15 Crazy Women Who Delivered With A Full Face

The day has come. You have walked into the hospital and the next time you walk out, you'll be taking baby home. What do you do now in preparation for the most momentous occasion of your life? Prepping your face for the delivery of your baby might not be the first thing that will come to mind, but it's actually more common than you think.

Many women have said that applying makeup while in labour actually helps them to feel better. They say that it enables them to take back some control, and perhaps most importantly, keeps them occupied during the pain of the contractions.

Social media could be considered one of the primary culprits as to why so many women are reaching for their foundation and mascara, while getting ready for the big push. The pressure to look incredible, even when giving birth has never been so intense, with women even going to such lengths as bringing hair stylists and makeup artists into the delivery room.

My first thought when I read about women wearing makeup during labour was 'Come on! Seriously?' A few moments later however, I found myself imagining my own labour, and how, actually, I would feel a hell of a lot more comfortable if I 'had my face on.'

This list features 15 individual mothers, from bloggers to beauty writers to the celebs we can't go a day without hearing about, who decided that, for them, a full face during delivery was the only way to go.

Ultimately, it's your decision as to whether you bring your baby into the world with your foundation on or not. It's your birth, and if you feel that you need to wear makeup in order to feel calm and in control, then go right ahead! In other words ladies, you deserve to feel your best during the birth of your baby.

15 Alaha Majid


Perhaps the most well known woman to have had a full face while giving birth is Alaha Majid. This professional makeup artist from New York applied her makeup while having her contractions, pausing with what she was doing when they became too intense, and picking up from where she left off once they'd passed. Alaha said that she wanted to greet her baby daughter Sophia looking glamorous.

After posting her labour photos on Instagram, it wasn't long before they went viral. When the contractions became too intense for Sophia to continue with her makeup application, her husband took over and finished up. Alaha did get a lot of hate online, but it was outweighed by the heaps of praise.

The makeup Alaha brought with her to the hospital included a 33 colour eyeshadow palette, fake eyelashes, several brushes, liquid lipstick and a contour kit.

14 Kate Mond Tse Williamson

The first thought Kate Mond Tse Williamson had when she found out her due date, was how she was not going to look like a wet dishtowel in the post delivery snaps. This makeup loving writer from Hawaii had never considered herself to be a vain person, but she was insistent on maintaining a shred of her makeup loving self. She wanted to come out of the experience glowing.

Months before her baby was due, Kate began the task of gathering waterproof supplies that would withstand the birth, should it be 24 long hours of labour or a c-section. She accepted that she couldn't be in control of what went on below her neck, but whatever went on above would be looking gorgeous. Some of the products Kate used include Estée Lauder Double Wear light foundation, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner.

13 Tamara Ecclestone


It was pretty much written in the stars that Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and heiress to the Formula 1 empire, would look gorgeous when giving birth for the first time. And she didn't disappoint when she announced baby Sophia's arrival on Instagram.

The first photos of Tamara with her newborn bundle of joy are unapologetically stunning, making it incredibly hard to believe that there was no stylist in the room to help her fashion those glossy curls, enviably long lashes and flawless English rose coverage. Tamara admitted that she 'ripped up the rule book' when it came to her labour.

The Vogue worthy portrait of Tamara and baby Sophia was taken by her husband Jay Rutland on his phone. Tamara has had her fair share of haters, with journalist Amanda Killelea accusing her of 'being out of touch with reality' and 'alienating women everywhere.'

12 Katie Slays

Beauty Blogger and YouTuber Katie Slays was in front of the camera a mere three hours before giving birth to her second child. This talented young mom shot a Labour & Delivery Makeup Tutorial using her Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette, and wanted to see if it would outlast the sweat and tears of her second labour.

Katie's list of makeup products for her look is shockingly long, even for full face coverage. I found myself loosing track of the products. And she didn't leave for the hospital without putting on her false eyelashes to complete her labour look. Some of the other products she used for her birthing look included a Bobby Brown vitamin enriched face base, Urban Decay Naked Skin colouring correcting fluid (green) and a Two Faced Born This Way foundation.

