15 Crazy Times Dads Saved Their Children At The Last Second

We all know that dads can be heroes. We hear about their feats from time to time. But it makes us feel good inside to actually see it up close and personally. Dads care about their kids! So much so that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their child is safe.

Of course, we’ve seen pictures and videos of dads doing things like throwing their kids up so high in the air the mom shrieks with terror. Dads are known for those sorts of antics. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to drop them! In fact, we have proof of how good dads are when it comes to their reaction times.

Things happen when kids are around. There’s no denying it! They’re slippery and they fall and it's hard to know what they’re going to do and when. If dad is around, there’s no need to worry. He will catch the kid, even if it means running across the lawn to do it just in the nick of time.

People talk about the motherly instinct all the time. Moms just know things. But it seems apparent that dads have that instinct too. When it comes to the safety of their child, they can beat any fast car, grab any getaway kid, and catch any falling child. It’s just what they do! It looks crazy to us with maybe a little bit of luck thrown in. But we’re grateful for these dads and their fast reaction times.

15 Slippery Baby, Catching Dad

slippery baby-anim

Babies wiggle and jiggle and are on the move at all times. It makes sense to hold on to them tightly when they are up on an arm. This dad thought he was doing everything right. He thought the baby was secure in his arms. He was even using two hands on the child. But when the baby saw something he wanted to see closer, he took a dive.

Luckily, dad knew was he was doing when it came to catching kids. He didn’t waver for a second. He simply reacted and caught the falling child in the nick of time. Perhaps next time he will hold the baby in a bear hug to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere at all. Or just put the kid on the ground and let him crawl for what he wants in the first place!

14 Hero Dad Saves Random Biker From Certain Doom

random dad bike grab-anim

Dads are on the lookout for danger at all times, even when their own children aren’t involved. They know what they would feel like if something happened to their child and they don’t want anyone else to be in that circumstance. So what’s a dad to do when he sees an accident waiting to happen? He grabs and scolds!

This bike rider obviously wasn’t paying attention. She didn’t adhere to the look both ways rule at all. She was on the go. Thankfully, this dad stepped in and yanked her off her bike. Sure, she skinned her knee and maybe got a few bumps and bruises, but she missed a lot more serious damage. This dad had a lot going on in his mind. He saw the car, calculated its speed, saw the biker, and made the grab. His crazy reaction saved her and he even got some scolding in afterward.

13 Dad Holds Baby And Catches A Fly

This dad just wants to spend a nice day with his child at the ballpark. He doesn’t think he’s going to have to be a hero at the same time, but a dad has to do what a dad has to do. Cool as a cucumber, he protects his child from a fly ball and catches it at the same time. What a souvenir!

With any luck, they will get this ball signed by a player after the game. Then, they can put it in a little box and place it in the child’s room. They’ll have plenty of stories to tell the baby as he grows, but this is one that will likely live in infamy. Remember the time we took you to your first baseball game? Of course, the baby won’t, but that doesn’t mean he’ll hear about it any less! And that’s as it should be. Give this dad credit where credit is due!

12 Dads Can Hold Kids And Catch Kids

It takes a special dad to be able to multi-task. It’s not easy caring for two kids at once. Often, both kids will start talking at the same time and it can be a real challenge to listen in two directions at once. But this dad seems to know what he’s doing. He’s holding one content child on his side and pushing another on a swing. Everyone is safe. Everyone is happy.

And then the second child somehow does a flip off that swing. Does the dad hesitate? No, he does not! He grabs the child out of mid-air and prevents him from hitting his head on the ground nearby. All that without hardly disturbing the child he’s holding. What a dad! He deserves a promotion or some kind of pay raise for this type of reaction. At least take him out for his favorite ice cream tonight, got it?

11 Dad Anticipates Kids' Stair Fall

There are days when dads feel like all they can do is keep up with their kids. Kids are exhausting! They run everywhere they go, talk a mile a minute, and seem to have endless energy. What’s a dad to do?

Well, this dad is able to not only keep up, but actually anticipate what his child is going to do next. And that next action? Falling down the stairs. Instead of standing by and watching it happen, he flings himself into action and prevents the fall from being much worse than it could have been. Way to go, dad! You deserve a nap on the couch this afternoon after this one. Or at the very least a break from the endless hide and seek and tag games you likely have to play with these kids in attempts of wearing them out so they’ll actually sleep at night when you want them to.

10 Dad Saves Amateur Biker At The Last Second

Isn’t it funny how dads can be about their cars? Even if they don’t have that sports car they’ve always wanted, they’re very particular about their vehicles. They want to wash them, even if it’s going to rain. They park far away from other cars to prevent a dent from another car door. They grab kids off bikes so they don’t get a scratch. Wait, what?

In this instance, we have to wonder if the dad was protecting the child, the car, or a little of both. Of course, the kid is more important in this scenario and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. But she’s wearing a helmet so she probably would have been okay. The car may have gotten beaten up a bit, but it’s obvious he doesn’t even take a second look at the vehicle. It’s all about the kid. What a dad! Fast on his feet and all!

9 Dad Saves The Cake...And The Day!

The boy is finally old enough to carry the cake. They never let him before because they didn’t want him to burn himself on the candles. They also didn’t trust him to carry anything like this because he’s a kid and you never know when they’re going to trip and fall, right? Well, the kid makes it unscathed as far as the candles go, but there are issues with delivery.

Luckily, dad wants that cake badly enough that his reaction times are on point. He saved the cake! The candles didn’t even go out! Better than all that, he saved the kid from embarrassment. It’s plain to see how important this is to the boy. If he would have placed the cake upon the ground on accident, he would have been devastated. And no one would have had cake! Dads can save children’s pride too. All it takes is a quick reaction time!

