15 Crazy Things Moms Have Done That Are Totally Wrong

Moms have it hard most days, and we get it. Babies, toddlers, and kids of any age don’t come with instruction manuals. Most days, moms just have to wing it and go by what their natural instincts are telling them. That is, of course, when Mother Nature allows their instincts to tune in correctly and isn’t toying with their senses.

Who’s to judge when a mom is doing a superb job, and who’s to judge when a mom is doing a lousy job? All moms have been there. They have had their good days, their bad days, and the everything-in-between days. It’s all about how they handle the ups and downs of motherhood that matters the most.

There are certain limitations out there, that cross boundaries between is what is acceptable and what is unacceptable when it comes to motherhood. There are just some things that you just should not do as a mother. At times, the lines that stretch between what are, and what isn't acceptable are very thin. Other times, those lines are as clear as day and night.

An example of something that would be any clearer than day and night would be; leaving a two-year-old strapped in their car seat in a borrowed car, while downing shot after shot of tequila with someone for over an hour. That is something that is so completely crazy and so totally wrong that some mom, some place has probably already gone and done it before.

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15 Loaded Veggies

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Accidents do happen and while that is understandable, some accidents are just so wrong and very preventable with just a little attention to detail. Moms are tired in the mornings, especially depending on how late they were up the night before. Moms can get crazy with lunch preparations before sending their kids off to school, but perhaps if the V8 is kept anywhere near their beer supply, they may want to add some extra time into their schedules to make sure they double check the labels before packing lunches.

A mom had accidentally sent little Johnny off to school with one of her beers after mistaking it for a V8. This mom thought she was loading her son up with veggies; when she actually almost got him loaded instead. Some things just need to be checked twice; sending Johnny to school with beer was a crazy move on mom's part, and just totally wrong.

14 I Think He Should Be Checked

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Parenting isn’t an exact science, but we can at least try to use some common sense every now and then. Say like, for example, if a mom were to accidentally drop her baby, it would be highly suggested that no matter where she and her baby were at, calling medical personnel immediately would be strongly advisable, if not encouraged.

One mom’s crazy need to get to her baby’s pediatrician outweighed the need to get her baby to an emergency responder. After arriving at the pediatrician, this mom finally decided to state that she dropped her son and said he should probably get checked out. This is a perfect example of another crazy thing a mom has done that is totally wrong in today’s society. On a more positive note, at least the baby was seen by a physician.

13 Time For Mommy’s Shot

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There are those moms that follow certain presumed responsibilities such as, drinking in moderation and restricting heavy drinking to only when her toddler is asleep and then still only on occasion. Then there are those other moms, that don’t seem to follow these particular responsibilities which can lead to some problematic issues. For those other moms who don’t restrict their use, their toddler can get used to their drinking habits.

It can become problematic when a toddler can sum up his mom's favorite way of consuming her alcohol, while in front of others, by simply letting his mom know that it’s time for her to take a shot. A toddler being able to tell his mom when it’s time for a shot is a very crazy thing, and it is totally wrong.

12 Bad Tempered Mom

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There are plenty of things that should never happen within the presence of a child of any age, and one of those things are domestic violence issues to any extent, regardless of how minor they may seem. Children are like sponges and they absorb everything that they see and hear. No matter how young they are, there is always that chance that they could mimic what they have seen later on in life.

When people hear of domestic violence, their minds tend to think of a male assaulting a woman, but it can also go the other way around. One crazy mom’s bad temper left her behind bars, all because she slapped her boyfriend in front of their young daughter. It’s totally wrong to hit your child’s other parent in front of them.

11 A Long Way From Home

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Becoming a mother should mean putting a child’s wants and needs before personal, selfish needs. Not all moms think along these lines, unfortunately. After a mother and father part ways, that should not mean that the mother should take that child away from his father unless it is needed for emergency reasons, or agreed upon by both parents. As the child grows, he develops roots and family bonds.

Just because the mom finds a new fling that happens to live in a different state, is not enough reason to take that child away from his father, and away from his developing roots. It’s crazy and ridiculously selfish for a mom to leave and move out of state with her growing child, making him leave his father and everything he treasures. It’s even worse and totally wrong to go about the whole situation without the father's consent.

10 Preferred Down Time

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Being a teen mom is full of hardships, but being a mom was still a choice. Whereas the child did not get a say in anything because it was not a choice they were given, it was a choice they were handed. So they have no option, but to suffer through those hardships right along with their moms. For one very lucky, young mom; the options as to whether her preferred downtime should still include vodka or not is still an option. If she fails her daily motherhood obligations, her own mother has her back and bails her out, despite her own complaints.

It is crazy that a teen mom can score big on television and is still being given her preferred down time which consists of vodkas over motherhood. It’s crazy and totally wrong that she could even have the choice to pick booze over a child.

9 Vague Memories

Having a toddler probably isn’t the best for being out and partying until almost 5 in the morning. It happens and moms get a little too crazy, but it’s the next day that is a killer. The ultimate, and sometimes unavoidable, hangovers that can happen after a drunken night out can leave moms with their heads reeling the next morning. That is never a reason to leave a toddler unattended for any period of time because there are still hidden dangers that can cause harm within a home.

