15 Creative Costume Ideas For Expectant Mamas

Halloween is right around the corner! Excuse me while I go buy all my home decor, since this is the only season this stuff is sold. Seriously, why is it so difficult to get a skull shaped wine glass any other time of the year? And glitter pumpkins. Everyone loves glitter pumpkins.

Anyhow, with Halloween comes parties, costume contests, and trick or treating for those of us who have other littles who will be hitting the streets begging random people for various candies. With that, we need costumes. Well, ok maybe not need, but costumes are like… they’re awesome. Who doesn’t want to be whatever they want during this time of the year?! It’s the one time of year (aside from Comic Conventions, but that’s beside the point) where we can be whatever we want, judgment free!

Some people prefer to do themed outfits, and that’s ok too, some of those will be on here too where mom can pair up with dad in her costume choice. I mean, for example… a sliced avocado. The woman’s belly is the pit. Admit it, it’s cute, funny, and makes for an adorable costume!

There’s a ton of costume ideas out there for pregnant women, from awesome to just plain funny! So, just in time for the Halloween season, here’s 15 awesome ideas for costumes for pregnant women! Some of these will require a little work and innovation, but there’s just enough time in the month where it can get done before Halloween possibly!

15 Prego!

This is absolutely perfect! Not only is it a play on words, since a common term for pregnant is prego, but it’s also hilarious because… Prego is pasta sauce! It can be baggy or tight to either hide or flaunt a bump, and it’s not super difficult to make. Some felt and craft paint, and craft glue, and this can easily be done. Use a shirt or a large poncho made of red felt as the base, and glue everything else to it.

Difficulty- 6/10. Making this costume isn't as easy as it looks, because while it’s not complicated, it does take some amount of skill and art talent to make the costume and pull it off correctly. There’s always tutorials out there for this on pinterest and youtube, so hit those up to get proper directions. Otherwise, just see what supplies are there and see how it turns out, it may be pleasantly surprising.

14 Basketball Player And Basketball

Hey, it fits! The pregnant belly is the perfect shape to pull off being a basketball, and the costume is pretty simple too! Imagine it, walking into the party in style, one arm on the belly, proudly holding it like it’s a glorious basketball, the other hand on the hip in a sassy pose. The Chicago Bills ain’t got nothing on this mama! Time to score a slam dunk!

Difficulty- 3/10 This costume is pretty simple, but does require some painting skill. All that’s needed is a basketball uniform, some body paint or makeup, paintbrushes, and sneakers. Pin up the uniform around the belly, then paint the belly orange with black basketball lines on it. Add in some athletic gear if necessary, to spice up the outfit, such as a headband or some sporty socks. Boom, instant basketball player! Wear longer hair up in a sporty bun or pony tail for added effect.

13 Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, but hopefully this Humpty won’t have any falls! The pregnant belly’s round shape is perfect for this costume, and it’s amazingly simple to put together. And since everyone knows this nursery rhyme or has at least heard of it in some way, shape, or form, this costume won’t be mind boggling to figure out for people!

Difficulty- 3/10, and I only say that because it does take some skill to paint a face on the belly like that, unless mom has some help. Other than that, make a brick wall out of a box and make some legs, I would personally do so with old socks twined in the shape of legs, and attached to the top front edge of the box. Super cute and everyone will get the reference for sure! Just be careful, because we all know what happened to Humpty… all the King’s Horses and Men couldn’t put him together again. So don’t let poor Humpty fall!

12 Came In Like A Wrecking Ball!

This is just amusing! We all know the song, it’s been used in countless memes and jokes. And believe me, with a heaping pregnant belly, it just may fit the situation, because mom very well might just be coming in like a wrecking ball. This costume is large and in charge, and sure to get a few laughs.

Difficulty- 6/10. It’s a bit more complicated than the other costumes on this list so far, with the exception of the Prego sauce. Get some aluminum foil, tape, black leggings and a shirt because… going out naked to truly match the theme is frowned upon in polite society, a naked Barbie or other doll (do not add details please…and if kids will be present, maybe put the doll in a swimsuit so as not to offend anyone), and some chain necklaces, attach Barbie to the chains and have her holding on or attached to the belly ‘wrecking ball’ in some way, and boom. Costume achieved. Bonus points if makeup gets done like Miley’s, too.

