15 Creepy AF Stories Of Babies Who Were Reincarnated

The belief in reincarnation is one that goes back ages. It is a central part of many religions and many superstitions. If anyone's ever run across those pictures of celebs like Pharrell Williams next to an eerily similar picture of someone else who looks just like him, but was born many decades ago, then one can understand the mystery that surrounds reincarnation and doppelgangers. Everyone is born with a unique set of physical traits, specific to themselves. It’s beautiful that not one person is exactly like the next, but some people tend to bear more similarities than differences when it comes to looks.

It doesn’t just occur with physical traits either. We’ve all heard stories of children who believe that they were someone else in another life or have weird recollections of things that may or may not have happened to them at some point. It could be the workings of their imagination, or it could be the result of something else. There are some studies and even a TV segment in the making about these strange occurrences between spiritual and physical reincarnation of children, because there is not much known about how or why it happens.

There isn’t much in the way of science to support the theory of reincarnation either. Regardless, the subject of reincarnation and how these things work is pretty cool. We’ve compiled a list of babies who may or may not have been reincarnated. Some of them may seem very similar to people we’ve heard of from history and celebrities.

15 A Boy Who Was Once His Grandfather

The first child has a peculiar story that begins when he was less than two years old. Sam was with his father one day when he told him that he had changed his diapers as a child. His father, obviously confused by the statement, thought that maybe he had misheard what his son had said to him. How is it that a boy who is hardly a year and a half old remembers changing his father’s diapers when he was a baby?

The odd statements didn’t stop there. Sam continued to tell his parents, Cathy and Ron, things about his past life that he remembered. Eventually, Ron and Cathy came to the conclusion that their son could in fact be Ron’s deceased father. It was baffling that Sam knew so much about his grandfather, considering they had never met. When his parents asked how he came back, he simply responded by telling them that he came through a portal. Mind you, this kid isn’t even two yet. He told his parents about his “sister” or rather his grandfather’s sister who became a fish.

Ron’s aunt had been murdered and her body was found in the San Francisco Bay a few decades earlier. When Cathy and Ron asked their son if he could recall how he died, he simply recoiled back in pain while holding his head. Sam’s grandfather died of a brain hemorrhage a year before Sam had been born.

14 A Homesick Movie Star

Another story is about a young man named Ryan. Ryan was less than four years old when he started having “homesickness.” He was devastated because he couldn’t get “home,” wherever that was. Just about every night or so, Ryan would beg his mother, Cyndi to take him home. He would tell her about how he lived.

He had fast cars, money and a nice house in Hollywood that he missed dearly, and he preferred his old life and home to his new one.Eventually, Cyndi decided that the best way to get down to the root of her son’s strange obsession with his “past life,” was to go to the library to find books on old Hollywood films. When she did, she and Ryan sat down and began thumbing through books of old Hollywood images and stars.

They eventually came upon a book that contained a picture from the 1932 movie, Night After Night. Ryan told his mom that he was in the picture. After participating in a research study on child reincarnations, it was discovered that the man Ryan believed he was, was named Marty Martyn. Ryan eventually had a sit-down with Martyn’s daughter who was able to verify many of the facts that Ryan told her about her father’s life.

13 A WWII Pilot

For Bruce and Andrea Leininger, life had gotten a little weirder in their Louisianna home in 2002. Their son James who has barely four at that time, had been having nightmares about a plane crash where the plane had caught fire. He would wake up screaming about the crash and how there was no escape.

Outside of the terrible nightmares that James experienced, he also had an incredible knowledge of airplanes and WWII jargon that would be nearly impossible for a child his age to know. For instance, when his mother referred to the piece on the bottom of his toy plane as a “bomb,” he told her that it was called a “drop tank.” When James and his parents were watching a segment on WWII and the narrator referred to the Japanese plane as a Zero, he informed them that it was actually called Tony. James was correct in both instances.

To make matters a little creepier, James was able to recall the name of the ship that he flew off of and was even able to recall the fact that his name in his past life was also James. The ship was called the USS Natoma Bay which makes James correct, and there was a man named James Huston who was a pilot that died in a plane crash during WWII.

12 A Past WWI Soldier

There seems to be some sort of freaky spiritual connection between children and dead soldiers, because this next child also seemed to have a special connection to a war hero. Little four-year-old Edward Austrian had an unforgettable connection to his past life as a World War I soldier.

