15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know Babies Do In The Womb

Pregnancy is, without a doubt, amazing (even if peeing your pants and heartburn feel otherwise.)

A baby in the womb is doing so many shocking things. That little cutie is not just sitting waiting to be born, there is more going on than meets the eye. The number of stages and processes a baby must go through in the womb is incredible.

Each stage is fascinating and builds upon the stage prior. Inside, baby is working hard to grow in there! With every stage entered throughout your pregnancy, the more amazing and fun changes are happening.

The amount of incredible things that tiny little human can do in there is shocking! At 5 weeks baby’s circulatory system is beginning to form and that precious little heart will start beating. At 11 weeks babies diaphragm develops and she is busy stretching, kicking and hiccuping in there. Each week that precious sweetie grows more and more into that soon to be sweet little bundle-of-joy.

It is so exciting to find out how baby is growing and developing week to week. Talk to that baby bump, she may be listening! Unborn babies concentrate on much more than their toes in there!

Mamas expect their baby to kick at some point, but there are so many other cool things he will do that mama will not even feel! Rest assured, just because some things cannot be seen does not mean it is not happening. Hopefully parents-to-be are lucky enough to pick up some of his cool new moves during ultrasound screenings!

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15 Dream In The Womb

Believe it or not, the sweet little miss (or mister) can probably dream. Babies begin going through what is called REM cycle (rapid eye movement) around 32-36 weeks. REM is characterized by rapid eye movements, more bodily movement, dreaming and faster breathing and pulse.

Dreaming in the womb has not been fully proven, but doctors believe that this phenomenon is the real deal. It has been observed that in the womb have sleep cycles very much like a newborn baby. So, what is your little peanut dreaming about? Those little ears are concentrating on the outside world and hear whats going on around you.

It can be assumed that babies in the womb do not have much to dream about being that they do not see the outside world. Maybe your baby is having sweet dreams about your soothing voice!

14 And Go To The Bathroom

At one point, we were all pee-drinkers!

By the end of your first trimester, your sweetie will start producing urine. This is because they swallow the amniotic fluid and it then becomes digested, filtered by their kidneys and urinated back in the uterus.

In utero, going #2 is less common. Babies first bowl movement is called meconium. Some babies cannot hold it until after birth, and poop in the womb. This can be a really serious issue because it can cause respiratory distress.

Swallowing pee is harmless to your baby, as gross as that sounds. Urine is sterile, and it will not cause him any issues. You cannot feel your baby going to the bathroom, but rest assured, peeing in the womb is normal! If your baby poops in the womb, your gyno will find out once your water breaks and they see the meconium in it.

13 They Can Cry

It probably breaks your heart to hear, but your sweet little baby has emotions and the ability to cry in the womb! Scientists have studied this enough to find that fetuses can display traditional crying behavior such as gasping irregularly, depressing their tongues, and opening their mouths.

Even the traditional quivering lip has been spotted! You will not be able to feel your baby crying because it is a silent cry. We all know babies cry, it’s a way of communicating their needs. This is an important skill that they practice in the womb. What exactly they are crying about in there, no one knows?

Maybe they did not enjoy the taste of the taco bell you had for lunch! Rest assured, although your baby may cry in the womb, they will be okay.

12 And Smile For The Camera

Image result for smiling ultrasound

The super cool advances in ultrasound technology have allowed doctors to see babies exhibiting facial expression in the womb. At about 24 weeks, your baby can exhibit facial expressions such as curling his mouth in a smile. This smile can be an indication of being very content in a stress-free environment.

Babies have been found on ultrasound lowering an eyebrow, wrinkling their cute little nose, or parting their lips. The more your peanut g rows the more facial motions they are able to do. This is great news, they are growing and practicing! As the weeks go on your sweetie may start combining movements- you may catch a nose wrinkle with a smile on ultrasound, how heartwarming would that be?

Scientists say although we see expressions of anger or confusion, it cannot be said if the fetus has emotions due to not having the cognition necessary to have the emotions. Your baby may just be practicing!

11 They Have A Sense Of Smell

It’s pretty crazy to hear- but your baby can smell in the womb! It is believed that the amniotic fluid flowing through your cutie’s nasal and oral cavities can trigger their sense of smell. How neat!

Babies can be responsive to bad and good smells. Babies have been known to push away or cringe from smelly smells (like cigarette smoke.) They can also smell the yummy chicken Parmesan you cooked for dinner! This all starts around week 28, but all of the weeks prior your baby’s body is working hard to form that sweet little nose.

Its great news that your little one is doing this, because she needs to be prepared for life outside of the womb. Babies even get a whiff of the products you put on your skin as the chemicals enter the bloodstream and head straight from the amniotic fluid.

10 And Yawn When They're Tired

Image result for yawning baby

Being a baby is tough work!

All of that growing and learning can tire a fetus out. Your sweetie may signal how tired they are by yawning! Some say when babies yawn, it may be a trigger for a maturing brain and not actually a sign for sleepiness. Some also think babies are just opening and closing their mouths and not actually yawning.

Whether they are yawning, or just practicing, they look super cute doing it. Your doctor will look for yawning as another (one of many) indicators that your baby is healthy! There have not been man studies done on fetal yawning and its significance. If your baby is yawning a lot, there might be a problem, but rest assured, your sonographer and doctor are on top of your baby’s development and will let you know if there is a problem.

9 They Can Hear Sound

Your baby’s cute little ears begin to develop around the 8 week mark. They begin to recognize sounds from around 17 to 18 weeks. By week 25, they can recognize your voice and respond to sound?

