15 Creepy AF Footage Found In Kids' Playgrounds

The playground is supposed to be a fun place for kids to explore and enjoy as they get some fresh air and burn off some energy, but these playgrounds are absolutely terrifying! Some of the playgrounds on this list are haunted, have questionable locations as well as strange structures, and have even fallen victim to some unfortunate occurrences.

The only kids that would enjoy these odd playgrounds would belong to the Addam’s family’s brood, and that’s not a joke, these parks are seriously that creepy! Needless to say, some of these playgrounds will give you nightmares! I’m not really sure who created some of these particular playgrounds or why they made the design decisions they did, but you have to wonder why they thought it would work?

Sometimes simplicity works best when it comes to playgrounds, elaborate art, strange statues, or abstract structures don’t really look all that inviting, and in fact it might send a kid racing off in the opposite direction. If you notice that some of these playgrounds look abandoned, it’s most likely because who could even fathom bringing their kids to some of these seriously weird places? Not I! This list is full of a bunch of NOPES!

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15Weird Park Art

Modo Sculpture Park in South Korea has to be one of the most bizarre parks in the entire world! Sculptures are cool and who wouldn’t love a stroll through the park while taking in some art? It all sounds great, until of course you see the sculptures that are a little NSFW and extremely inappropriate for kids, there’s a pretty graphic slide in the park, but I’ll leave that to your imaginations. If any of you have ever seen The Human Centipede horror films, then unfortunately this strange art installation will not only seem familiar but it will also send chills down your spine. The sculpture is meant to be symbolic of the circle of life, but this ain’t no Lion King and I wouldn’t let my kids play here.

14The Sand-Witch

Hmmm, no one seems to be playing in the sandbox, I wonder why? It might have something to do with the giant ugly witch at the centre of the play pit. Children might fear being swallowed up by the sand witch and that might be why the park is childless and empty. The Brothers Grimm have definitely written some very scary fairytales and thanks to censorship, fairytales are a little less terrifying, but there are still remnants of homage to the stories they told and even those scary witches, one of the most popular being the witch who ate children in Hansel and Gretel. Now that part of the Grimm story has been toned down, but certainly not lost on children, the candy house was a trap and that witch really intended to eat them! So how’s a kid supposed to feel playing in a park like that? Huh?

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