11 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

It wasn't going to be a question of 'will she won't she' when it came to Kim Kardashian wearing full makeup for the birth of her first child, North, in 2013. To see Kim without her makeup would be nothing short of miraculous.

The birth of North happened quicker than expected, as Kim was suffering with toxemia (blood poisoning caused by toxins from a bacterial infection) and needed to give birth as quickly as possible. Despite the anxiety surrounding the birth, Kim still looked photoshoot ready.

Kim's sister Khloé filmed the whole event which was featured on their reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Naturally, she looked utterly flawless. Despite having a full face for the birth of North, it was, however, a different story for her second child. Kim granted Kanye West's wish and went au naturel for Saint's birth.

10 Lissa Retromancer

Shortly before she was going to give birth, YouTuber, Clinique counter manager, wife and mom of two Lissa Retromancer (who looks like Jessica Rabbit's slightly tamer sister) filmed a hair and makeup tutorial.

In between contractions, dazzling Lissa who lives on an organic farm in Michigan, calmly styled her brilliantly red hair, and talked through the products she'd chosen to use for the birth, which would take place inside a water pool in her living room. It was much more intimate than your average makeup tutorial video.

Some of the products Lissa used for her birthing look included Neutral Territory Clinique eyeshadow, True Black gel liner and High Impact curling mascara. And yes, her makeup did, reportedly stay on for the duration of the birth.

9 McKlini Hatch

Mommy's Little Sunshine

Children clothing boutique owner, blogger at Mommy's Little Sunshine and mother of two McKlini Hatch, gave birth to her daughter Laikynn Kay and managed to look positively angelic throughout the whole labour. Her sun kissed hair, immaculate skin and blinding smile left me sad at my laptop, head in my hands thinking to myself 'How? How does she even look like that after having a baby?'

Labours are usually messy, teary, sweaty events which take every ounce of strength from the mother, but there wasn't anything remotely untidy about this delivery. To be honest, it looked as McKlini didn't need to do anything but smile! I'm not sure what her secret is, but I would give a limb to know.

McKlini's blog documents her daughter's birth with many, many photos and there isn't one where she isn't looking utterly radiant and astonishingly serene.

8 Carah Amelie


Carah Amelie, a successful freelance makeup artist and YouTuber hosts a popular lifestyle/beauty channel (over 35 million views and counting) and created a video called 'What's In My Hospital Bag!?' I'm always fascinated to know what people keep in their bags, and was especially interested to know what a beauty blogger would pack with the slippers, dressing gown and diapers.

Alongside the usual suspects - lipbalm, moisturizer - were Garnier BB Cream, Jordana 12 Hour black eyeliner and Skindinavia finishing spray.

She defended wearing makeup in the hospital, saying that although people might think it's weird, it helps her to feel awake and refreshed. She also wanted to look 'halfway decent' in the first photographs with her baby. I can relate with that desire to want to look 'halfway decent.' Especially if the photos are going to be circulating on the web, which we all know they will.

7 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Snooki Gives Birth

We remember Snooki best for from MTV's reality-based TV show Jersey Shore. While this makeup obsessed, tanning addict didn't necessarily get much positive press during her run on the snow, she's turned her life around in recent years.

One thing that didn't change about Snooki however, was her trademark heavy makeup. So, it was to be expected that she would be dolled up for her first labour, an event which would be filmed for her own show, Snooki & JWOWW. Snooki said she wanted to look good when she met her son for the first time. Along with makeup, Snooki packed heels, a leopard-print gown, and false eyelashes for the birth of her son Lorenzo in 2012. Snooki was in labour for a full 27 hours, but looked camera ready the entire time.

6 Emily Noel

Emily Noel is a former news anchor and hosts the YouTube channel Beauty Broadcast. She sees makeup in a hugely positive light, both as a creative outlet and a confidence booster. This bubbly, lovable, makeup obsessed lady provides an honest insight into what having a 'full face' during birth was like.

