15 Crazy Things Parents Have Done That Caused Them To Lose Custody

For most parents, the thought of losing custody of their children is up there as one of the worst things that can ever happen to them, not to mention to their children depending on the circumstances.

Some parents might lose custody to another parent or family member, and some parents might lose custody and their children are put into foster care. Either way, there are reasons that parents lost custody. There are a few known cases where children are taken from their parents for bogus reasons, but for the most part, the Courts take the children from parents they deem unfit. The Courts always try to act in the best interests of the child.

So what are some reasons the Court would take children away from mommy or daddy, or both? There are the obvious reasons: neglect, abuse, domestic violence, but there are also some pretty crazy things parents have done to lose their kiddos to the system, or to the other parent. Sure, some parents may not be fully aware that what they are doing is harmful to their children. Everyone makes mistakes, and the Court usually allows the parents to attempt to fix their mistakes so they can get their kids back, before they are removed permanently.

Check out these 15 crazy things parents have done that caused them to lose custody. If you don’t want to lose custody of your own kids, make sure you don’t even think about doing any of these things, and if you have done any of them, ixnay double quick!

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15 Youtube Parents Prank Kids & Lose Custody

Most parents have played a prank on their kids a time or two but the Youtube stars, Mike and Heather Martin of DaddyOFive, took pranking their youngsters to another level. When you are making money off the misery of your children, you have made it to an all time low. I’m not a bit surprised that the Courts saw fit to remove the kids from these crazy parents, because I couldn’t even finish watching a video of these parents essentially torturing their kids for other people’s amusement. According to their channel, the videos are staged and the children were only ‘acting’ for entertainment purposes. They state that the children gave their consent to participate in these videos. If those kids were acting, it was pretty convincing if you ask me. Still, they later admitted that what they did was wrong, that they shouldn’t have posted those kinds of videos to Youtube.

14 Permissive Parenting Equals Child Abuse

We all have a tough time disciplining the kids. It’s one of the worst parts of being a parent, because we hate to tell our kids ‘no’, or make them upset in any way. But, we still have to enforce rules and do what’s best for our kids. We shouldn’t let them eat junk food all day, or watch television for hours and hours on end, or should we? One mom in the UK didn’t see much wrong with letting her two sons play on their Xboxes all day, while she napped or played with her Ipad. The judge ruled that her very permissive style of parenting was a form of abuse, and that she had ‘significantly failed’ them. The judge believes the mother has harmed their chances in life, and decided to take custody away from her. The moral of this story? Abuse can come in many forms, and letting kids do whatever they want with no rules and no boundaries is a form of abuse.

13 What's In A Name?

Most parents believe it’s their right to name their kid whatever they want--goes with the territory, and all that. I birthed you, so I get to name you! Well, some kids don’t agree, especially when given unusual or embarrassing names, and they often grow up and change their names in time. Apparently, one New Jersey Court decided that naming your child something particularly inappropriate makes you unfit parents. This is what happened to parents Heath and Deborah Campbell when they named their son Adolf Hitler. They lost custody of him, and the judges admitted that it was because of the name. They decided that any person who would purposely name their child after Hitler, is not a fit parent. I’m inclined to agree. Not only did they give one son that name, but another child was given the name JoyceLynn Aryan Nation. The abuse those children would have suffered with names and parents like those…

12 Mother Loses Custody For Being Vegan?

Many parents believe that they should be allowed to raise their child in the manner in which they see fit, and for most of us we would agree with that. It does beg the question though: When does it become wrong for a parent to put their beliefs before their child's welfare? When mother Sarah Markham took her newborn baby to the doctor for a checkup, the doctor was concerned over the fact the child had lost 10% of his birth weight. He directed the mother to go straight to the hospital, but the mother decided not to. Whatever her reasons for not following doctor's orders; she opted instead to pick up some soy formula to get his weight up. When mother and child did not arrive at the hospital, CPS was called and the child was taken away from his mother. Eventually Markham was given custody of her child back after several months of Court hearings. Did she do the wrong thing in not taking him to the hospital?