Austrian had somehow developed a phobia of gray, rainy days. One day, when it had been raining, Austrian said to his mother that his “shot” was hurting while motioning at his neck. When questioned about the extreme pain he felt in his throat, he told his mother that it was from where he had been shot as a soldier in what she assumed to be World War I. Edward gave very vivid detailed accounts of his experiences as a soldier, and his death.

When he went to get examined by doctors for his throat pain, they could find no cause. Still, they opted to remove his tonsils. The pain persisted and eventually, a cyst had formed that the doctors could not figure out how to get rid of. As Edward was encouraged to speak about his other life as a soldier, his cyst began to disappear much to the bewilderment of medical staff.

11 A Mother Reincarnate

Many children seem to be able to remember their “time in between,” which is basically the point before they had been conceived and born.Often times, the children remember being another relative, possibly their deceased grandparent. Suzanne Robinson’s daughter was no different.

When Robinson’s daughter was three years old, she had a habit of stroking her mother's face as she slept. Suzanne Robinson was working as a registered nurse at night, so she took advantage of her free time by taking naps on the couch. One day, she was napping when her daughter came up and stroked her face, and she asked her mother if she remembered the little girl being her mother. It took Suzanne by surprise, especially after her daughter repeated the phrase again. After speaking with her husband, Suzanne concluded that her daughter had remembered things from where she was before she was born. Pretty supernatural, right?

10 A Grandson And Father

Wayne Dyer has quite a few grandchildren, but none as peculiar and oddly familiar as his grandson Louis-David. When his grandson was about four or five years old, Dyer could recall Louise telling stories about his great-grandfather, a man he had never met.

Dyer knew Louise didn’t know Dyer’s dad, nor did he, Dyer, ever really talk to his grandson about his father. One day, Louise had told his grandfather that he remembered his great grandfather and moreover, he remembered being him. Dyer noted that there were many physical similarities between his grandson and his father. Most notably was the fact that Dyer’s father had some physical impairments brought on by the war that he had fought in. His grandson Louise had flat feet. Louise also had a slight hinge in his elbow that was just naturally there. It was very similar to the hinge that Dyer’s father had in his arm, too.

Dyer refused to accept these similarities as mere coincidences, but he also wasn’t totally ready to write them off as supernatural occurrences either. It was just neat that his grandson and his father had shared such similar physical attributes.

9 A Solved Murder Mystery

This is one of the most amazing stories on the list. A young boy was able to help solve a murder mystery that was related to who he was in his past life. Golan Heights was just three years old (yep, that’s right) when he led a group of his elders right to the body of his former self.

Golan was a member of the ethnic group called Druze that believes in reincarnation. Golan has a long red birthmark on his head, and the Druze believe that birthmarks and scars told the story of a person’s past life and death. When he became old enough to talk, Golan had told elders in the village that he had been killed by an axe in his former life. The elders took the boy from village to village until he found the one that was previously his home.

He came across the man who killed him and told him that he knew that they were neighbors in his past life and that he killed him. Golan even said that he knew where his old boy was buried. The boy led the elders to the spot where the body had been buried and then to the location where the axe had been buried. All of this forced his killer to confess.

8 A Mother’s Lost Daughter Is My Daughter Too

Jody Amsberry got the shock of a lifetime when her daughter informed her that before she was Amsberry’s daughter, she was her grandmother’s daughter. The only thing is that Amsberry mother had a miscarriage when she was younger, and Jody’s daughter had no way of knowing that.

Jody Amsberry was not technically an only child. When her mother was younger, she had conceived another daughter that she had planned to name Nicole. Soon after, Jody Amsberry gave birth to a daughter that she decided to name Nicole. Jody and her mother had discussed the fact that Jody’s child could be her sister reincarnated. When Nicole was around five years old, she told her mother that before she was her daughter, she was her “grammy’s” daughter. Somehow, Nicole figured out that she shared a special connection with her mother’s unborn sister. However, they certainly shared more than a name.

7 A Barra Boy

A young boy from the UK had an eery epiphany about who he was in his past life. And it resulted in he and his parents taking the trip of a lifetime to get down to the bottom of their strange mystery. Cameron Macaulay of Glasgow, Scotland had begun telling his parents stories about his previous life before he was ever really out of diapers. Cameron was just two years old when he first started telling his mother about who he was in the past and what he cared about.

Cameron informed his mother that he was from a small Scottish island called Barra. There, he had a black and white dog, a home that he shared with seven other siblings and a mother and father that he knew by name. Cameron even knew what the car and house that he had previously lived in looked like. He was very detailed in his description, so much so that it encouraged Cameron’s parents to take their son to Barra and get down to the bottom of his previous life.