Toddlers are ruthless and can get into anything that is left out. This mom fell asleep and left her child to her own devices for hours on end with only vague memories of her playing and running around within the home. Luckily, nothing happened and everything was fine, but one could only imagine what a kid could get into when left alone. This could have gone totally wrong.

8 Fallen Siblings

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Moms sometimes like to take it to the next level during the holidays. For Halloween, this mom decided all it would take to see some enjoyment around the house was foam tombstones, an older daughter, her younger children, a smile, and a few white lies. There should be limits about how much moms can scare children younger than 10-years-old.

This mom had set up a few foam tombstones for Halloween around her home and allowed her eldest daughter to fabricate a lie telling all the younger children how she had murdered her other children, then buried the bodies where the tombstones had been placed. Her eldest daughter had a backstory for each fallen sibling. When the little ones asked their mother in horror, she smiled and nodded. What a joyous way to make the children behave for the holidays. This mom is crazy and totally wrong.

7 I Need A Beer

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Parenting lessons, among other things, come to mind when you hear about mothers who let their 3-year-old daughters roam around apartment complexes by themselves. Crazy is another word comes to mind. This mother was not paying attention to her kid, and cops had to return her daughter to her home, but when they arrived the first thing this little girl mentioned to the cops was that she needed a beer, and her afterthought was that she was hungry. Cops noted that this girl was visibly in need of a bath as well.

Sometimes kids slip away but this mom was just simply not paying attention, and that is totally wrong and this mom got was she deserved when she was nailed with child abandonment and reckless endangerment of a minor. Some moms just don’t get it.

6 Sharing A First

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Some moms don’t see the harm in letting their kids share minor alcoholic beverages in their younger years, as long as they are at home with them and only have one. By minor, these new age moms are referring to a wine cooler, a wine with a very low proof of alcohol content, or something similar. They state that they do not see an issue, since there is alcohol on other products their 10-year-old consumes, such as NyQuil.

Not all moms see or believe in this, but for those that do; more power to them. This could potentially be dangerous because kids may want to drink more, which could lead to alcohol poisoning in such small bodies. This could be crazy and is totally wrong.

5 Quality Time

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There are so many ways for a family to spend some quality time these days, why not spend it at a store. While that might sound appealing to some, this mom was doing something completely crazy, but with her family’s best interest at heart. As a mom, thinking about the needs of your kids is what matters the most. There are better ways that this mom could have gone about this situation though.

In her eyes, she had reached her last resort and had no options left. Shoplifting was the only plausible solution she thought she logically had left, while that might be crazy, it was her decision. She did not have to bring her kids along with her to commit this act. She could have left them at another destination. On her part, this is a totally wrong and crazy thing to do with her kid’s right next to her.

4 Sleepy Time Driving

One way to become deprived of sleep is to become a mom; moms often suffer from a lack of sleep, which can make doing basic activities people without children do, such as driving, difficult and sometimes even dangerous. One mom found out the hard way, what the debilitating effects of driving with only having a few hours of sleep are, and what they can do to a person.

While going about her normal routine, this mom fell asleep behind the wheel of her vehicle with her small children in the car. Fortunately for her, she was moving at a slow enough pace that a brave older woman was able to get inside the vehicle and place the car into park before any harm could be done to this family and anyone nearby. As crazy as it is, this could have turned into a tragedy.

3 A Quick Trip

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There are reminders plastered all over regarding leaving pets in the car in high temperatures, so common sense would go to show that the same would go for babies. However, not everyone is born with common sense. Just like not every mother has a maternal instinct. Leaving a baby in a car in the heat is a horrible and deadly idea. Temperatures elevate quickly inside of vehicles. One unwise mother made the crazy decision to leave her baby inside her car while she ran into the grocery store for a quick shopping trip.

Shopping trips, no matter how planned they are, can never have a true estimate. Moms never know how long each line is, how many cashiers there are, and so on. When this mom returns to smashed car windows, her first instinct is to ask about the window and not her baby. Something is totally wrong here, and this mom needs her priorities rearranged.

2 No More Doctors Please

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While not the worst thing ever, since the keys weren’t in the ignition, it’s probably never a good idea to leave a toddler alone in a car; especially when they know they are headed to a doctor appointment. This mom stepped away from the car for a brief moment when the toddler decided to lock herself in the car and refused to unlock it when her mom returned. When the toddler agreed to unlock the door, she couldn’t figure the thing out. Mom and baby wasted a lot of unnecessary time and missed the appointment anyway.

Case in point; toddlers are not to be trusted in unattended in vehicles. This crazy mom thought things were fine since she took the keys with her, but how she was wrong. Things could have gone totally wrong.

1 A Tragic Ending

Via: d2v9y0dukr6mq2.cloudfront.net

Moms all over should heed this tragic warning and worst case scenario. A young mom in Pennsylvania was joking around with her sister and having the best and craziest time of her life. She was disregarding her two younger children and paying no attention to them. She continued to chat with her sister, while her children were playing around by the windows of her apartment.

Time passes by, while this mom is still ignoring her two young children. They continue to play by the windows; meanwhile, one, or both, of them have begun to play with a security feature on the window, but their mother is still chatting away. This mother is blindly unaware that she is dangerously close to the worst moment of her entire life.

Out of seemingly nowhere, the window gives away and her two small children that she blatantly ignored, just to have a good time with her sister, fall to their deaths. That is something that is so totally wrong, and this is something this mother will never, ever forget.

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