11 Courtney Love Loses Custody For Being A Pet Killer?

Courtney Love is not exactly known for having a stable lifestyle, but she also became known for being a terrible mother. She lost custody of her daughter a few times, and Frances Bean Cobain actually testified in Court that her mother was a danger to herself and others. Of course the drugs and alcohol were major reasons that drove Frances Bean to want to leave that environment, but there were other issues as well. She told the Court that her mother often fell asleep while smoking cigarettes, starting a fire as many as three times, and she also killed two of the family's pets because of her obsessive hoarding. The teen drew the line at the death of her pets, and decided to call it quits on her mom. Probably made the right decision, as Francis Bean was concerned for her own safety in the hands of that mother. Can you even call her a mother?

10 Child Abandonment

We've all seen the classic Christmas movie Home Alone, and thought about how horrible that situation was for Kevin, but at least those parents left their child at home by accident. In 2013 one Canadian mother left her six-year-old home alone for 90 minutes while she went to run a few errands. Most likely she was doing this sort of thing on the regular, but this was just the first time she got caught. Nothing happened to the child, the door was locked, and he had plenty of food and water, etc. Still, six years old seems a bit too young to leave a child on his/her own. The way I see it, just because a child can be alone for that amount of time and survive, doesn't mean they should. Would they be able to handle an emergency situation if it arose? Whatever your beliefs on the age appropriateness of this situation, she probably shouldn't have lost custody of her child over it. A warning from the judge would have sufficed, but alas. Kid was taken and mom was fighting for months to get him back.

9 Drew Barrymore Divorced Her Mother At 14

Many parents lose custody of their kids at the Court's request, or by CPS recommendation, but not too many lose custody because their kid simply can't stand to live with them. That's the case with one of the most well known momagers of all time. Jaid Barrymore exploited her child from the time she was a baby, and when the money started rolling in after the success of ET, the mom just got worse. The family moved to California and Jaid Barrymore started spending the dough. She also gave her daughter no boundaries, allowing her to drink and party at an extremely young age. By the time Drew was 14 she'd had enough. She went to Court to be emancipated from her mother because even a 14 year old could tell that she'd be better off on her own than living with a mother like that. The Court quite agreed, and the judge declared Drew an adult. Can you imagine living on your own at 14?

8 Falsely Accuse Child's Father Of Sexual Abuse

In a recent case Chase v Chase, A Court saw fit to remove custody of a divorced couple’s child from the mother, giving sole custody instead to the father. This decision was not enacted lightly, but the Court couldn’t take any more false claims by the mother that the father was sexually abusing the child. The Courts found absolutely no evidence that the child had ever been sexually assaulted, but the mother continued using the claims as her reason to keep the father from his visitation with the child. If the father really was abusing his child, we can all understand why the mother would fight with everything she had to protect him from that. However, the mother’s claims were investigated several times and no evidence of abuse was ever found. When the Court ordered mom to allow the father visitation, she failed to follow the Court’s orders. Custody was awarded to the father.

7 Because Partying Is More Important Than The Kid

Some young mothers have difficulty putting aside their own youths to focus on their responsibilities as mothers. They feel somewhat cheated out of their own childhood, and they sometimes put themselves before their child. They feel that they are still a child themselves and can’t take care of a baby on their own, or that they shouldn’t have to. That is what happened with Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, who couldn’t put her partying behind her when she had a baby as a teen. She opted instead to give her own mother more and more responsibility for the child, while she went out and partied it up, until she ultimately signed away custody of her son Jace to her mother. Caring for a child is a huge responsibility so it’s no wonder that a teen would struggle with making the sacrifices needed to do it right. Now that Jenelle is older, and likely more mature, she is trying to get custody back. She’s having a tough time of it.

6 Alcoholism Is A Family Disease

Alcoholism is no joke, and families pay the price for having an alcoholic in the family. Children are especially affected by witnessing drunken behavior from their parents. If you're a child and you see a parent who is so out of control, and incapable of taking care of you—it's a scary thing. Especially if it's happening all the time, or even daily. It makes children feel that they need to grow up fast, so they can take care of themselves, and possibly even care for their alcoholic parent. That's what happened in the case with Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and his teenaged daughters. The girls were so frustrated with their father's drinking behavior that they filmed him in a drunken state and posted it online. The mother, Pamela Bach, believes it was a cry for help. David lost custody temporarily for that video, although he did get custody back at a later time.

