15 Crazy Whisper Confessions Of Shoplifting Moms

People shoplift for many different reasons. Perhaps they really don’t have the money for basic necessities like food or clothing so they steal these items; or maybe a teen shoplifts because all her friends have name brand clothes and her parents can’t afford those labels, but she wants to have the ‘cool clothes’ too. Though there are many reasons people shoplift, I think we can all agree it is wrong, however much some might try to justify it.

A certain stereotype springs to mind when we think of shoplifters but we don’t really expect mothers to engage in this sort of law-breaking behavior, because moms are generally thought of as responsible, law abiding citizens—they have too much to lose by getting caught, right?

So what on earth could possibly justify a mother risking so much to steal items from a store? Well, you’d be surprised at the many reasons that moms are willing to do it. Some moms have reasonably justified excuses, but others seem to just love the thrill of it. Maybe they just don’t think it’s that risky—especially if they’ve gotten away with it on many occasions. Some people get so used to doing it, they can’t imagine actually paying for things—WTF! Some moms actually become addicted to it! There are even support groups you can attend to get you over this addiction.

There are quite a few reasons that mothers shoplift, which you might be a bit surprised by. Not all moms are shoplifting formula and baby wipes, you know. Browse through these 15 moms who shoplift on the regular. What do you make of them?

15 Using The Baby As A Distraction

Yikes! Of course we know there are moms out there that do things like this, but how horrible is it that this mom uses her baby as an accomplice! Most of us think it's despicable enough to be shoplifting at all, but bringing your baby along for the ride—literally—is a new level or horrible. Even though this mom is nuts, you have to kind of admire her ingenuity. She's got a point on the whole mom brain defense, and it just might work for her. Certainly we've all had our babies distract us so much that we might do something a bit absentminded, and then say, "Oh! It was the baby! I was so busy caring for him, I wasn't thinking!" I'm guessing that Loss Prevention is on to you though, mommy dearest. You might not be quite as sneaky as you think you are... Better watch out, or you might be taken to jail while your baby is taken somewhere else.

14 Because I Gotta Look Good Too!

This mom definitely has no shame! Sure, we can all relate to being that mom who spends all her money on her kids, and at the end of the day there's nothing left over for her. But aren't moms supposed to sacrifice for their children? It seems to me that looking a little raggedy, or wearing last season's clothes, is the least of a mom's worries. Shouldn't we be more concerned with saving for the kiddo's college fund, or paying the mortgage, or even the state of the country? Shoplifting clothing for yourself is a pretty selfish thing to do. Especially when you factor in all the suffering your family could go through if you do get caught. I'm betting you'll feel pretty stupid when you are doing time, or paying massive fines, just because you wanted a new pair of kicks. Come on moms! Let’s get our priorities straight!

13 I Do It For My Son

Well, here's a mom that we can feel a little sorry for, especially if her story is true, but still... There are so many programs out there that help single moms, that shoplifting really shouldn't be necessary. There are places where you can buy gently used clothing and toys, for cheap, not to mention exchanging or borrowing these items from friends or family members. Really, kids grow out of toys and clothing so quickly, it seems really silly to shoplift these items. Also, we as a country are way too materialistic. I'll admit, I'm guilty of consumerism too, but at the end of the day, aren't the kids happier playing with a refrigerator box than playing with those fancy toys? Not to mention that young children could care less what they're wearing. Like, they literally don't care. My son doesn't even wear clothes at home, preferring to run around in his underwear. This is still no excuse for stealing, lady.

12 I Just Love Getting Things For Free

Oh my. This lady obviously just shoplifts for the heck of it, because she clearly isn't doing it because she's trying to feed her kids or anything. She gets a thrill out of shoplifting, and she isn't going to stop until she gets caught. I'm willing to guess that she also feels a sense of power in deceiving people, and for some, that's probably all the power they will ever know. Well, I hope you enjoyed all those thrills and that sense of superiority, because someday you are going to get caught. No matter how fancy you look, or how much you think you are deceiving people, I'm betting they're on to you, mama. Let's see how much you enjoy the thrill of feeling powerless, when they slap those cuffs on you and take you to a nice cozy jail cell. The detention officers don't care much about your fancy clothes when they are asking you to take them off so they can do a strip search. See? Thrilling!

