15 Parents Who Made Up Crazy Baby Names

There tend to be two different approaches to baby-naming soon-to-be parents will take. They may want a classic and traditional moniker for their little one. Or, they could want something unique and memorable that will make their child standout. The type of approach your parents took is how you ended up with your name.

The women in this article share the ways they came up with unique names for their children. Some of the names spontaneously popped into the mom-to-be’s head, while other times the mom intentionally created a combination of multiple names. Either way, the creative names featured are both unique and memorable. There’s definitely going to be no one on the playground with the same name as these kids. Some of the parents complain about having names that were too common, and often having kids in their class with the same moniker. Perhaps these creative parents wanted to spare their kids the same future of being common.

Maybe you may think these names are ridiculous sounding and perhaps not even appropriate. Or, perhaps you applaud the creativity of the parents. While you may not want to have to create an original name for your own child, you can appreciate the boldness it took to do so. Original names aren’t the route to baby-naming for everyone. But for some parents it can be a way to express sentimental meanings in their child’s name. Whether you choose an original or classic name for your child, it should always mean something special.

15 Posie

Kayla* was attracted to floral names that are inspired by nature. But the real inspiration behind her daughter’s unique moniker came from an old childhood song.

“I’ve always loved floral sounding names, so I knew I would pick something nature-inspired when I was expecting my little girl. At first, I was considering names like Willow or Rose. But nothing stuck with me. They all seemed too simple and plain. One day, I was babysitting my nieces and they were singing “Ring Around the Rosy”, and I got the word 'posy' stuck in my head.

That night I asked my husband what he thought of the name Posie (I like spelling it with an ‘ie’ and not a ‘y’). He said he thought it sounded cute, and he liked it because it was close to Rosie and that was his first choice. Next thing you know we named our baby Posie, and I have loved the name ever since.”

14 Mercury

Many parents name their children after public figures they admire, like influential world leaders or famous entertainers. Myriam’s* brother and sister-in-law took their love of music literally when they named their kids after several great musical legends.

“My brother has a son named Mercury. He and his wife are huge fans of old school rock n’ roll, especially Queen. So it was a no-brainer for them that they wanted to name their kids after rock legends. But they could have named my nephew Freddie instead of Mercury- he would probably be teased a lot less if he had a more traditional name. Their other kids are named Kurt and Bowie.”

Would you name your son or daughter after your favourite musician? You would have to be a huge fan of someone’s music to want to name your child after them. But this does make for some especially edgy and enviable monikers.

13 Jez

Natalie* tells us how her friend chose a short yet unique name for her infant daughter. Though Natalie and her other friends tried to suggest other names, her friend knew this was the perfect baby-name choice.

“A friend of mine named her daughter Jez. We all told her to name her baby something more traditional, like Jessica or Jasmine. But she was really set on that 3-letter name. She said it had the same tomboy-ish feel like the name Jess does, but ending it in a ‘z’ adds something different. She’s all about forward-thinking and unique, meaningful names with kids, so we weren’t all the surprised by her choice. But it’s not something I would name my own daughter.”

Short names like this 3-letter one can be adorable, but they can also be intimidating. If the name is also something less than traditional, it would be a very daring choice for a baby name.

12 Sovial

A spelling error and a good sense of humour is what led Josephine* to come up with her daughter’s unique name.

“The way I came up with my daughter’s name is actually a really funny story. My daughter’s name is Sovial. One day I was texting something about the Soviet Union to a friend of mine. But I accidentally spelt ‘Soviet’ as ‘Sovial’. I didn’t realize my mistake until my friend asked what in the world I meant.

I don’t know why, but the mistaken word stayed with me. I thought about all the ways you could shorten it: you could say ‘Sov’ or ‘Sovi’. It started to sound like a play on the name Sophie, if you think about it.

I ended up getting pregnant a few years later, and I still was thinking about the name. I thought about it until the day my daughter was born, so I just knew that it had to be her name. People always think the way I named her is pretty weird. But I think it gives her an interesting story for small talk.”

