like she wants to have more children.

So if you’ve just ended a love-making session and can’t shake that subtle maternal feeling, remember oxytocin could be pulling your strings. Make sure that you truly want to have another child and that it’s not just the love hormone at work.

4 Too Much TV

Have you noticed the growing fascination with large families on reality TV nowadays? There are so many popular shows chronicling families who gave birth to multiples. Others shows like "19 Kids And Counting" follow the lives of larger than average modern day families.

The effect of television on our lives has been documented. Studies have shown that what we watch influences our behaviour.

So an addiction to pregnancy can evolve in women who develop personal attachments to the large families they see on TV. What they watch may encourage them to have large families or to try for pregnancy with multiples.

Remember all of the media buzz surrounding the Octomom, Nadya Suleman? The mother of six who elected to have vitro fertilization, resulting in eight additional babies?

Her situation was quite the head turner. Who knows what influence her large family had on women following her story.

3 Celebrity Culture

Let’s face it. We are a celebrity obsessed culture.

We follow what our favorite celebs are wearing. We try to copy their latest hair styles. We want to stay where they’re vacationing.

Many people vicariously live their lives through celebrities.

Stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce seem to have the most buzz surrounding their pregnancies.

Paparazzi stalk these women with the hopes of catching a photo of their bumps. Tabloid magazines dedicate full spreads to every maternity outfit they don.

The celebrity in turn releases gorgeous pregnancy photo shoots and we ooh and ahh over how beautiful they look.

Is it any wonder that when these mega celebs become pregnant they influence some women to want to have another baby too?

However the celebrity baby bump craze can also have some negative effects. Many women end up comparing their bodies to their favorite expecting celebs.

It’s a good idea to leave the comparisons at the door.

Celebrities are a very small segment of the population. Their pregnancy journeys don’t represent reality for most people.

2 You Have Easy Pregnancies And Deliveries

I was amazed when a friend of mine expecting twins had little to no pregnancy nausea and vomiting. She was exercising, working and moving through life without skipping a beat.

I was also expecting at the same time. However, I was only pregnant with one child.

While she was seemingly breezing through pregnancy, my first trimester was killing me. I was nauseous and vomiting non-stop around the clock.

While I was going through this I couldn’t help but think about how I would never go through another pregnancy. Why subject myself to this torture again?

Meanwhile my fellow preggo friend was speculating about how many kids she might have again in the future. The thought!

Easy pregnancies can cause a women to want to get pregnant again. If you find pregnancy to be a piece of cake then you may be willing to get pregnant again right away!

1 Being Able To Indulge In Food

Are you a foodie?

Then pregnancy may be the chance for you to unabashedly live out your heart’s desire.

When you’re not expecting you try to be responsible about what you eat. You may count calories, cut back on sweets and hit the gym regularly. Eating without constraint is something that is frowned upon.

When you're expecting the tables are turned and you’re admitted into a complete judgement free zone.

At dinner tables you’re practically encouraged to eat whatever you want. Having a serving or two is smiled at. It means both mother and baby are eating well.

When I was pregnant I was eating any and everything. Come to think of it, this is something I look forward to next time around.

The truth is even during pregnancy it’s important to be health conscious. What kinds and how much you food indulge upon still matters.

Issues like gestational diabetes, a larger than average baby and high blood pressure can plague your pregnancy if you’re not careful.

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