15 Crazy Things Only Pregnant Women Do

Every pregnancy is different for every woman. There is no way to predict how she will feel, what symptoms she will develop, when she will deliver, or what her labor will be like. The experience can be such a roller coaster ride. Regardless of the number of differences that exist, there are many similarities in the mannerisms and habits that develop. It is as if the moment the pregnancy hormones show up these things instantly manifest themselves.

They say pregnancy has a major effect on the brain. This fact has been proven time and time again in medical studies. So that could explain the crazy behavior. How a woman seems to change the moment she realizes she is pregnant. It's like someone flipped the switch to off and now the rest of the world waits and watches to see what she will do.

Even before the bump shows up, these things are a dead giveaway that a woman is pregnant. Stereotypes have to get their start somewhere. They are typically rooted in reality. These things are pretty common among pregnant women. Topics that promote bonding and over sharing like only pregnant women can do.

Luckily, most of these things seem to subside once the baby is evicted from the womb. You just have to embrace the crazy and roll with it. Almost everything is temporary. The stuff that sticks around will be nowhere near what it is while those pregnancy hormones rage.

Here are 15 crazy things only pregnant women do.

15Take Pics Of Her Expanding Waistline

What other normal woman does this? Every pregnant woman takes photos of herself over and over again to document the growth of her expanding waistline. Proud to show off her growing belly, she wants to share them with the world. Every single photo she takes will be shared across social media seeking likes and comments. Any sort of validation for the scale that continues to climb. It is literally the only time in a woman's life where she will enjoy hearing someone say, "Look at your belly! It's getting so big." It is also the only time someone will think it looks cute. From the moment a woman knows she is pregnant she cannot wait for her belly to pop out for this exact reason! It seems crazy, right?! Opposite of what is considered normal behavior. Any other time she would be trying to hide her expanding waistline so as never to draw attention to the fact it was expanding.

14Procure Food Like A Boss

It is common knowledge that a husband's job during pregnancy is to always be ready to run to the grocery store in the middle of the night. Random cravings cause her to want things that don't currently exist inside the kitchen cabinets. This is a no-no. Her husband springs to the rescue and goes to procure whatever food she desires at the store. I've found this doesn't only work with husbands. Go to a friends house to hang out. She will want to know what you are craving before you even arrive to guarantee that she has it in her pantry. At work, people will bring all kinds of goodies by because they just know the baby is hungry! Lunch? They let you pick the place and the appetizers. Any time of day, you simply mention you are getting hungry and everyone around you starts scouring their purse or car for a snack. That's power!

13Immediately Scout Bathrooms Everywhere

A pregnant woman has got to pee! A LOT. As a pregnant woman you spend so much time running to the bathroom that it is important to always know where the nearest one is. When you are shopping and enter a store you are not familiar with, you always look for the signs before you begin to shop. If you go out to eat at a restaurant, you make sure to locate the bathroom before you even sit down. For every place you go in public this becomes your routine. It's like you can't even get your mind to focus on anything else until you are comfortable with your knowledge of restroom locations. It is likely you even learn to plan out your drive time between errands to ensure you will be at the place with the best restroom when you anticipate you will need to go next. You just never know when you will need it.

12Spew Medical Jargon Like A Doctor

A pregnant woman will read and research just like a doctor studying for medical school. When she talks about her pregnancy, the medical jargon freely rolls off her tongue. They can talk all day about things like placental abruption, RhoGAM, effacement percentages and what they mean, how to strip membranes, and all the different drugs used during labor. They know when various testing should be done, what it means, safe baby heart rate ranges, and what to do as labor nears when they have never experienced it yet. It's enough to make any passerby stop and do a double take. Unless you've gone through pregnancy yourself, most of the terms and topics sound completely foreign. When two pregnant women are talking together, it's like they are speaking a new language. Some even take it one step further and start to ask questions and diagnose other women based on symptoms they are having.

11Carry Their Bellies

What pregnant woman doesn't have her hands on her belly all the time?! Maybe it's to ensure there is a constant reminder that there is a baby in there? Or to remind us our waistline is expanding. It's almost as if we need help carrying that extra weight around. Or we are worried it's just going to fall off or better yet, that the baby is going to jump out so we have to hold it in. Others use it as a hand rest (or a drink rest). I get it, pregnancy causes incredible fatigue! You need to rest up in any manner possible. Then there is the group that has realized if they keep their hand always on their belly, random strangers don't have a place to touch it when they feel so inclined to try. Regardless of the reason, you will always find a pregnant woman's hands on her belly.

10Wish For Worst Pain Ever

From the moment you find out you're pregnant, you begin the countdown to baby. It feels so incredibly far away. As you get down to just weeks left, time seems to drag on. You wish, hope, and pray for any signs of labor to show up. Please let the doctor tell me I've started to dilate. Come on contractions! Bring it on. In what other situation do we wish, hope, and pray for the worst pain of our lives?! It seems so counter intuitive. Yes, I get that there is an amazing outcome. Of course we cannot wait to see and hold that baby. However, it seems so crazy to be excited for the pain to begin. It may be one of the easiest moments in your life to face your greatest fear head on. With a "let's do this" attitude. Regardless, it is all definitely worth it in the end.

9Share TMI Details

TMI means too much information. Having a pregnant belly seems to eliminate any and all need for shame or privacy. A pregnant woman will very openly share anything and everything, especially with another pregnant woman. Have your boobs started leaking yet? Have you lost your mucus plug? During your labor did you tear or did they give you an episiotomy? Did you poop on the table? I guess it makes sense because there is absolutely no dignity or personal space that exists when you are giving birth. While these topics are all pretty intimate details of pregnancy, they are apparently considered very normal things to talk about. There is no other condition that would prompt people to share quite to the same extent. The funny part is no one seems to bat an eye. These topics don't shock and awe. It's like they are expected. All that medical jargon has to go somewhere.

