This is absolutely perfect! Not only is it a play on words, since a common term for pregnant is prego, but it’s also hilarious because… Prego is pasta sauce! It can be baggy or tight to either hide or flaunt a bump, and it’s not super difficult to make. Some

felt and craft paint, and craft glue, and this can easily be done. Use a shirt or a large poncho made of red felt as the base, and glue everything else to it.

Difficulty- 6/10. Making this costume isn't as easy as it looks, because while it’s not complicated, it does take some amount of skill and art talent to make the costume and pull it off correctly. There’s always tutorials out there for this on pinterest and youtube, so hit those up to get proper directions. Otherwise, just see what supplies are there and see how it turns out, it may be pleasantly surprising.

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