11 Axyl

Most parents want to give their kids a name that’s easy to spell (and pronounce). But Carmen* thinks that names spelt a tiny bit differently hold a lot of power. That’s why she gave a common name a bit of a makeover when it came to naming her son.

“I think traditional names are too boring! That’s why I have made sure to give my kids names that standout and can be remembered easily. The most outrageous name I’ve given one of my kids is Axyl. It’s actually a pretty normal name, except it’s usually spelled like Axel. But people always get confused when looking at his name because it’s so different. They don’t know how to spell it. But I think it makes things a bit different.”

Carmen is right that a name like Axyl is definitely memorable and will get people talking. Hopefully her son feels the same way about his adorable namesake.

10 Lavinica

Jane* felt that she had too boring of a name while growing up. So she wanted to give her own daughter a name that would make her standout in the crowd. And we’d say she definitely achieved that with the original moniker she eventually came up with.

“I was always angry that my parents gave me a simple name. There were always at least a couple kids with my name in class while I was growing up. I wanted to give my own kids names that would standout and that wouldn’t make them easily confused with other people.

I named my eldest daughter Lavinica. I know that I made the name up, but I don’t really know how. I love long, feminine names that start with ‘L’, so I think it’s a combination of a few of those, and also the name Veronica. I think making your child’s name original shows a lot of creativity and should be a point of pride.”

9 Valor

Darla* wanted a name that would honour her husband and his heroism. That’s why she chose this unique name for her young son.

“My husband died in Iraq before our first child was born. So I wanted to name our son something that honoured my husband. It was no secret that my husband hated his first name and he didn’t have a middle name, so that wasn't an option. Because he was a war hero I wanted to name our child something courageous and heroic sounding.

I thought about words like “Honor” and “Valiant”. But none of them seemed to be perfect for a name. One day it just hit me: the name ‘Valor’. It sounds like a mix of all the names I’d been considering. It rolled off the tongue smoothly, and sounded like the name of a hero. I know my husband would be proud.”

8 Blaison

Some parents have difficulty choosing between two baby names that they equally love. Rachel* had that very problem, and decided to combine the two names to make a completely new one.

“I had a really hard time choosing between names when deciding what to call my baby boy. I really liked the name Blaise, but was also seriously considering Dawson. I was undecided days before my delivery date. My sister eventually asked me why I didn’t try combining the names. I thought about it, and came up with ‘Blaison.’ My little boy is three now and I couldn’t imagine naming him anything other than that.”

Most parents wouldn’t think to do what Rachel did. Mixing and combining names can uncover options you didn’t know existed, and names that are perfectly unique for your little one. If you’re ever stuck between two names, now you know what to do.

7 Royo

Robin* worked with a woman who had come up with an especially unique name for her son. The reason she gives for the special moniker is even more interesting, making us wish we had the opportunity to question her about her choice of baby name.

“I used to work with a woman who had a son name Royo. I remember it because I always confused it with ‘Rollo’, like the chocolate candy bar. The woman was of European descent, so I don’t believe it was an ethnic name. She simply came up with it.

I asker her about it once and she said the name came to her in a dream while she was travelling in South East Asia. She said this happened 15 years before her son was born. I almost thought she was fooling around with me. But she insisted that was the truth. She was a very interesting woman.”

6 Kent

A lot of former students are happy to leave College behind them once they get their degree. But Daisy* had a particularly good time at her University, so she thought she would name her son after it to remember all the good times she had.

“I went to Kent State University for my undergraduate and post-graduate education. I guess you can call me a bit attached to my alma mater. I wanted to honour my school, so I named my son Kent. We call him Ken for short. It’s not the most typical name for a baby boy, but I think it works and I like knowing what it stands for.”

Would you name a baby Harvard? Stanford? While not everyone will think a University-inspired moniker is the best baby name choice, Daisy* is making us rethink this wannabe trend.

