15 Cringeworthy Fails These Moms Could Have Avoided

Every mother in the world makes mistakes—we can’t expect to be perfect. We are only human, and we get tired, we have bad days, we make bad judgment calls, and that in turn can affect our children. Still, we should be trying to do the very best we can, and we should be learning from our mistakes, and hopefully doing everything in our power to keep our kids safe.

Some moms don’t seem to get this. They don’t learn from their mistakes, they don’t put their children first, they purposely put their kids in bad situations, or they make really, really bad judgment calls. Again, everyone is entitled to an error once in a while, but some moms make errors that are just so cringe-worthy, the rest of us shudder and shake our heads.

Some of the mistakes these moms have made could have been avoided. Maybe they shouldn’t have put their kid in that situation in the first place, maybe the mistake could have been avoided only if the mom finished high school, but when we see things that have negatively impacted children, we moms have a natural desire to learn how we can avoid such an experience ourselves.

Let’s all try to learn from these moms who have made some serious mistakes—fails that are so cringe-worthy the rest of us want to look away, but can’t. We need to learn how these moms could have avoided these fails, so we don’t end up making them ourselves!

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15 Mom Lets Young Children Get Tattoos

This super stellar mother, Ashley Weir, forced her three young children to get tattoos. All three were under the age of 13 when their mother had her boyfriend's brother give them these marvelous permanent symbols on their ankles. Is that the worst of it? Possibly not. Turns out that the tattoo artist was a sex offender and was on the registry for sexual conduct with a 12-year-old girl, as well as exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl. Mom fail? We certainly think so! The father contacted police after finding his children were left unattended, their mother passed out drunk at her home, and the new decorations to their bodies. Mom Weir was charged with three counts of tattoos prohibited for certain persons. Not sure if this mom fail could have been avoided, because clearly this mom is not fit for motherhood. Hopefully she learned her lesson. If not, I hope those kids are taken far away from this ink-obsessed mother.

14 Mother Does Nothing As Her Daughter Fights A Bully

Most mothers have that protective, mama bear instinct, and some mothers tell their kids to stand up for themselves when facing down a bully. We all have slightly different ways of dealing with bullying, but one mom chose a different method. She encouraged her daughter to fight the bully, but not only did she encourage her...she watched! She also seems to be shouting encouragement while her baby girl is brawling with another student, and because of this abnormal mom fail behavior she was arrested for child abuse charges. She clearly does nothing to stop the fighting. Whatever your stance is on bullying—stand up for yourself vs. walkaway—I think that most of us agree that this mom took things a little too far. It might have seemed to this mom that she was helping her daughter to stand up for herself, but this was not the way to go about it. I hope mom will avoid this fail in the future, and step in to break up future fights.

13 Mom Has Her Priorities Straight

Every mother has had this dilemma at one time or another... Too many things to do and we’ve only got the two hands we were born with... We have to bring baby into the convenience store, because leaving him in a hot car alone is out of the question. So what do you do? Well, you do what this mom's doing! Clearly the baby is mostly safe. Might get a bit of Slurpee dripped on 'im, but that's not gonna kill him! Mom might step on him once or twice, but at least she's watching over him. No one's going to snatch this baby.... But mom, the floor of a gas station is NASTY! You sure you want to put him down there? Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when trying to get things done and keep your baby safe, but this problem could have been solved with a baby carrier, sling, or wrap. Really mom! This fail is totally avoidable.

12 Let Your Child Drink Beer

This mom fail could have been avoided if this child had been given a mom with brains, morals, or any parenting skills whatsoever. I don't know if this woman was just joking around, but there is nothing funny about it. Being drunk is no excuse for such horrifying behavior, and I just hope this terrible mother was caught and arrested for child abuse. This woman has no idea what parenting is all about. Her friends seem to think this is funny behavior, laughing and taking pictures, like it's all just another day at the beach. Some moms fail on a criminal level and I want nothing more than to take this poor little boy far away from this mother, if you can even call her that. How to avoid this mom fail? Be a better mother! Don't put your own partying ahead of your child's welfare. Don't force young children to engage in adult behaviors.

11 Sell Your Baby On Craigslist

If this woman isn't a failure of a mother, then no one is. This New Jersey mama Brittney Hill tried to sell her baby on Craigslist for $14,000 buckaroos. Apparently, she didn't want another baby, and instead wanted to take a trip to Disney World. Seems selfish, but have you been to Disney World? Fun!

All joking aside, this woman takes the cake for Mom Fail of the Century. There is only one way that this mom could have avoided this fail, and that was for her to never have become a mother at all. Still, she's actually NOT the only mother to try to sell her baby on Craigslist, if you can believe that. A Texas woman got busted for the same thing, and she only wanted to sell her baby for $4,000! My word, I hope these women never ever have another child, because the thought terrifies me…

10 Babies Like 'All Of The Lights' Too

I realize that it's tempting to skimp on the babysitter... I mean, more money for those slots, right? Babies are small…they can fit anywhere! Besides, everyone knows that babies love bright lights, so this one should be a no-brainer. Of course you would want to bring the baby to the casino with you!

Where do I even start? Mom's back is turned, she isn't paying this child the slightest bit of attention, and I don't care if the baby's sleeping or not. A baby-snatcher could grab this kid and mom wouldn't even know about it until she runs out of money, and for all we know she kills it at slots, which means it might be a while. Not to mention, most casinos are filled with smoke—you really want to take your baby's infant lungs to a place like that? Hire a babysitter and this fail could have easily been avoided!

