15 Crazy Ways Women Predicted Their Pregnancies

We’ve all heard the freaky paranormal stories about people doing strange things. People getting in touch with the other side and having extraordinary experiences and sometimes even abilities. Just like these moms, and a few of the people that they know. It's impossible to imagine having the ability to predict the future, especially when it's something so specific like pregnancy.

A woman with the ability to predict her pregnancy before she can actually know for sure. Or, stranger still, someone else, like a toddler, predicting it for their mother. Or, maybe one BFF predicted it for her BFF. Even revealing the gender of the baby before the doctors can figure it out. Freaky!

Whether anyone reading this is a lifelong spiritual believer, someone who is stuck in the middle, or someone who thinks the whole spiritual realm is a joke, these stories are enticing and are something that will make even a skeptic stop and think. They might even make you look at your little one a little different and possibly start paying a little more mind to some of their babble.

It’s been documented a countless number of times. A predicted pregnancy before anyone can be entirely sure. Some moms just knew. First time moms knew there was something different about themselves. Some folks speculate that there are kids that can pick up on pregnancies because they are still so in touch with the other side, being as they were just there before they were conceived.

Other stories are impossible to decipher, such as aunts predicting the gender of their niece of nephew. If the whole idea isn’t strange enough, it may be more food for thought to consider the fact that nearly everyone who offers a prediction, a correct prediction, is a woman.

Are we that connected with our “sisters” that we know just what they’re going through and can predict it for them? Or is there no explanation to these mind-boggling stories?

15 My Two-Year-Old Daughter Knew I Was Expecting – The Day I Conceived

It was during a fourth of July party when these parents got a huge surprise. Their 2 year old daughter, who could be described as having “exceptional communication skills” especially when telling her parents about things that they have never exposed her to, such as babies and where they come from/how they grow.

During this particular party, their daughter was off a little way playing on the floor with some toys when suddenly, their daughter stood up, walked over to her mom, lifted her shirt and exclaimed: “Hi Baby!” before promptly returning to her toys as though nothing at all had happened.

Completely shocked and a bit stunned, the mom turned to her husband and asked if he had taught their daughter that’s where babies grow. Shocked himself he quickly answered no and they headed off into the kitchen to ask their daughter’s grandparents if they had taught her that babies grow in mommy’s bellies. Again, the answer was no.

Still a little unnerved, the parents decided to shrug it off, figuring their daughter had learnt if from a show such as Sesame Street and was just rehashing the lesson. But a few short weeks later, mom started to fill a little ill and tired. She took a pregnancy test and their surprise, she was actually pregnant. Not only had their daughter predicted the pregnancy, but she had done so on the day the baby would have been conceived.

However, the daughter’s predictions didn’t stop there. She is referring to the baby as “Sister Baby” and has also been explaining to her parents that the little girl has red hair. Time will tell if her other predictions are correct as well! The parents are claiming that while they were never very spiritual and have never been involved in any church, they may have to reevaluate their standings.

14 Target Predicted Teen Girl’s Pregnancy

It was the day after his daughter received a flyer in the mail for a baby registry filled with maternity clothes and diapers that a Minnesota father stormed into their local Target, demanding an explanation. Why was his daughter receiving such things in the mail? Were they trying to convince her to become pregnant?

A somewhat flustered manager was quick to apologize, unsure himself of why this mistake had been made and promising to correct it. However, Target and their algorithms knew exactly why this flyer had been sent to the young girl. Her recent elevated rates of purchasing included products such as unscented lotions, mineral supplements, and cotton balls. This hinted to Target she might be pregnant.

As it turns out, Target was exactly correct. To the upset father’s surprise, he was about to be a grandpa. And he wasted no time in returning to Target, this time to apologize to the manager (and, one can speculate, to buy some diapers).

13 I Dreamt of Buying Baby Boy Clothes, Months Before I Knew What I Was Having

During this young mom’s first trimester, she found that she had continued dreams of having a sweet baby boy. But not only did she have multiple dreams about her new baby boy, she also discovered that every time she went shopping she found herself drawn to the little boy clothes.

After three months of this, she figured that almost without a doubt she was going to have a baby boy. With a scheduled gender scan for the next morning, this mom went to sleep convinced that the next day she was going to be told she was positively having a baby boy. That was until she dreamt that very night that she was going to have a baby girl.

Unsure of what to expect the next day, she went to her gender scan…only to discover that her previous baby boy dreams had been correct all along!