While they didn’t find any information on the man that Cameron claimed to be his father from before, the family was able to find the house, dog and car that Cameron had so vividly described.

6 A Mysterious Grave

These next few stories get kind of spooky, so bare with us here. The subject of reincarnation almost always surrounds the subject of death and the life before. A few Reddit users decided to share their uncanny experiences with death and reincarnation. The first story is about a Reddit user whose brother had an interesting and spooky reincarnation experience.

The Reddit user said that when his brother was about two or three years old, the family went for a picnic near a graveyard. The little boy began to tell his family about how his name used to be Austin. The family had never visited the spot before, nor did they know an Austin, but what happened next was just as eery. The little boy ran towards a tombstone in the graveyard that read “here lies Austin” and nothing else. There was no name or date of birth and death. The little boy was found touching the headstone. What made this story extra strange is the fact that the Reddit user claims that his brother was unable to read until about six years old.

5 Another Mother

There probably isn’t anything creepier than having a child tell their mom about their “other” mother. This a story about just that. A Reddit user claims that she was having a normal conversation with her four-year-old daughter when things took a turn for the worse. The little girl began telling the story about her other mother who had died on a Thursday.

The Reddit user and mother noted that she tried to shrug off her daughter’s wild story. After all, she was just a little girl, and as most kids are, she was just as privy to having a big imagination as any child. However, the details surrounding the other mother’s death, whose name was Sally, began to come rolling in. Apparently, Sally had died when the little girl had accidentally shot her with her father’s gun in her past life. The story shocked the little girl’s actual mother, because she hadn’t had a conversation with her child about guns and gun safety. Plus, her story was really detailed.

4 A Life Before Death

This next mom shared a story about her daughter’s past life that the girl no longer remembers. Around the age of four, this little girl was able to recall quite a bit about her past life. But now that she is 19, she isn’t able to remember anything about it. It’s actually quite common for things like this to happen. As it’s really hard for people to remember things that happened during the very early stages of their childhood.

The little girl recalled her life as a young woman that had pretty long hair and wore long skirts. She drove a VW Bug car and stayed in an apartment that had a really long flight of stairs. She recalled that the reason that she died was because she fell down the stairs pretty hard. Despite the seemingly intricate details of her story. The Reddit user noted that her daughter remained consistent and vivid in the details of her past life and death.

3 A Lost Colony

Many of us have learned about the lost colony of Roanoke in history class. The lost colony has been a mystery to many for years now. They were among the first Europeans to build a settlement in the United States. But, the entire colony mysteriously disappeared one day, The only thing that was left was a note that read “CROATOAN.” The story surrounding this colony is so intriguing that it was even used as a storyline for the most recent season of American Horror Story.

For this Reddit user, she recalled being an important part of the historic Lost Colony. When she was a little girl, she recalls telling her sister about how she was a settler in her past life. During an attack, her husband was captured and the area was being burned to the ground. She tried to escape with her son, but was caught and killed only after carving the historic “Croatoan” in a tree before dying.

2 Another Mother And Father's Death

It could be chalked up to a very wild imagination, or it could be the key to figuring out the inner workings of the afterlife. It’s hard to tell when these stories originate from the mouths of young children, who are historically known for their hyperactive imaginations. In the case of this Reddit user, they had a very strong sense of their past life and the death of their “other” parents.

The Reddit user recalls having a conversation with their grandmother about the other parents and how they died. The grandmother had insisted that the child didn’t know what they were talking about and that the only parents that they have ever known are the ones they have today. But the user insisted that their other parents had been killed by “bad men,” and the only way they survived is by being his behind a rock by the other mother.

1 A Memory Of War

Something that is hard to imagine is a kid with war-related PTSD. For one thing, children aren’t allowed in the army, and secondly, they lack specific skills to handle conflict and combat in the right manner. This Reddit user recalled having some very odd war-related dreams when they were younger.

As a child, they were able to recall certain memories about combat that seemed pretty detailed and graphic. One of these recollections was about combat during a hot day. They are in the middle of a gun war and there is a kid they are trying to rescue who ends up getting shot during combat. Then, as they try to move towards their helicopter, the Reddit user recalls being shot and falling forward before everything went black. This marked the end of this person's life. Today, the user isn't sure if that was the workings of too much television or a sign of a past life, but no one in the family was in the military.

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