15 Creepiest Photos Of Kids Talking To Their Imaginary Friends

They say little kids see things that adults often cannot see. This creepy reality shows itself in the imaginary friends that children may encounter. While parents may think it is all make believe, the question remains, do they really see someone? Is it all in their head, or is someone really there, whom we cannot see?

To capture a photograph of a child interacting with their imaginary friend is truly remarkable. Whether it is just a strong imagination on the part of the child, or something much more, it still can be quite spine tingling to actually see a child of any age talking or playing with someone who is not there.

Whether you believe in ghosts or are a skeptic, we can all agree that children who make up imaginary friends can easily send shivers down our spines. Even if a kid is making it all up, you wonder how they thought it up in the first place. And when they are insistent that someone is there- a real friend who you cannot see- yeah, that may be fit for a horror movie. Read on and see some true images captured of kids with their imaginary friends!

15 Even Imaginary Friends Go On Adventures

This photo is part of Heathrow Airport’s attempt to accommodate their special passengers- children’s imaginary friends. You heard that right. This large airport actually has training on how their employees can handle and interact with imaginary friends. They want to make sure that all passengers- real or not- are dealt with properly and respectively.

Here we see a young boy who wanted a seat reserved for his friend. That would be his friend who only he can see. The airport went ahead and made sure a seat on this transportation hub would be saved for the imaginary friend. This little boy looks pleased that he and his imaginary friend can sit together as they look out the window. Do you find this sweet, creepy, or a little bit of both?!

14 Is That A Figment Of Our Imagination?

Look at this cute couple taking a selfie together. But what they discovered upon viewing their photograph was a quick realization that their baby’s imaginary friend may not be so imaginary after all. Suffice to say, anyone who views this photo will get goosebumps.

Take a close look at what is circled in red. Beside that red circle, over dad’s shoulder, is a baby. A baby who always seemed to be babbling to someone, yet no one was there. Inside that red circle is a ghostly image. There is no denying that it looks like a woman. Except, there was no woman there. Who is this mystery woman? Maybe it is grandma, great grandma, or just a sweet guardian angel who is looking over this innocent child. No matter what, it is surely spine tingling.

13 Two Friends, Or Is Our Mind Tricking Us?

Two little friends holding hands, how sweet and adorable is that? Except, there is something outside of this photograph that we cannot see. What viewers are not aware of will send tingles down their spine once they learn this creepy fact. There was only one child. Not two. One.

That is right. While the shadows show two children, the reality is that there was only one child when this photo was taken. And she was not holding hands with another little girl. Well, she was, but only she knew that. The other little girl was her imaginary friend. Until this photo was taken, of course. Do you have goosebumps yet? Imagine taking a quick pic only to see this show up in the picture. Whew, it is hard to shake those goosebumps!

12 Who Are You Talking To?

A mom, just like all of us, captured her toddler having a full on conversation with, well, no one. Her little girl was carrying on and on with someone else, her imaginary friend. The creepy part is that this mom’s daughter behaved as if this friend was there, right at the table with her, but no one was there that the mom could actually see.

Just imagine discovering your young child talking up a storm with what could very well be a ghost, if not just someone in their imagination. This mom lived it, and was convinced there must have been someone else there, probably a ghost. The way her daughter was having a conversation made her think it was more than just playing. It was real. Much too real. And extremely spine tingling.

11 What The Hell Is That?!

You better believe the parents of this little boy were screaming at the top of their lungs after seeing what they think their young child was playing with. Imaginary friend or not, what is shown in this picture is just beyond spine tingling. It is the stuff of nightmares and horror movies. We have the shivers looking at this photograph!

The mom and dad of this little boy knew their son had an imaginary friend. They simply chalked it up to kids being kids. An active imagination is a good thing, right? Except their horror story became reality when this picture was taken. That is a little creature. A goblin, or who knows what to call it. Their child was playing with something that was not in his imagination. Spine tingling. Seriously, what the hell is that?!

10 My Friend Needs To Wear A Seat Belt

This little lady really creeped everyone out when she announced to everyone in the car that her friend needed to be buckled up for safety just like the rest of them. The only problem is that there was no friend. She was talking about her imaginary friend. While we are not sure if her friend was ever buckled up, it is pretty creepy to say the least.

This picture was captured of this young girl talking to someone. While the rest of us have no idea who she was talking to, she does. She may be the only person who can see this imaginary friend. Is it something that her own mind concocted? Is she just using her imagination, or is there much more to this story? Just a little bit goosebump worthy.

9 It Will Follow Me

This cute toddler was playing with her imaginary friend, when she invited her little friend to follow her to look at some sweet birdies. While her family may have just thought she was being silly and using her imagination, as little children often do, just envision their horror as they examined this photograph a bit closer.

Take a very close look at what is circled in red. There is a little girl there. A ghost, perhaps? Maybe our eyes are tricking us, or maybe not. This small child was playing with her imaginary friend, and then a little girl who looks like a ghost is caught on camera, looking like she just wants to see the birds, too. We know our spines are tingling right now!! All these two girls wanted was to play!