12 An Aunt 6 Hours Away Predicted Her Nephews’ Births

It was late at night when this middle schooler remembers her mom going into labor three weeks before her due date. An ambulance was called and her mom was rushed to the hospital for the delivery. She was pregnant with twin boys. Around midnight that same night, the young girl remembers getting a call from her aunt, who lives six hours away.

Her older sister answered the phone and when the aunt asked to speak with their mom, she informed her she had already been taken to the hospital and was in labor. The aunt breathed a sigh of relief, saying she had called to make sure her sister was okay after a strange dream she had had that night.

Her sister has been taken by some strangers who were drilling a hole in her stomach. To the girls’ surprise, only an hour later their father called to announce that their mom had given birth. One naturally and one by C-section.

11 A Three Headed Snake Dream Informs Mother Of Her Pregnancy

It was while a young wife and her husband were trying to get pregnant that one night she dreamt she was bitten by a three-headed snake. The next morning when she awoke, she was overjoyed. In her culture, if you dream of a snake bite it means that you are pregnant. So she had reason to believe she was finally going to be a mom.

The only part that caught her off guard was the fact that the snake had three heads instead of one. Typically, a snake dream in her culture involves only a snake bite with a regular one-headed snake. She shrugged it off as nothing, but found that she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

And it was during one of her ultrasounds that she discovered just what was wrong. As it turns out, her baby girl was suffering from Trisomy 13, which is a case where the baby possesses a third chromosome. The snake was not only informing her of the pregnancy, but also warning her of the condition.

10 Mother Predicted The Passing Of Her Unborn Baby

During this mom’s third pregnancy she had a frightening dream of being in the hospital. During her stay, she dreamt that a nurse came into her room and told her that while she had been asleep they had already removed her baby, placed her in an icebox, and put her in the fridge.

Panicked in her dream she began to cry and call out: “It’s too early!” When she awoke, she felt eerie and strange, bothered by her dream. As the week progressed, her symptoms of pregnancy started to disappear but she didn’t think much of it. That was, until she went to the doctor for her regular check-up.

At the appointment, the doctor could not find a heartbeat. Worried, an ultrasound was scheduled. To the mom’s dismay there she saw on the screen: no flickering of the tiny heartbeat.

9 First Time Mother’s Unborn Baby Warns Her To Stop Bad Habits

During this mom’s first pregnancy, she didn’t even realize she was pregnant. She was actually operating under the assumption that she couldn’t, in fact, get pregnant at all. But one night, she dreamt of a toddler, a little boy who looked just like his daddy. With fond thoughts of the dream, she didn’t give it much more thought until a week had passed.

She thought she was getting her period, but a visit to the hospital explained otherwise. She had been pregnant but had suffered a miscarriage at the end of her first trimester. Realizing she shouldn’t have brushed the dream off as wishful thinking and should have listened, stopping her habits of drinking and smoking.

When a little while later she had a reoccurring dream, this time of a little Caucasian girl and a mixed little boy, she decided to immediately stop all bad habits. Even if the dream is false she is happy to be more safe than sorry this time.

8 A Positive Dream Of A Positive Pregnancy Test

It had been over a year since this mom had been trying to get pregnant. She was beginning to think she was never going to be able to get pregnant. Until one night she dreamt that she was taking a pregnancy test and it turned out to be positive. Clearly in her dream she saw the bright pink plus sign glowing back at her.

When she awoke, she was overjoyed with the thought of being pregnant, even though she wasn’t even late on her cycle yet. Unsure of exactly how to interpret the dream, it took her a week to build up the courage to buy a test from the drug store and another day before she was able to take it.

To her surprise and delight, the dream had been correct. The test was positive. She was, indeed, pregnant after all!

7 Predicted Pregnancy One, And Then Predicted Twins!

This mom is truly extraordinary. During her first pregnancy, she not only dreamt of her pregnancy but she also dreamt of what her baby looked like. In the dream, she was holding the tiny baby in her arms and when she awoke, she knew without a doubt that she was going to be a mother.

Throughout the next little while, she didn’t think much of her baby’s appearance in the dream, she was more excited to be pregnant. But after her baby was born and she held him in her arms, she realized he looked exactly as he had in her dream!

It was several years later when she had a dream about multiples of baby animals, which lead her to realize that she was pregnant with twins! During the dream, she found herself walking in the woods and noticed a wolf laying on a boulder. She had several cubs with her that were nursing. The next animal she noticed was prairie dogs.

There were lots of them running around, including lots of mothers with their babies. After a little more walking, she came across a doe who had two fawns with her. She didn’t think too much of the dream at first, until only a short while later she found out that she was pregnant with twins!