5 Avlin

Kristine wanted her daughter’s name to be a reflection of both her and her partner’s mothers’ names. Finding the perfect combination proved more difficult than she expected. But what they came up with was pure perfection.

“Names are so special. They say a lot about the person (and about the person who named them). I wanted to name my daughter after both me and my partner’s mothers’. My mom is called Ava, while her mother is name Danilyn, which aren’t the most compatible names. But my partner and I came up with the perfect mixed name for our little girl: Avlin. It sounds different enough that you wouldn’t know we named her after anyone. But the sentimental meaning is so important. We’re so glad both Grandmothers were able to meet baby Avlin before they pass.”

This is proof that you can name your child after any two people, and their name will still be all sorts of adorable.

4 Deisa

Lillian* was struggling to find the perfect name for her little one, and that’s when the right name came to her in an epiphany. While she admits the name may not be everyone’s taste, Lillian can’t imagine giving her child any other name.

“I don’t really know why I chose the name I did for my daughter, but it’s the most beautiful name I have ever heard. I was leaning towards names like Deidre and Desseray, but nothing sounded quite right.

I was reading a baby name book and saying the names as I went. I mispronounced a name, and accidentally read is as Deisa (pronounced Day-sah). I just knew that was the name from then on out. Explaining Deisa’s different names to family members and friends isn’t the easiest. But so far everyone thinks the name sounds gorgeous.”

3 ViVi

Veronica loved her nickname as a child so much that she decided to name her daughter after it. Whether you love or hate Veronica’s choice of baby name, you have to admit that it sounds adorable.

“My name is Veronica, and I wanted my daughter to have a name that sounded similar to mine. As a kid, everyone used to call me ViVi. I just thought that would be the absolute cutest name for a little kid. When I had my first daughter, I was set on that being her name and no one could convince me otherwise. If I have another girl, I’m tempted to call her Gigi to keep the theme alive. My boyfriend would probably never let me, though.”

Using nicknames as baby-naming inspiration is actually a great idea. Maybe your childhood moniker will be the future name of your firstborn.

2 Feldman

Alicia* admits she has never been fond of first names. And that’s why she chose a traditional last name for the first name of her son.

“For some reason I’ve never really liked first names. I think names like John or Adam are so plain. But, then again, I don’t like names that are too outrageous like Coco or Bunny. I’ve actually been attracted to last names as first names. I ended up naming my son Feldman. I got the name from that old ‘90s heartthrob, Corey Feldman. I liked his acting when I was young. But I’m no huge fan. I just like the name. I was also debating about the names Cooper and Bauer before I named my son.”

Perhaps your last name would sound good as someone’s first name. While Alicia’s approach to baby-naming was unique, this may be a sign of a larger trend that’s coming our way.

1 Trix

Scarlett* once knew a mom who made up her daughter’s name. But the inspiration behind the child’s unique name isn’t what you’d expect.

“I’m not kidding when I say this. I used to know a mom (let’s call her Elena) from my son’s elementary school. She had a daughter named Trix. Everyone was super curious as to what the name meant. One day a mom did ask her, and Elena said that Trixie used to be her stripper name. She said she wanted her daughter to ‘always carry a piece of me’ with her. Who in their right mind would give their child their stripper name?”

Not many people would agree that a stripper name is an appropriate thing to call a child. While Trix seems like a cute name, once you know the meaning behind it, you can’t think of the name in the same way.

All of the original names featured on this list are beautiful and unique in their own ways. The heartfelt stories of how their parents came up with their name is going to be something they carry with pride for their entire life. It’s these types of stories that are especially amazing to share with your children when you’re older. Even if these names weren’t your cup of tea, you can’t deny how sweet (and sometimes humorous) the stories are behind them.

If you’re currently picking out names for an expectant child, consider thinking of something original. You can give a new spin to a classic name, or create something completely new. Ask your friends and family if they have any creative twists on a cute name for your little one. You might discover options you’ve never even heard of, and you could find the perfect name in the process. The lesson is to not limit yourself to traditional baby-names: sometimes something original and new could surprise you.

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