8 Dad Saves Toddler's Face From Certain Scarring

As a parent, all any mom or dad wants to do is protect their child. Of course, no parent can be there every second. Kids are going to make mistakes and they are going to fall. But what mom or dad wouldn’t want to save their kid as much as possible? This dad is one such parent!

He could let the toddler walk around and get her bumps and bruises as she goes. She has to learn how to walk sometime, right? But instead of allowing her to cause herself any pain, he walks behind her, at the ready, at all times. This is a particularly smart move on the cement. Who knows what would happen to her precious little face if he hadn’t been there to scoop her up. If his reaction time had been two seconds slower, she would have had quite the face plant. Luckily, he was there in the nick of time.

7 Dad Grabs Kid To Protect From Basketball Peril

When a kid goes to the basketball game with his dad, he assumes it’s a safe place. Sure, he could trip and fall down the stairs or something, but for the most part, there isn’t much that can happen to him, right? Well, sure, unless a basketball player launches himself into the audience in an attempt to get the ball.

But when it comes to this kid, that’s okay! His dad was there to grab him and yank him out of the way. He even turned his body to shield the child from a possible blow. This dad acted on instincts. He had no time to think through what he should do if a basketball player came flying in their direction. He simply acted as this crazy story played out before his eyes. His child was protected and he did his job. Well done, dad! We hope your team won that day!

6 Dad With Quick Reflexes Combats Toy Car

Kids love to watch remote control cars. They’re fast, colorful, and they make a lot of noise. So it makes sense that this little girl was standing nearby, watching and enjoying the races and tricks these cars were doing. She had no idea she was in danger and that perhaps she was standing too close. No one knew!

But dad figured it out…and fast, too! When that car took a tumble off the side of the ramp, he sprang into action. He reached his arm out as far as it would go and batted the car away from the girl’s head and face just in time. He almost fell over doing it, but it was worth it! And now the girl will stand back a bit farther, perhaps behind an adult, as she tries to watch the fast, colorful, noisy cars go around racing each other. No one wants to see if he can act fast twice.

5 Dad With Speed Saves Child From Out Of Control Car

It takes a dad with some foresight and some serious speed to watch out for all of the kids in the backyard when there’s a big group playing at once. They spread out fast and it only takes a split second for something to happen. How can one dad possibly manage it all? Well, apparently this dad can!

This dad saw the car zooming down the hill and was able to see exactly what was going to happen. He saw the path that it was on and the fact that there was a little one standing in that path. He saved those on and in the car from a certain crash. Better yet, he saved the near victim from definite injury. The whole day could have been ruined by this little event, which quickly became a non-event when dad stepped in to save the day. Man, he’s fast! And good at what he does!

4 Nearby Dad Does A Dive Save

dive save dad-anim

Not every dad watches his children at all times. Things can happen when dad is on kid-watch, that’s for sure. But just because the dad himself isn’t always the fastest doesn’t mean there aren’t other dads around who are watching the kids and are capable of fast actions and complicated feats.

Sure, this dad shouldn’t have left his kid sitting up on that table like that. He at least shouldn’t have taken both of his hands off the child. While he took his eyes off the child at the same time. But he did and that’s that. However, there was another dad nearby who was able to scoop the baby up at the last second and save the day. Dads who are dads to any child nearby without discretion are the real heroes! Way to go, stand in dad! This guy owes you a drink and perhaps an invitation to his child’s wedding someday.

3 Even Relaxing, Dad Can Rescue Kids

Families might make fun of their dads a little more often than they should. Dads get tired and when they see a comfy couch, they nap! It’s just a fact of life and they all seem to do it. This dad had a rough day and all he really wants to do is lay back and watch some TV with his family. If he has to do it with one son sitting on him, so be it. Mom has her hands full with the other two. Or does she?

When dad, who seems in the zone watching TV or maybe even asleep, sees the baby falling out of the corner of his eye, he acts fast. He catches a kid without fully realizing she’s falling. He may be tired and he may be half out of it, but he’s still a dad. That’s enough to warrant the fast reaction time!

2 No Baby Left To Fall!

Kids love to sit on their dad’s shoulders. They can see the world from up there! It’s fun to feel tall and this baby even has a little hair to pull and play with. Dad thinks all is well because the baby is sitting still for once. Plus, he has him backed up against a car. Where’s he going to go?

Well, babies can get off balance at the drop of the hat and even though dad has an itch on his nose, he managed to switch position fast and catch the falling child. Their sweet, relaxing moment turns into a moment of panic for dad. Once he realizes the child is okay, even if he is a bit upside down, the can go back to having some fun together. Next time the child sits up high, the dad will have confidence in himself in case something like this happens again.

1 Dad Is Soaked, But Kid Is Saved

Kids aren’t the only ones who have clumsy moments. Dads fall too! When it happens near the ocean and it’s cold outside, the dad doesn’t want his little angel to get wet. He also doesn’t want to fall on her and injure her. So what’s a dad to do?

A little fancy footwork and some fast arm motions, that’s what! This dad has the child-saving elements in tact to perfection. Sure, it would have been better if he hadn’t fallen in the first place, but some things simply can’t be helped. So when he realized what’s happening and that he can’t prevent his fall from occurring, he thinks of the child first and puts himself in the absolute last position. He’s going to get wet and he’s okay with that. He just wants to save his child from discomfort and possible pain. Now that’s a dad we can all stand behind!

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