6 A Dream Filled With Expectant Women Told this Woman She Was With Child

This was a mom was in her early 40’s and already had two children. The last thing she was expecting was to get pregnant. But then one night she had a dream that left her wondering if her pregnant days were in fact over! That night, she had a dream that she walked into a large room that was filled with pregnant woman.

They were all getting ready for an exercising class. After the class had finished, she went to meet up with her husband at a restaurant, which also turned out to be filled with pregnant women! There was a pregnant woman beside them at their table, behind them, a group of pregnant women waiting in the lobby, and even their waitress was pregnant!

After her and her husband had eaten, the dream continued with them heading off to the park. Only to find that the park was filled with pregnant women as well! When she woke up the next morning, even the mom thought this had been a strange dream, and she shrugged it off for the most part at first. Until she was late with her cycle. She promptly took a pregnancy test and to her surprise and delight, found out she pregnant!

5 This Woman Knew She Was Expecting – Even Though The Doctors Told Her She Never Would Be

Despite everything, as soon as this woman was pregnant she knew without a doubt she was going to be a mother! Her doctors had told her her entire life she was never going to be able to get pregnant and she had been operating under the assumption that she would never be able to experience the thrills that pregnancy can bring.

But one day, she got a feeling. She just knew deep within herself that she was pregnant. She started to even dream about a pregnancy. Excited to discover the truth, she took a home pregnancy and although the results turned up negative, she refused to give up hope. After more dreams and the persistent feeling, she decided to take another test. To her delight, it was positive!

4 Child Predicts Older Sister’s Pregnancy – At Her Wedding!

It was while this brushing young bride was all dressed in white in front of the mirror and putting the final touches on her make-up when her 5-year-old sister walked up to her, patted her tummy, and asked: “When can I play with my niece?”

The bride laughed and had to simply reply that it was too early for that. She felt odd about the experience but shrugged it off, figuring it was just her sister saying something silly. She continued with her wedding but it was at the reception while she was dancing that she felt faint and had to sit down.

There was a strange feeling in her stomach and, rehashing what her sister had said only a few hours ago, she sent a bride’s maid down the street to a drug store for a pregnancy test. She took the test at the reception and to her surprise, discovered that she was pregnant!

She informed her new husband and they announced it to everyone right there in the middle of the reception! However, not only did her young sister predict the pregnancy, but she also ended up with a niece.

3 Aunt And Niece Are Gender Predicting Gurus

For this duo, they’ve had a total of ten pregnancies in the family to try and figure out genders. So far, they have correctly predicted nine of the genders. When one mother found out she was pregnant, the niece instantly continued to insinuate that it was a girl, even calling the baby Bella.

She was correct in the prediction! Now that the niece’s mother is the one pregnant, she’s insisting that it will be a little girl once again. The aunt is slightly unsure, although she’s leaning toward it possibly being a little boy. Mainly because her husband dreamt of a baby boy the day her sister called to tell them the news.

This is a rare occasion for the two to not agree on the gender and only time will tell which one is correct. It has even become a “thing” within the family to see if these two can guess the gender before the parents find out.

2 Daughter Correctly Predicted All Her Mom’s Pregnancies Along With The Correct Gender

This daughter hit three for three pregnancies. Each time her mom was pregnant, this little girl knew right away without a doubt. And it was always weeks before her mom knew for herself whether or not it was true. The first time her daughter informed her of the pregnancy, she shrugged it off. Until she found out she was pregnant.

The second time, she once again didn’t think much of it. I mean, what are the odds of that happening twice? But shortly after, she discovered she was, in fact, pregnant. The third time her daughter informed her of her pregnancy, she took a test that day that once again turned out to be positive. All three times, the daughter was also able to correctly predict the gender of the baby.

Although now that she’s all grown, she wishes she could hack back into her psychic abilities and predict the lottery instead of babies!

1 Bad Migraine Led To A Baby Prediction

This sister had been suffering from a bad migraine all day when she finally laid down for a rest. But to her surprise, she began to hallucinate and pictured her sister with a baby. She thought that was a strange hallucination. When she had recovered from her severe headache, she quickly called her sister to explain to her what she had just seen.

Her sister was speechless for a moment before she informed her that she was actually pregnant. And she was so early in finding out herself that she hadn’t even told her husband yet! But, of course, since she found out that her sister knew she realized she couldn’t keep it a secret much longer and she quickly told the family about the new bundle of joy!

So far the sister hasn't had another migraine prediction.

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