14 Crazy Times Kids Shouldn't Have Been Left Alone With Their Pets

Everyone knows that children are unpredictable creatures. In fact, the only thing parents can count on is the fact that they never know what their kids are going to do. This is true enough when the parents are sitting with their kids, watching their every move. But it’s even more true when parents leave the room for a few minutes. The unthinkable can happen so quickly! And that is why ever parent wishes for another set of eyes…another set of hands…and more hours in the day. There just isn’t enough to go around!

When the child comes along, and they seem to get on well with the family pet, parents are relieved. It would have been so hard to re-home a pet that has been in the family for so long. But, of course, the child has to come first. Luckily, these parents don’t have that issue. In fact, they trust the pet so much with their child, they are willing to leave the two together and alone for brief periods of time.

However, that is a mistake. And not because the child is in danger, but more for the pet’s sake. Because no parent should ever assume they know what their child will do…especially when it comes to the family pet. Give them a few minutes alone and any parent will find out fast that it’s not a good idea to leave any child alone with any pet. These poor pets will show us why that’s the case, at least for them!

14 Milk Spill

cats and kid drink

But the parents who left these four alone may start to wonder whether or not the cats make good babysitters. Maybe the milk-spilling wasn’t an accident, after all. Maybe the cats put her up to it so they could have a little treat! They might not like the child trying to share it, but there’s certainly plenty to go around! With any luck, this is a one-time incident. If it happens again, the parents will know for sure the cats can’t be trusted!

13 Kid Contours Like A Boss

makeup cat

It doesn’t matter how many times mommy tells her daughter to stay out of her make-up, she’s going to explore it eventually! This particular mommy perhaps made a rule about make-up. Her daughter wasn’t to wear any until she was a teenager. And then, only a slight amount. The daughter listened and she promised to stick to her mother’s rules. But girls are curious and she just had to know what she could do!

Of course, she wasn’t going to put the make-up on herself. Everyone would notice! But the cat was nearby and they were all alone… And the cat, being white and all, seemed to work well for any contouring the girl wanted to do. It was a perfect match! No one was bored and the girl got to test out the make-up. She’s going to need a little more work before she does it on herself, if the cat is any evidence on how good she is at applying it.

12 Giddy Up!

kid rides dog

Kids like to ride things. That’s all there is to it! But when it comes to things that are appropriate for riding, dogs aren’t usually in the mix. Ponies? Maybe! But the family dog? That’s not very common. This pooch doesn’t seem to mind…at least for now. But if this is what happens every time the parents leave the room, he may get tired of it sooner rather than later. And rest assured, this child is going to get bigger. And when she does, what will happen to his poor back?

Patient pups put up with a lot from their little mini-owners, but sometimes, they need a little protection as well. Kids don’t have much of a sensor when it comes to whether they’re hurting an animal or playing so it’s up to the adults to be that sensor and keep them nearby and out of reach when the kids are around!

11 I'm Just Gonna Take A Seat Right Here

baby sits on cat

Once a child starts walking, watch out! They want to explore anything and everything they can in order to grow and experience life to its fullest. Usually, kids will walk about anywhere. Apparently, this one got tired and needed to sit, like right now! The cat happened to be in the way. Poor cat!

Okay, so this was probably more intentional than just needing a soft place to sit. Perhaps the child was trying to show his love by sitting in kitty’s lap. Kids love laps most of the time, right? The cat doesn’t look particularly thrilled with the idea, but perhaps she’ll warm up to it when it gets cold outside. Body heat is never a bad thing to a cat. Hopefully she can turn this around and seek his lap out instead of the other way around next time. As he gets bigger, it will become a must!

10 Suck On That!

baby sucks on cat

But then the baby gets a hold of a puppy and as soon as her fingers close around him, he goes straight into her mouth. What is she sucking on? His ear? His nose? His whole face? Either way, he can’t be thoroughly enjoying this situation. He may learn quickly when to run from the baby, which would be any time she reaches for him. With any luck, the dog will grow up fast and be bigger than her!

9 Would You Like Some Tea, Sir?

dog tea party

The little umbrella just makes him feel like less of a man and he can’t have the other dogs in the neighborhood seeing him in this state! Luckily for all involved, he seems to be pretty patient with the ordeal…even if he’s about to take off the second the bonnet comes off his head.

8 Patience Is A Virtue

dog stacked with toys

Some pets can sleep through anything and when there’s a new baby in the house, that’s a good things at times. No one needs a fussy baby and a grumpy dog! As the child grows, it’s even better when they can sleep through a variety of action-packed items. This dog, however, seems to be fully awake. Her eyes are open, at least. So how is she staying still enough to allow her little owner to stack Littlest Pet Shop pets all over her body?