11 Gumball Machine

I mean, this is clever, I don’t care what anyone says. That said, making it from scratch makes it one of the more difficult costumes on this list. Ok, maybe not difficult, but certainly more tedious. But it is incredibly cute, and everyone will, again, know exactly what it is without having to do much explaining.

Difficulty- 7/10. While the concept is simple and basic, the execution is more difficult and can go horribly wrong. The best bet to make sure the shape of the gumballs is the way that they’re supposed to be, is to put on the plain white shirt that will become the gumball machine top and trace the area the gumballs will be out with a marker. Then just fill in with multicolored pom poms. The red skirt just needs a piece of silver felt and a marker, and then some tape or basic sewing to hold it on temporarily.

10 Disco Inferno!

Burn, Baby Burn…DISCO INFERNO!! I mean, we’ve all heard that song right, or am I the only one who lives halfway in the 70s and 80s? I’m the only one? Well, at least this costume will make mom be a sure fire, flashy stand out in the crowd of Harley Quinns this year! (And believe me, there will be Harleys… lots of Harleys.

Difficulty- 8/10. Mom may need some help with those pieces of aluminum foil cut out to be the disco ball belly, and it’ll take spirit gum or some other kind of skin-safe adhesive to get them on. But the rest of the costume may be found by hitting up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. If nothing else, buying a classic 70s disco costume from a store and modifying it so that the belly shows isn’t too hard. The difficult part is the ball itself. One crooked aluminum square, and it throws off the pattern and everyone notices it. If they’re not put on right, it looks like a silver brick wall rather than a disco ball. Placement is everything here.

9 Moooooooo! Mooooooo Cow, that is!

I swear to God, I’m not being facetious here! It’s an adorable moo cow costume! Mom will be the hit at the barn dance with this awesome cow costume! It’s simple, basic, and fun! All it needs is some face paint to go with it, and Boom, instant mommy cow, with the udder in the perfect spot at the belly to be sticking out.

Difficulty- Varies. It all depends on if mom feels like going the homemade route, or if she decides to just get a cow costume in a store or online. If homemade, the best route to go is to cut out the cow shapes and the udder out of black and pink felt colors, and attach them to a plain white hoodie with a hot glue gun. Making the ears out of felt is pretty simple, cut the shapes out of the black and pink felt, and glue them to the hoodie, maybe put some cardboard in them for added stability.

8 Moby Dick!

Yes, I got this one from one of my all time favorite shows, and yes, I still feel like it’s an all time classic pregnancy costume for anyone with some crafting skills! I’m sure we’ve all joked about feeling like we’re as big as a whale when pregnant, but Lily’s costume in How I Met Your Mother is epic and brings that to life! She definitely put her skills to the test with that costume, and pulled it off fabulously to boot!

Difficulty- 10/10 Lily’s costume on the show was skin tight, but if that’s not the route mom wants to go, it’s very possible to do with shirts and regular tights, although the baggier the clothing, the more different the effect. This is a costume that will mom will have to figure out making as she goes, because aside from pinterest and some other youtube tutorials, there’s not as much out there for this. Definitely going to need a skin tight white body suit though, and possibly felt for the eyes and mouth, or clothing paint. It’s totally worth the work to make though!

7 Octopus!

Let’s stay oceanic themed for a few moments, shall we? This is a pretty basic costume that just about anyone can make and pull off pretty well with just a bit of patience and minimal craft skills. If mom can glue, this costume can be made, and it’s glorious. The head of the octopus is mom’s belly, and the rest is simple to make out of felt and patience.

Difficulty- 1/10 Let’s face it, in comparison to other costumes on this list, this is pretty simple. Pick a shirt color, any color will do. Attach the face of the octopus, made out of felt and glue, to the shirt with either safety pins or tape, and make an octopus leg belt out felt and a piece of cloth, using a glue gun or sewing to hold it all together. Add some cuteness by attaching some shells to the costume in a few places, because why not.

6 Pretty Pumpkin

Ok, people should have guessed by this point that a pumpkin costume of some kind would be on this list. And there are many ways to pull off this basic and simple costume. One can go the body paint route, and paint their belly a lovely orange color, paint on a stem, and add details as needed. Or, if one wants to go the crafty route, they can get a pair of orange leggings and an orange shirt, and add jack o lantern felt cutouts to it on their belly. Instant pumpkin!