Your baby may kick or change positions in response to a loud sound. The more you talk, the quicker the parts of your babies brain responsible for language development will activate. Did you know your little peanut’s heart rate slows down when they hear your voice?

Once they are born, your voice is very soothing to them as well. There are obviously many benefits on chatting it up during your pregnancy! Talk to your baby as you’re driving to work or folding the laundry, I promise, he is listening!

8 And Get Scared When There's Loud Noises

Did you know that when you sneeze, it may scare your baby? She or he may startle from inside the womb at the sound of mom sneezing or a dog barking- or any other sudden and loud noise.

Some mama’s claim they can feel their baby startle. It is not believed that this has any impact on your baby’s development, but I do not suggest making a habit out of scaring the baby “for fun.” Rest assured, she is fine in there. A mother’s worry never ends! If your baby does not respond every time there is a loud nose, it’s okay.

Some mama’s never experience this startling movement, so do not be alarmed! Sounds are super muffled in there, and your sweetie may be fast asleep or preoccupied playing with their toes.

7 Sucks The Thumb

Your prince (or princess) can start sucking their thumb as early as 12 weeks. Pay extra attention (like you’re not already?) during your ultrasounds, you might be able to witness this cute new move!

A thumb sucking baby is a good indication of a healthy growing baby. If you have not witnessed your sweetie doing this, do not be concerned, there are so many other indicators of a healthy and happy baby. Like those outside of the womb, they have their preferences, and maybe thumb sucking is not as comforting for some.

As soon as your baby’s arms can reach their mouth, they are able to suck their thumb for comfort. Your baby is practicing many new moves in there, and this may be a move that continues into toddlerhood!

6 And Has Baby Hiccups

Lots of mama’s feel their little one’s hiccup from inside, it is a super cool feeling! You’ll know your little love is hiccuping because there will be a series of tiny, rhythmic tapping sensations.

You can feel them and sometimes (if you’re further along) you can see it on your belly! Hiccups occur when fluid from the amniotic sac enters and exit’s your baby’s lunch. This causes their diaphragm to contract quickly, which results in cute little baby hiccups.

Your baby’s hiccups are a really good indicator that your baby is healthy, so no need to be alarmed! Hiccups indicate that her central nervous system is developing normally. If you do not feel hiccups from your baby, do not worry, it may occur without you even realizing it. There are many other indicators your baby is developing!

5 There's Playtime In The Womb

Many probably do not realize this, but the little baby can play!

Babies start exploring their developing body in the womb. They are working super hard to discover their face, hands, feet and it looks like they are actually playing! So many super cool things have been caught on ultrasound like babies waving, smiling, clapping and jumping!

If you are lucky enough to catch it on ultrasound, that will be a super amazing moment! If not, there are many YouTube videos on the internet of babies cool stuff at whatever gestational week you’re at. It can help you imagine what your very own baby is up to in the womb! Some mama’s claim if they push on their belly, they will feel their babies butt (or elbow, leg, arm- who knows!) push back at them!

Your baby may even play with you, test it out.

4 And Practice Breathing Sessions

Your baby is not breathing oxygen like you and I, but they are doing something called practice breathing. Around 27 weeks your sonographer will check up on your little cutie to make sure they are doing these practice sessions and see if things are developing normally.

Your little one’s lungs are filled with fluid and around this time the lungs begin expanding. These contractions help baby develop all of the muscles necessary for breathing outside of the womb.

By the time your bundle of joy is born, they will have practiced enough on the inside and will be more than ready for the real deal! Once you hear first baby cries (or screams) you will probably be super relieved to know practice makes perfect!

3 They Can Recognize Mom's Voice

If you have not caught on by now, it is obvious that your soon to be bundle of joy is growing and developing in ways you might have never imagined! Your baby has a memory, and may remember specific things.

Besides sucking their thumb and flipping around, they also pay very close attention to the outside world. The more you talk, the more they remember your voice. When your baby is born, they will be able to recognize your voice. Studies have been conducted showing that if you play a certain noise in the womb, your little one may be able to recognize it after birth! How cool is that.

So, what’s it going to be Taylor Swift or Sinatra? Drink and food flavors are passed from mama to baby in the womb, and the taste and preference is something your baby may remember after birth!

2 And Tastes What Mommy Tastes

Did you know your baby tastes what you taste? Even though your digestive system is different than babies, molecules of the McDonald's you ate for dinner make their way into the amniotic fluid.

Your baby can taste that in the womb, but the flavor will not be as strong or distinct as what you taste. By the time you’re nine weeks pregnant, baby will have developed a tongue, taste buds and mouth. Nutrients though amniotic fluid. Little one will get a taste of foods you’ve been eating.

Studies have shown moms who consume certain foods will give birth to babies to may enjoy the same food later on in life. So mama, start early with those veggies! By 22 weeks your baby will be the size of a spaghetti squash, and will be able to taste one too! They will even be able to hear your tummy rumbling, so eat up mama!

1 Open Eyes And Blink

Your babys eyelids will remain shut until you’re about 28 weeks pregnant. This is the case because their retinas need to fully develop. After that time her baby blues will begin to blink!

There is not much to look at in there, but he will be able to start reacting to light around the second trimester. You can find videos on YouTube of babies moving away from light put on their mama’s bellies!

Bright light may filter through your tummy and reach your baby, but this will not cause him any harm. If you are expecting twins, your little cuties can find each other in the womb once they open their eyes! You will probably be able to catch them on ultrasound interacting with one another. How cool!

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