As you'll be able to see, she knew exactly what she needed to apply that would outlast all of the sweat, the buckets of tears, the oxygen mask and all of those hands. So, if you're searching for a look which will see you through all stages of your labour, pay attention to what she has to say.

Some of the products Emily used to achieve her gorgeous glow look included Garnier 5 Second Blur as a primer and Estée Lauder double wear foundation in creamy tan.

5 Holly Madison

After seven years as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's main squeeze, former Playboy model and The Girls Next Door star Holly Madison left the Playboy house in 2008 with a goal - to find herself.

In 2013 the New York Times bestselling author of two books, blogger, showgirl, model and devoted mother brought her first child, daughter Rainbow Aurora Rotella, into the world. The entire labour was filmed for an E! TV special, and, naturally, Holly had styled hair and a full face on for the cameras, which included heavy mascara, bright pink lips and a dewy complexion.

But it wasn't so much the makeup that got my attention, rather her cozy looking handcrafted blanket, and her hospital room, which looked ever so homely. From the looks of things, this former bunny girl finally found who she was meant to be all along.

4 Amanda Libby

While her face wasn't as 'full' as her fans are used to seeing, fashion blogger and stylist Amanda Libby took a manicure and pedicure before giving birth. She said that having her nails freshly painted helped her to feel 'put together and polished,' and I agree with her wholeheartedly.

Anyone who would argue against a woman wanting to paint her nails before giving birth should take a moment to think about how petty the argument actually is. Think of how small a deal it is in the grand scheme of things. Yet, it can really make a difference for the woman giving birth and how she feels about herself.

When her due date was approaching, Amanda made sure that her maternity bag included Tarte 12-hour concealer, foundation, and eyeliner, Korres mascara, and Bare Minerals bronzer and eye shadow.

3 Kristen Noel Crawley

After not being 'prepared' with her first baby (who came three weeks early) Elle beauty columnist, stylist and successful business woman Kristen Noel Crawley ended up looking like a 'hot mess' in the first photos with her new born. But she wasn't going to be embarrassed a second time. 'After having a child and going through it once, I've mastered delivery room beauty,' she said.

For the second birth, she brought her favourite makeup essentials including Clé de Peau Beauté concealer which provided her with flawless coverage, and Dior Nude Air Serum which, she said, gave her skin much-needed color and a bit of a glow.

Kristen also recommends expectant mothers to treat themselves to eyelash extensions, a gel manicure and to wax the usual; upper lip, eyebrows, as it won't be doable in the first weeks after your baby is born.

2 Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

Another reality star who's delivery was caught on camera for the whole world to experience was Rachel Zoe of The Rachel Zoe Project. As the fashionista packed her Chanel sweaters and thigh high boots ready for her trip to the hospital she said, 'If I'm going to be a mess, I'm gonna be a glamorous mess.'

When Rachel's waters broke, she woke her husband Roger and went to the bathroom. He followed Rachel and was shocked to find her styling her hair. Naturally, he caught it on camera for future home videos.

Rachel who was in labour for 16 hours with her son Skylar, defended herself, saying “The problem is, it’s such an unglamorous experience that if you feel really unattractive, it makes it so much worse.”

1 Jalyssa Monet

As someone who only started wearing makeup in their twenties, it feels a little bit strange to say this, but honestly, it's difficult to see Jalyssa Monet as anything but inspirational for wearing a full face to give birth.

This young, beautiful Instagrammer, and self-taught makeup extraordinaire looked absolutely stunning, and so happy on her delivery day, with coverage and eyeshadow that was nothing short of spectacular.

Even though Jalyssa had an excessive face of makeup on, it didn't undervalue any of the moments captured on camera. It shouldn't come as any surprise that her tear-jerking images went viral, and have been the source of many a (positive) meme. Jalyssa has also become an inspiring figure for expectant mothers who are looking at wearing makeup for the birth of their own babies.

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