8 Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

Children love playing hide and seek. Of course, you need two people to play the game, right? This little girl was playing all by herself. Or at least that is what her parents thought. Imagine to their horror that someone else was behind that curtain, that only their daughter could see, except for this one creepy, spine tingling photograph.

We like to think imaginary friends are all in the mind of the child. But sometimes, the actions, and photographic evidence, tells us otherwise. Has someone from the other side come to play with our children, just like this little girl? Children are open books. They welcome whatever there is, including ghosts. This may be why a child can see, and play, with a spirit that we cannot even comprehend to exist.

7 When The Adults Are Away, The Imaginary Friends Will Play

The parents of this young boy took this photograph because they were worried their child was playing alone, and that maybe he was sad. Much to their surprise, he was not alone. At least that is what it seemed. This child was playing and conversing with someone else, whom only he could see. He seems to really be having a relaxing time with his imaginary friend.

There he is, on the walkway, enjoying the nice day with his friend. His imaginary friend. Is it all in his head? Or is there really someone there with him, playing nicely? This boy’s parents may have been nothing short of horrified to learn that their son was indeed playing with someone- someone they could not see. We are sure they got lots of goosebumps, such as we did.

6 But, Mom, I Am Playing With Other Kids

We all want our children to be well adjusted and play with other kids their age. This little boy was no different. His parents just wanted him to be social and play with others on the playground. They overlooked one small fact though, he was playing with others. It just happened to be his imaginary friend.

Here this little boy is, on the seesaw, looking towards the other side as if someone else is there. Do you see another person at the end of that seesaw? We don’t! But to him, his imaginary friend was there. Although, clearly his imaginary friend was not that good at playing on the seesaw! Needless to say, this photograph is definitely spine tingling. Just look at the eyes of the little boy, it is as if he is looking straight at someone who just is not there.

5 She Won't Stop Yelling!

This spine tingling photograph really showcasing the feelings this little girl is going through. The only thing is that her feelings are the result of some issue with her friend. Her imaginary friend. Yet, her reaction is so powerful. Perhaps this friend is more than just a figment of her imagination?

Children can be dramatic. We often chalk up their tantrums and whatnot to them being kids. Kids can have active imaginations. But what happens when something seems like it is more than just a really vivid imagination? Is it possible that imaginary friends may be something more. Something an adult mind cannot fathom and therefore cannot actually see? It is altogether possible that minds may not play tricks. There may be more than meets the eye, or in this case, the imagination.

4 Who Said That?!

Perhaps the most spine tingling imaginary friend story of all, this little boy shares what his so called friend has to say. Someone is weird. At least according to the imaginary friend! Whether he is referring to his mom, dad, sister, brother, or even himself, it is very creepy to have some being that we cannot see call anyone weird.

When a child talks about their imaginary friend it can easily give us goosebumps. It starts to make us look around in wonder at who may be watching us that we cannot see. While imaginary friends may be all in the mind, it some cases, such as the ones you have seen, these imaginary friends may tingle our spines because they are actually ghosts. It is enough to give all of us nightmares!

3 I Have A Wonderful Story For You

Party of two or three? This sweet photograph between a little boy and his bear may look all innocent and cute, but there is more than meets the eye to this picture. Not only was this young boy talking it up with his stuffed bear, but he was also talking to someone who wasn’t there- his imaginary friend.

We may think it is cute how little kids have imaginary friends. And it may be all innocent. No matter what though, it can be downright spine tingling to hear a child talk to someone who is not actually there- not there to our eyes anyhow. That is exactly what this little boy was doing. He seems so happy with his friends- both his bear and his imaginary one, but that does not take away the goosebumps!

2 Imaginary Friends Are Passengers Too

Here is another photograph from Heathrow airport, where employees go through training on how to deal with specific passengers of the imaginary friend category. Employees are taught how to talk to these imaginary passengers and how to really make their interactions seem real and not forced or fake. This employee seems like she has it down. Look at how that little girl is beaming!

The white circle is around nothing, right? Actually, no. It is around this little girl’s imaginary friend, who is making a trip with the family. The imaginary friend wants to be treated just like everyone else, and the employee is doing just that. Amazing, yet creepy. We are not sure what is going on with Heathrow airport that they think this type of training is a necessity!

1 I Need To Make Room For My Friend

This cute little boy was sharing his toys with his friend. Isn’t that a nice gesture? One thing though, his friend is imaginary. Here we see this young boy playing with cars and trucks, and handing one over to someone who we cannot see. But he sees him. Is it all in his imagination, or not? We may never really know.

What we do know is that this boy was talking and playing with someone. It may be an innocent imaginary friend. He does seem to be enjoying himself and having a good time. He is making sure his friend has plenty of room to play and is eager to share his toys with his imaginary pal. A little spine tingling for sure, we just hope it is all pure innocence!

Sources: Daily Mail UK, YouTube

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