This dog can’t even hardly be breathing or the animals would surely go flying. How many are there? How long did this take? If she’s the babysitter, what will she do if trouble arises and she’s buried in plastic animals? The fun part of this game would be seeing her get up as the animals start to slide and fly about. Hopefully the child is ready for it or tears could fly too.

7 Pretty In Pink

pink dressy dog

Children like to dress things up, though, so when you leave one alone with the family dog, it’s probably just a matter of time before something like this happens. And when it does, perhaps try removing all dog-sized clothes from the house so the poor puppy can stay naked, as he’s supposed to be. His fur is plenty and the child will need to learn that sooner rather than later.

6 Ballin'

fashion dog

Creative children won’t stop with one pink outfit. Oh no, they’ll go all out and dress the dog over and over again. Fashionable dogs have to wear more than one ensemble a day, right? At least this one does! This is the type of dog every parent wants around their child. Nothing seems to phase her! She takes the changing, dressing, undressing, and repeating like a champ.

Maybe this dog was born to be a fashionista. Perhaps she enjoys it! At the very least, she doesn’t seem to hate it. She’s getting attention and the child is having fun so it’s a win-win. The parents just need to make sure the child doesn’t go overboard with it and aggravate the dog over the edge of no return. They could be good buddies for their lifetime if there isn’t too much alienation to return to a good pet-child owner relationship.

5 Really, Bro?

markered dog

And this dog makes a perfect canvas, no? He’s white so any color will show up on him! And he stayed still long enough to get lots of blue strokes on him too! We just have to hope this is washable marker so the poor pooch doesn’t have to live this way for long. He knows what color he is and he likes it that way. Blue is just not his color and he looks ashamed for himself and the child!

4 Looks Are Worth A Thousand Words

kid and cat at the window

Cats are in more danger than most dogs when it comes to kids. They’re lightweight, after all, and easy for a child to pick up and cart about. Plus, they sleep a lot so it’s easy enough to find their comfy spot, sneak up on them, and pounce into playing action.

This cat looks like she’s had it up to here with the playing that afternoon. The child has carried her all around the backyard and then some. If she weren’t so cute, she may have smacked her across the face by now. But being a good kitty, she’s doing her best to keep her cool. If looks could tell the whole story, though, we’re pretty certain she’s done with this game and she wants down. Like now. She doesn’t want to be pressed into the glass, but her nose may be heading that direction like the girl’s, so what’s a cat to do?

3 Can't.Breathe.

dog in kid's shirt

It’s sweet when a child loves their dog so much they want to smother them with hugs. Parents have to be careful about how much love and attention pets get. They don’t want them to get smothered and they don’t want the child to overdo it and aggravate the puppies. This child is trying to show a little extra love on the trampoline. She just wants to…wear the dog like a shirt?

The dog lucked out on this one. It may not be a comfortable position, after all, when was the last time anyone was in someone else’s shirt was actually comfortable? But at least his nose is out in the fresh air so he can breathe as normal. He can’t see…or hear, but he can breathe! It’s definitely the most important of the three at this point in time. With any luck the child will take her shirt back for just herself soon.

2 French Fry Contest Winner

french fry dog

Now, this is pretty amazing. How many dogs would sit with French fries anywhere near them without gobbling them up? This child has obviously spent some serious time training this dog. And the time it took to stuff the French fries in his mouth? And on top of his head? They were alone together for way too long.

So what did the child do to get the dog to avoid French fry gobbling? The dog doesn’t look happy about his position at the moment, so perhaps he doesn’t like them for some reason or another. Perhaps this happens to him every time there’s a French fry in sight and he just doesn’t ever want to see them again. If he loves them and isn’t being allowed, that’s sad too! The poor deprived dog! With any luck he’ll get to eat them when the stacking is done so he’ll at least get a treat at the end of the ordeal.

1 Coloring Outside The Lines

colorful dalmation

Anyone who has seen a Dalmatian knows they are white does with black spots and that’s that. So when parents return to their child and their dog only to find a Dalmatian that is black, white, and every other color of the rainbow, they have to know something happened while they were gone.

This is why you don’t leave children alone with pets! Sure, you never know what a pet might do, but even more so, you never know what the child is going to do! This poor puppy has been dyed so many different colors he’s made a beautiful rainbow. And while he’s very pretty, it can’t have been a fun process for him. And who knows where else the dye may have seeped and leaked throughout the house. He’s going to have some beautiful bat water, for sure, but this didn’t have to happen to him if only he hadn’t been alone with the kid!

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