15 Crazy Reasons Women Wished They Were Pregnant Forever

There are women out there that enjoy pregnancy, like a lot. Sensing the doubt here? For real though. As sure as there are unicorns out there, this is a truth. Wait a second. Ok, that last part was for humor. But there are women that wish they could stay pregnant forever. Those women have what we will call "interesting" reasons.

It's all about perspective when it comes to these things. There are definitely items on the list that sound more like a lifetime of torture to some versus something a woman would wish to experience forever. Also, depending on hormone fluctuations there might be a change between the two from day to day. Hmmm...wonder if hormone swings are on the list?

This article will explore those reasons in order to get a window into the world of the happy pregnant lady. Maybe these reasons can help boost some of the preggo ladies out there whose spirits have fallen while they work through the last few weeks of their sentence. Maybe they will convince some women to take the plunge and start trying for that baby. Maybe they will serve as an entertainment source for some of the women out there who have finished their baby having years.

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15 Never Alone

This may seem crazy, but you aren't ever truly alone while you are pregnant. At first it starts as just an idea of that tiny baby in your body. Your actions change and revolve around what would be good for this little one sharing your space. Eventually it becomes apparent as your bump grows what the changes were all about. There is a baby in that tummy! You are not alone. You may enjoy spending long stretches on the couch watching your belly jostle and move with the knowledge that the two of you are linked forever. You may tackle a presentation for your company only to find that the baby begins to move in mid presentation. Yet another reminder that you are not alone. This constant movement can serve as reassurance throughout the day that you have backup those situations. This feeling can definitely lead a lady to want to be pregnant forever.

14 Pretty Cleavage

If you have found yourself lacking in the past when it comes to boobage, this whole pregnancy racket might be just what you have been looking for. Not only that, you will be able to relate to this reason that women want to be pregnant forever.

Forget the chicken cutlets, water bras, and push up bras. Your body is going to take care of this problem for you during pregnancy. Your breast start to prepare for their role in feeding the baby and the bonus of that is increased fullness. That is definitely a plus that many women have a hard time letting go after pregnancy. Who in their right mind wants to lose that beautiful cleavage that has been filling out their tops? There is no doubt that the fullness that comes with pregnancy is going to be something that women want to keep forever. The cup runneth over and we want that runneth to continue. Thus, the wish for staying pregnant forever.

13 Smiles From Randoms

Let's be honest, in our daily lives we don't get a lot of positive feedback from strangers these days. There is one exception. Ready to hear it? It's pregnancy. In pregnancy you receive many smiles and nice comments throughout your day. You have connections with people nearly everywhere you go as they politely inquire about how your feeling or how your day is going. That kind of niceness is no doubt hard to give up and go back to civilian life. If you have been on the receiving end of this phenomenon you may agree that it's a pretty sweet bonus to pregnancy. These ladies that are wanting to ride the pregnancy wave for life might be feeding off the random smiles and kind questions. They may find that they don't get a lot of that kind of attention in their normal lives and in addition it's a good opening for conversations. It's a nice social crutch.

12 Vivid Dreams

There are some funky dreams that come along with the pregnancy territory. For the people that these dreams affect, they can become quite intense. The dreams seem to span the whole spectrum. Some people report dreams about the gender of their babies. Some women report dreams of a sexual nature (ohh-la-la). Some women have dreams of deceased loved ones that bring them comfort during times when they have concerns about the pregnancy. With all this, it can become a treat to go to sleep at night. Drifting off while wondering what is going to happen during dreams in that night time wonderland. If you got to have a live action adventure every night where you star, wouldn't you want to hold on to that for a long time. Me too. That is why this one made the list for the crazy reasons that women want to pregnant forever.

11 Reset Bad Habits

Pregnancy can become a good time to reset bad habits. If you have found yourself too tempted by drinking or smoking lately, pregnancy is a time to get that under control. You are likely more focused on doing things that will make your body healthy to care for the baby inside. With the new good habits, you may find that you feel a lot better. That good feeling can definitely become something that is addictive. Finding yourself not foggy from hangovers or being able to smell better now that you are no longer inhaling smoke. This new way of life with clean eating and clean living may be one reason a woman wishes to be pregnant forever. Now, can these changes be made when you aren't pregnant? Of course they can. However we can all attest that when your baby is depending on you there is some extra incentive that keeps things in line.

10 Built In Plate Holder

That baby bump is a fantastic plate holder. It's also a great catcher of peanut shells. It can also double as a bowl holder or a drink holder. There are no limits for this baby bump that you have. My favorite is an ice cream bowl holder.

Of course it goes a little bit beyond that. There is a feeling when you are pregnant that your belly denotes more beauty. There is no shame in eating and there is no shame in going up sizes and as you nourish and grow that baby. That is something that many women find to be an amazing perk for the pregnancy. They wish they could carry that through to the rest of their lives. Being proud of their body, their extra pounds, or their differences. That is a legit reason to want to be pregnant forever.

9 Bumpaholic

Bumpaholic is another way to say that a woman is addicted to pregnancy. I borrowed that awesome term from Women's Health magazine. In addition to the social aspects of pregnancy that present themselves a woman can become addicted to the physicality that happens in pregnancy. This is the result of the hormones that come with pregnancy. Oxytocin in particular is responsible for a lot of the good feelings that happens in pregnancy. This hormone is released during cuddling, after sex and later on during breast feeding. This hormone ensures that a mother bonds with her baby and that there is a positive feeling when the baby is near. That feeling of love and well being guarantees that the mother wants to keep the baby safe for her life. This is a huge reason that women feel like they want to continue to be pregnant for eternity.