5 Lack Of Stability

Some parents do more than just one thing wrong that gets their children taken away from them, and Brittney Spears couldn’t have done more if she tried. Not only did she constantly abuse drugs and alcohol, but her behavior was erratic and dangerous in every way. She didn’t know how to provide stability for her children, and she was drowning in publicity. She was involved in a hit and run incident, she refused to hand over her children for visitation with her father, and she was in and out of mental health and rehab facilities. The Courts gave her many chances to get it together, but they finally awarded custody to Brittney’s ex, Kevin Federline. Sometimes, you can be a mom who loves your children more than anything in the world, but still not be the best thing for them. It seems she got her life together, and is doing much better now.

4 Putting Your Kid In Beauty Pageants Is Child Abuse?

Does putting your child in a beauty pageant equal child abuse? One Court thought that it might. Whatever your opinion on beauty pageants, most would say that the child involved in pageants shouldn’t be taken away from the parent. The tiny beauty queen ‘Maddy’ from the show was the reason for a bitter custody case between her parents. They shared joint custody, but because one judge believed these pageants were sexualizing the little girl—the father was trying to gain custody. Mother Lindsay Jackson, believes it was all a ploy to get the little girl taken away from her. “We’re in a very, very small town and his family is very, very political and very, very well-known and very, very wealthy, they’re very involved in the court system and everything else,” said Jackson. “I’m fighting a losing battle in a county because of who his family is and how much money they have.”

3 Beating The Kids' Mother

Bill O'Reilly has a lot of issues, but apparently being a not-too-great father is among them. He was considered an absentee father, and he lost custody of his children when his daughter testified in Court that his rages were 'scary'. One of his daughters testified that he dragged her mother down the stairs by her throat, and that she didn't think her father knew she was watching. Mr. O'Reilly was a bit of a hypocrite, berating fathers who didn't take care of their children, but his own children believed that he didn't really take care of them. They also considered him abusive, and we don't even need to get into all the sex abuse scandals. Even when the children were 'with' their father, he was always having them looked after by a caregiver. Not only did Bill O’Reilly lose custody of his children, but they didn’t want to be with him.

2 Fighting In Front Of The Kids

In this Oct. 29, 2015 photo provided by the New York State Police, Michael Lohan is shown. Authorities say that Lohan, brother of actress Lindsay Lohan, was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and criminal impersonation for using a forged parking permit to avoid paying a New York City parking meter. (New York State Police via AP)

Fighting in front of the kids in never a good idea, and it is apparently a reason to have the kids taken away from you. Michael Lohan and his estranged wife Kate Major-Lohan made headlines when they both lost custody of their two children, Landon and Logan. The couple was apparently filmed in a raging fight, right in front of their children, and that was enough for the Courts to decide to remove the children from their care. The mother is also considered a big drinker and Lohan stated, "When Kate’s drinking, she’s a train wreck,” he says. “She lies, she’ll manipulate, and she’s a danger to the kids and me.” If the father can admit that, then it's probably best that she not be around the kids until she can get her substance abuse issues under control. The Courts also hold Lohan responsible because, "he didn't protect the children from Kate."

1 Unstable Finances

Tamika Fuller lost custody of her daughter she shares with Ludacris. For the judge, it seemed it was more about the stability Luda's money could provide for the little girl. The mother wasn't deemed unfit necessarily, but she didn't make the income that Ludacris did, and was therefore considered financially unstable. In this Court's eyes, money equals opportunities for the little girl which a poor mother simply wouldn't be able to provide. Some fans were outraged by this decision, because they don't believe that wealth equals good parenting, and I'm inclined to agree. Just because a parent lacks money, doesn't mean they lack the love that a child needs to thrive in the world. Many wealthy children grow up isolated and lonely. I think that more should have been taken into consideration than just the mother's income. Hopefully Luda will provide a good loving home for his child, but one wonders about this decision…

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