11 The Department Store Brings It Out In Me

Okay, I have to say I feel this poor woman. Anytime I enter a department store I get that feeling too. The feeling that you want to own everything in sight! I don't know what it is about those mega stores with their bright lights and everything smelling so new, and all the fancy, perfectly organized displays!!! Like Moana's ocean, it calls me... But. I still don't have a desire to steal a bunch of crap I don't need. I wants it, I needs it...except I really don't. The minute I get home, I forget about everything I thought that I had to have. They say you should buy something only if you walk away from it, but can't stop thinking about the item for days or weeks after. Then maybe you really are supposed to have that life-changing scarf (think Confessions of a Shopaholic), but otherwise...you probably didn't really need it.

10 I Do It Because I'm Broke

Hmmmm, do you really want me to answer that question for you? Yes. Yes you are. Not only because you shoplifted, but also because that kind of behavior is a terrible example to set for your son. Again, when you are shoplifting because you literally need items and can find no other way to get them other than stealing, most people might have a little more sympathy for your crimes, but they are still crimes. I'm willing to bet that the judge who sentences you would back me up on that statement. The judge might be a smidge more lenient with you, especially if it's your first offense, but can you imagine what that kind of charge will do to your record? Theft charges make it almost impossible to get a decent job in this country. Do you want to know why? Because employers don't want their employees to steal from them. Huh. Go figure.

9 It's An Addiction

There are many forms of addiction in this country, not just drugs and alcohol. I've heard of many people being addicted to gambling, sex, working out, and many other habits. Shoplifting can absolutely become an addicting habit; especially the more times you get away with it. Not only is it thrilling when you're doing it and not getting caught, but also it's probably pretty addicting to have new shiny items to bring home every week. That new smell of that leather purse, the un-scuffed soles of those pretty shoes…very addicting. Also addicting is the way people compliment you on your new outfit every day, or how they admire your new jewelry. Yes, shoplifting is absolutely an addiction, but it's a dangerous one. Especially when you are setting an example for your children. And this child is terrified her mother will be caught. Imagine what you are doing to your poor child's stress level, among other things?

8 Bailing Mom Out

Ahhhh, when the inevitable comes to bite the thief in the butt. Yes, it's pretty embarrassing for the family, and anyone else who knows the shoplifter, to have to bail them out of jail. Shoplifters and other criminals often forget that there are no victimless crimes and someone will always feel the effects of your bad decisions. When you steal from a store, not only are you hurting the business you are stealing from, but you are also hurting yourself, your character, the character of your children, and any other family member who has to deal with your issues. You are possibly affecting your future if you do get caught, and that lack of a future for yourself can be hugely impactful on your children. If you can't get a job, your children will suffer for the lack of income. If you have to go on welfare because you can't get a job, the taxpayers will suffer for your lack of income.

7 Mom Taken Away In Handcuffs

Here's a serial shoplifter whose child isn't even surprised by her mother's reprehensible behavior. Can you imagine how a child must feel to watch his/her own mother being taken away by the police? How irresponsible to raise your child to believe that shoplifting is okay. Even this kid knows that her mother's action are wrong. Think about your kid when you are behind bars, crying to your cell mate about how you 'didn't know this was going to happen.' We all know that stealing is wrong. Pretty sure we learn that when we're, like, two-years-old. This mom has no business having children if she can't teach them that stealing is wrong, and instead chooses to demonstrate these immoral behaviors. Not only is this mom jeopardizing her freedom, but she may very well be jeopardizing her relationship with her child. The kid may want nothing to do with her insane, klepto-mom.