8 Clear Purpose

From the second you find out that you are pregnant there is a clear purpose for your life. You know that the reason you are here is that you have to keep this baby safe and care for it the rest of your life. In such an uncertain world there is so much comfort in having this piece of your life clearly mapped out. There is no doubt that this is a perk to pregnancy. There is relief in knowing that you have to maintain health in order to keep a baby safe. It gives a woman the space to take some extra time to "spoil" herself in order to spoil the baby within. This is one of things that is very tempting in pregnancy. You need to be able to take good care of yourself for the health of the baby. This alleviates the guilt that women feel when they try to take care of themselves with no "reason."

7 Avoiding Decisions

Pregnancy is an amazing excuse to avoid making big decisions. Time to figure out what career path to take? Time to reevaluate your marriage or relationship? Trying to decide on that vacation? These are all things that can be put off for a little bit while the baby comes. You can likely even get away with serious conversations about these things during the pregnancy if you play your cards right. I mean obviously you are too exhausted to give an update to your husband about what you are going to want to do for a career. You can't possibly think through all of that right now with the morning sickness. Maybe after he rubs your feet you can get some clarity. There is something addicting about suspending your life from making decisions. That is something that pregnancy can give you time for. Pregnant women that need a minute to think, and than like another minute... they could really want to make that stretch forever.

6 Attention From The Masses

The attention that you get from being pregnant can be something that women love and some even find it enchanting. That was hinted at when we discussed the strangers' smiles. This attention is extended to baby showers that are given, special considerations that are given at work, and even the new fangled gender reveal parties that shine more attention on to the mom to be. If you are a particularly outgoing persona that enjoys all eyes on you, it's easy to see how being pregnant forever could seem like the way to get the spot light. That seems crazy to some of the introvert people of this world. There is no doubt that increased attention is not for everyone. However to the people that can handle it and thrive from it, this for sure is one of the main things that a woman could take on for a lifetime if given the choice.

5 Closeness With Spouse

There is a special connection that blossoms in a relationship after pregnancy occurs. Watching the father begin to take on a protective role or a nurturing role. Who wouldn't want to see more of that mojo from your spouse forever? This closeness does a heart good. It's a beautiful time in life and it becomes apparent from the way that you look at each other that things are changing in an exciting way. Life is being created and a family is adding a branch to the tree. This closeness is obviously something that would want to be attained again and again. It's seeing your significant other in a new light and it creates a mutual admiration that may have been missing in the relationship. It is no wonder that women want to regain that closeness or keep it going by being pregnant forever (if possible.)

4 Increased Sexy Time

There are women that have increased sex drive during pregnancy. They have sexy time on the brain all day long. This can be a nice up swing from where they were previous to pregnancy. The marital bed no longer seems like a chore and starts to feel like honey moon central again. Also with the increased cup sizes and feeling sexy that were mentioned in the items prior-this is prime getting it on time. Yep, keeping that feeling forever is likely something that women consider when they wish they could be pregnant forever. The husbands are likely rather supportive of this particular side effect of pregnancy. Also let's be honest once that baby comes there is going to be much less time to get this business going, so even from just a practical standpoint it makes sense. If you stayed pregnant forever there wouldn't be a baby crying to interrupt the whole shebang.

3 Confidence

This was touched on in some of the other items on the list, but during pregnancy a lot of moms find their voices. They know that in a few short months they will need to start advocating for someone else and that empowers them to speak up a little more. This ability to speak up for their baby is something that gives them great confidence. Physically there is also likely going to be some confidence building up. As people comment on how great you look and how healthy, that will most definitely make you a little more at peace with yourself. The smiles and questions are a clear sign that someone cares. Having to field these questions and talk to people is practice in building up confidence in yourself in new positions. If only we all could carry that confidence in ourselves forever without the pregnancy.

2 Acceptance to Mom Sorority

There are a lot of activities for moms in the world nowadays. There are baby classes, there are pregnancy yoga classes, there are group doctor appointments, and obviously the baby birthing classes. When you are pregnant and get to attend these meetings of women in like situations it's a very comforting feeling. Ever since school ended you may have found it a little bit harder to make friends in the real world. These classes are a nice outlet to meet people that are in the same situations and make friends with them. Conversations come easy while you discuss your thoughts on breast feeding, circumcision, and bed sharing. There is an easy feel as you make your way into the mom sorority and feel the comfort that brings. This is a huge perk to pregnancy that it is hard to let go of at the end of pregnancy. There are few times that making friends will be as easy as these times.

1 No Period

Well, duh. Nobody misses that cursed lady every month while they are pregnant. That could be the single best thing that a woman would be over the moon to avoid having to deal with on a monthly basis. You likely will not have the horrible side effects either of cramping and bloating every month. This is all coming up Aces as far as that's concerned. A woman could very well start fantasizing about the money she could save on tampons and pads if she remained pregnant for the rest of her life. Could you afford a vacation? A new car? The mind races with all the possibilities that are out there. You can wear white pants all the time and not even worry about it. Both because you don't have kids yet, and because you don't have to worry about bleeding on them. Amazing. It could be absolutely amazing.

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