Difficulty- 1/10 See, not every costume is going to be tough to put together! This, as mentioned above, is pretty basic for both concepts of the costume. If one wants to go with leggings and a shirt, all they’ll need is felt and glue or tape. Boom, simple! Like, it really doesn’t get much more simple. If they want to go the paint route, just get paint colors in brown, orange, green, and black, and get to painting. (This may require assistance from hubby dearest). Either way, mama’s gonna be the prettiest pumpkin in the patch!

5 Angry Bird!


Unless everyone has been living under a rock for the last 5 or so years, then everyone is familiar with the concept of Angry Birds, right? Good. Ok for those who call their place of residency Bedrock, let me go into detail. Angry birds is a phone game where you take these little birds, shaped kind of like balls, and throw them at obstacles to try and defeat the pigs. That’s the basic premise. The costume looks… pretty spot on! It’ll definitely be a hit!!

Difficulty- 3/10 It’s not the hardest costume, but not the easiest either. Cutting out the felt in the shapes needed to look like an Angry Bird, and place them correctly, will take at least a small amount of artistic talent and skill. That said it’s very doable with some time and effort. Attach the felt cut outs that are used to make the face and details onto a red shirt using glue or tape, and the costume comes together quickly and easily.

4 Pincushion

We’ve seen pumpkins, we’ve seen basketballs… why not pincushions? Anyone who sews has likely seen the little tomato shaped pincushions used for holding sewing needles and other needles and pins. The question is, how to get those little pins into the pincushion? Otherwise, the costume goes from pincushion to tomato in just a few moments.

Difficulty- 8/10 The pins will make or break this costume, otherwise it’s just a basic tomato costume. There are probably pins on how to make, well, the pins, because I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea how to go about making sewing needles and pins for a costume like this. I can make an educated guess and say that some small in width, but long cardboard tubes painted silver with styrofoam painted balls on them would do the trick, and then glue them to the shirt, but again… this is one to hit up pinterest for.

3 The Magic 8 Ball

Who hasn’t played with one of these! This costume can also be made with either paint or a shirt with felt, and again, that’s up to the person making it to decide what they feel like doing. Anyhow, for those who are unaware, a magic 8-ball is a little toy that has a multi-sided dice in it, and shows little fortunes and things like that. You shake it and ask it a question, and it answers. Simple as that. Or, one can just be the 8 ball from the game pool. That’s up to the person.

Difficulty- 2/10 This is a basic, simple, and easy costume to put together, and perfect for doing last minute. If one goes the paint route, then get some basic black body paint, and some white, and first, paint a white circle. Then add the rest of the 8 ball. Always start with the white, because darker colors are hard to cover and correct later. If going with the clothes, pull out the trusty felt and make the details on a black shirt that way. This one is a really easy costume that won’t break the bank.

2 Teenage Belly Ninja Turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Heroes in a Half Shell, Turtle Power! Ok, I am a nerd, and had I thought of this years ago when I was pregnant, I would have done it. This is an easy costume that everyone will recognize, and I do mean everyone. And if Donatello (purple) isn’t the costume mom is wanting, because she’s not a Donatello person, have no fear… There’s also Leonardo (blue), Michelangelo (orange), Raphael (red) and if Leo’s bandana is too dark, there’s the short lived, not as popular female turtle, Venus De Milo (baby blue).

Difficulty- 1/10. I mean this is so easy anyone can do it. They sell the bandanas in stores, so if making a bandana is too tough because cutting stuff like that is not a skill that mom has, then just go buy one. Add some white paper or felt behind JUST the eyes, and attach to the green shirt. It does not need to be perfect, it just needs to not move around. Boom, done. The belly is now a turtle!

1 It's...Krang!

One can never have too much Ninja Turtles! This costume idea is epic and perfect in every way, shape, and form. Krang is a little pink alien that lives in a container inside his humanoid robot. (Seriously, watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon from the early 90s, it’s classic.) He’s often protruding from his containment area, and that containment area is in the abdomen of the humanoid! It’s pretty freaking perfect.

Difficulty- 10/10. I hope mom has some painting skills to pay the proverbial bills, because this is going to take some serious turtle power to pull off. Or, get an artistically inclined friend to do it instead, because it works. Why do it if someone else can do it instead? Add a yellow top and a pair of pants, and poof, instant Krang outfit. Bonus points if mom gets someone to do their belly up like a Ninja Turtle to go with her, or if her partner dresses like Shredder.

Let us know which costume was the best, or if another one was on the internet is even better, in the comments!

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