6 Mom Forced To Shoplift

Oh. Well this one surprises me a little. We have the child negatively influencing the parent. I'm pretty sure that if a parent can be thus influenced, that might not be such a good parent to begin with. Seriously, don't let your kid get you to commit crimes. When people try to bully you into doing the wrong thing, you still have to fight the bully, even if it is your very own bundle of joy. I hate to belabor the point, but even though this shoplifting spree was the idea of the child, it's still the mom's job to teach her kid good behaviors. 'Just say no' seems to apply here, even if this isn't exactly peer pressure... When the fruit of your loins is pressuring you into making terrible decisions, you as a parent might have made a misstep in your parenting somewhere along the way. It's never too late to teach a child right and wrong, mom.

5 Rich Mom Still Shoplifts

Here we have another impulsive kleptomaniac mother who can't stop shoplifting, even though she's rich AF. What could this mom possibly be thinking? I feel like I've heard stories like this elsewhere...oh yeah!...with celebrities! I have never understood these stories; like when we hear about the NFL football star who got caught shoplifting. It has to be the thrill or the addiction, because what else could possibly explain this kind of behavior? What makes you feel like you are above the law? These are the people that I hope get the harshest sentences for their crimes, because there is no excuse for them. None whatsoever! I feel like the judge should be super inventive in the punishment for these people. Like, they must get a tattoo on their faces with a scarlet hand-print—the five finger discount tat that marks them for life. Too much? Maybe...maybe not. What do you think?

4 Mom Shoplifts For Over Ten Years Before Getting Caught

This mom isn't content to commit only one wrong-doing before her child's very eyes; she must add to the pile by also asking her own child to pay for her crimes, and asking the kid to lie for her as well. Some mom you are. I wish more people believed in tough love, because this is one of those times where the kid should just say, "Nope. You made your jail cell, now you can lie in it." This mother is all kinds of horrible, and I can only imagine the terrible upbringing this kid has had to deal with. Somehow, some children manage to turn out as moral beings, probably because they learn right from wrong by doing the exact opposite of what their terrible parent has done. In the case of this kid, I'm sure she learns what not to do by watching her mother. Don't bail her out, kid! Don't lie to her boyfriend for her, then you become entangled in her wicked web...

3 She'll Steal Anything And Everything

If this kid still sees her mom as a saint, then she needs to get her eyeballs checked. Her mother is as far from sainthood as I am from winning the Super Bowl. Let me give you a hint...that's pretty darn far. Your mother is a terrible person kid, and you do not need to excuse her behavior. Not only is she a thief, but she also brings you along during her thieving? I'm pretty sure that behavior is a form of child abuse. If she had ever been caught when you were young, CPS would probably have investigated her. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, and I've no doubt most of us stole something at some point in our lives, even if it was accidental, but your mom has been doing it since you were a kid. Not only that, but you actually still admire her? You might be just as bad as your mom, kiddo, but with a mom like that I guess I'm not surprised.

2 She Can't Stop

Oh man, we have another terrible kid who has gotten the parent to go down the wrong path. Sometimes criminal behavior does run in families...but usually it's the child learning the behaviors from the parents. It seems like it's a little hypocritical of this child to wish his/her mom would stop shoplifting, when he/she's the one who got her to do it in the first place. Let me just tell you, there are meetings that you can send your mom where she can get help for her shoplifting addiction, but if you decide to send your mom there, you might want to attend right along with her. And then, you need to tell everyone how it was you who got her addicted to thieving in the first place. Come on families! You've got to do better, and be better than this. Family bonding day doesn't have to involve shoplifting... I assure you, there are many other things that can give you a good thrill!

1 Double The Trouble

Here we have a kid who is actually celebrating the shoplifting spree that she and her mom have been on. Family bonding time! Oh joy! Share your crimes with the world, especially on social media! I really hope the cops don't see this picture...oh wait...I actually do hope the cops see this picture! I've heard of mother/daughter shopping sprees, but mother/daughter shoplifting is new to me... Does it really bring the two of you closer as a family? Celebrating the mother/daughter crime spree is just ridiculous. Hey, later you and mom can enjoy some bonding time when you share a holding cell together as well! Many strange events can bring a family together, so I guess it would follow that committing crimes together might bring you two closer also. Whatever works for you, but the rest of us will just be over here shaking our heads... Get it together, ladies!

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