8Live On Google

The internet becomes your best friend when you are pregnant. There are so many pregnancy related websites and apps geared towards supporting women through this phase of their life. Information right at your fingertips is the greatest invention ever. It really helps to ease the anxiety that comes with being pregnant. Instant answers for the unknown. However, while helpful it can easily turn into an obsession! Pregnant women like to Google everything! That means every question, every symptom (even made up), and research all aspects of the labor and birth process. You can watch videos, read blog posts, get diagnosed by another pregnant woman in a forum, discuss or argue controversial topics, and research procedures in a matter of minutes. These habits are likely a doctor's worst nightmare. They must always be prepared to defend their decisions and recommendations or have more extensive conversations with patients that have really done their homework.

7Pee Every 15 Minutes

It is as if a pregnant woman's bladder shrinks to the size of a pea. With the increased daily water intake and a growing baby sitting on top of it, it's no wonder she spends all of her time running to the restroom. Of course it doesn't stop at night either. Every time you move you feel the urge to get up and go. The constant up and down used to make me seriously consider wearing adult diapers to bed in the hopes that I could at least get a little more sleep. Your entire day is plotted around when you will have to pee. It is worse than taking a child. Go before you leave the house. Go as soon as you arrive at your destination. Then again before you leave because you don't want to get caught somewhere in the car when the next urge presents itself. It becomes a joke.

6Forget Everything

Can we say pregnancy brain? There is something about those pregnancy hormones coursing through our blood that causes our brain to do some funky things. I know there are countless medical studies out there proving this exact phenomenon. Many will laugh, but it's a constant struggle. The worst part is it doesn't even go away after the baby is born. It seems to stick around and plague us forever. Thanks kids for messing with our head. Nothing stays in our minds for more than a few seconds. We even forget entire conversations. When we leave the house we forget to bring the grocery list, the kid's lunchbox, our shoes (believe me it happens). We walk into a room and suddenly have no reason why we are there or what we are looking for. It's a wonder anyone let's us go anywhere alone for fear of us getting lost and never returning.

5Argue Over Baby Names

Choosing a name for the baby is hands down the hardest part of preparing for a baby. Finding something both of you will agree on is almost impossible. As a woman, you naturally have a list of a baby names that you've been curating since you were a kid. It never fails your husband will veto every single one of them. His suggestions are things you wouldn't name your worst enemy let alone your own child. Arguments ensue for sure! They can even get pretty heated. Pregnancy hormones are involved, that's never good. Friends of mine went days not speaking because they were arguing over baby names. My husband and I would veto all the names on the list and then refuse to talk about names for a month because we were both so bitter our favorite names weren't loved. Choosing a baby name is a big deal! It's not easy.

4Eat Constantly

When you're pregnant, your appetite seems to increases like crazy. You always feel like there is no end to your eating. It is no wonder this happens with all of the food around you! People love to feed the baby. Plus, you are eating for two (or three). It is a lot of work growing a human. Your body needs plenty of energy and nutrients to make that happen. It is your job as mom to make sure you don't run out. The amount you eat can be impressive! It is not unheard of for a pregnant woman to eat more than a man twice her size. I'm not really sure where all the food goes. Your stomach might look big, but the actual area the food fits into is so squished by the baby that there can't be much room. Yet, controlling your appetite is a losing battle.

3Worry The Baby Will Be Ugly

This is a very real thing! Typically it doesn't hit until toward the end of your pregnancy, once reality sets in that the baby will be here soon. It can really cause some anxiety though as your due date gets closer. It comes from out of nowhere and seems crazy. You have ultrasound photos that show the baby will look human. If you've done a 3-D ultrasound, you can likely get a pretty good idea of what the baby will look like. When that happens you start to question, "Is my baby cute?" From there you spiral out a little bit. You start to worry that what looks like it could be cute will actually end up being hideous. No one wants to be the one with the ugly baby. Posting pictures online for the world to see and knowing everyone is commenting on your ugly baby. It seems outrageous, I know!

2Do The Waddle

Pregnancy really slows you down and throws everything off. Because of this, there is a very distinct way a pregnant woman walks. There is no mistaking it, and definitely no avoiding it. It's like pregnancy requires you to stick your stomach way out and sway back and forth as you shuffle along. Typically it doesn't begin until later in your pregnancy (as you near the third trimester). At that point your belly has grown quite a bit and the extra weight throws your center of balance off. For me, my waddle kicked in way before my belly was even big enough to warrant the waddle. Sometimes I think subconsciously it was my way of trying to make the rest of the world aware of my pregnancy before it was obviously noticeable. I'm not fat, I'm pregnant! See how I'm walking?! Luckily it goes away almost instantly after delivering the baby.

1Cry Over Everything

There is a saying "Don't cry over spilled milk." I'm pretty sure this was first said to a pregnant woman. It may be a stereotype, but they do cry over everything! It is no joke. Pregnancy hormones are crazy! There is absolutely no controlling them. Turn on any TV show with a serious subject. Cry! Commercials with babies, animals, or anything sentimental. Cry! Forget to switch the laundry. Cry! Order food and they get it wrong. Cry! Argue with your husband over something stupid. Cry! The most ridiculously small things will set you off. So often the reasons are so irrational that even your pregnant brain can't make sense of it. You have no idea why it happens or when to expect it. Everything in life is suddenly overwhelming, sweet, adorable, or sad. People can't take you serious when you act like this. Another reason people treat  pregnant women like little children.

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