9 Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

Okay, so this is definitely a fail by this mama, but it sure is a funny one! I can totally relate as I have very real trouble resisting jumping on the carousel at the fair, or resisting pushing my kids out of the way so that I can play Skee-Ball at the Peter Piper Pizza. Moms wanna have fun too sometimes, and we often resist our childish impulses for the sake of the kids, but every once in a while we just think, "Meh. Just this once I'm gonna have a go on this kiddie ride!"

Yes, yes, she could have easily avoided this fail by acting like an adult and letting her kids enjoy the ride that was meant for them, but I don't think this is really that big of a problem. Haven't those kids heard of 'taking turns'? Give mom a break, she needs a little playtime now and again.

8 Who Needs A Stroller When You Have A Baby Basket?

I'm sure most mothers have let their kid fall asleep in a shopping cart, but this situation seems a little bit extreme. I don't know if this mom just couldn't afford a stroller, or she just didn't remember to bring it, but this does not look comfortable for the baby. Every mom knows just how heavy babies can be when you are carrying them around all day, but my gracious...don't put them in a metal basket and cart them around town! Talk about a serious mom fail that could have been avoided. There are all sorts of safe ways to transport baby: stroller, baby carrier, wrap. I've never before seen a baby carted around in this particular manner, thank goodness! The fine folks at Wal-Mart even make these umbrella stroller things that cost only, like, ten bucks. Come on mom! I know you can at least manage one of those! Nowadays, they even have places where you can get used baby products on the cheap. This is a completely unnecessary situation.

7 Did This Mom Just Capture Her Own Murder By Selfie?

Yikes! We've all seen some pretty terrible mom-selfies-gone-wrong. You know, the ones where moms are posing in all sorts of inappropriate ways in front of their children. This one, at first, seems like just another awkward mom-selfie-gone-wrong, what with moms breasts poppin' out all over the place... That is, until you notice that she's raising a child who has matricide on her mind. Look out mama! Behind you! We hope that this mother didn't just capture her own demise on camera, because that would be pretty awful. Maybe the kid was just jokin' around, maybe baby girl just wanted to show her mama the pweety knife. "Look Mommy! It's so sharp, see?" Either way, we hope mom didn't die for her momentary distraction, but this is still a mom fail. How to avoid this fail? Don't give birth to a killer? And certainly don’t turn your back on one… Because dead.

6 She's Using Carseats. What Kind Of Mother Do You Think She Is?

This mom is a thinker. She knows that you can't fit two car seats in a single cab pickup truck. So what's a mother to do if she can't afford to buy an extended cab? Put the babies in the bed of the truck, duh! She's not a monster—she's using car seats, for goodness’s sake! What kind of mother do you think she is?

OMG, mama! This is so unnecessary, and incredibly dangerous! What were you thinking? Take a bus, take a cab, take a plane, or a train, but don't do this! This fail could be avoided in so many ways... Call a friend to pick you up, or walk, but don't do this to your poor kids. You are putting them in an incredible amount of danger. Even a fender bender would cause them serious injury in this situation, if not death. They don't deserve to die because their mother is so dumb!

5 Someone! Quick! Call CPS!

Oh my goodness, I just can't even with this mom. This is so totally inappropriate, and also I think this kid is crying out for help. "Please, someone get me away from my crazy mom! See, here I am in the back of this car while my mom is doing the nasty!"

Ugh! Come on mom! Surely you can keep your skirt down until a more opportune moment arrives? No? Well then don't be surprised if someone calls CPS and reports your crazy horny self. This mom fail is so easy to avoid. Just don't have sex when your child is around. It's really that simple. I can't believe that a mother would do something like this. Yes, kids occasionally walk in on their parent(s) doing the deed, but it should never be intentional. Exposing a young child to sex is a criminal act, and is one of the worst mom fails ever. Not to mention it's just gross. No kid wants to see their mom doing it.

4 Would You Like Your Baby? No. Too busy.

This picture could have just been bad timing, but it sure captures a whole generation of technology-obsessed parents. I'm going to assume that mom is just texting pics of her new baby to some distant family members that couldn't make the birth, because I can't imagine anything on that phone is more important than holding her new baby. Still, it makes us think about our dependence on our phones and social media. There are times when you just don't need to have your phone. Driving for one, and surely at the birth of your baby. Again, this mom could just be using the camera to capture the moment, but we all need to be more careful about putting our children first. Don't forget what is really important in life, and I'm going to give you a hint...it's not updating your social media status. This picture is a definite mom fail. Let's all try not to make the same mistake this mom did.

3 Tanning Gone Terribly Wrong

Oh my. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and tanning is one of those things. Tanning is known to cause some serious health risks, mainly skin cancer. We must all remember that children are influenced by our every move, our every decision, and this mom is teaching this child some very bad behaviors. We all have our weaknesses, our vices that we have trouble giving up... Some of them are worse than others, and this one seems better than some, but still! What is this mother teaching her child? She seems to be teaching her that pale skin is unattractive, and that only by tanning can she possibly be beautiful. This mother clearly has a warped sense of beauty. This mom fail could be avoided by no longer tanning, but I think it's deeper than that. I think this mom might need therapy, because she clearly has an obsessive habit she can't kick on her own. She needs to kick it. Pronto.

2 Baby Bong

Here is yet another winner of a mother who thinks it's hilarious to pose with her baby as though the baby is smoking weed. It is unlikely the mother actually lit this bong, but just posing this way is absolutely reprehensible. What kind of mother thinks this is funny? A very bad one, if you ask me. How to avoid this mom fail? Don't pose your child with illegal drugs. Don't use drugs around your children! This mom deserves to have her child taken away, if only to teach her a lesson. Hopefully she will learn to never treat her child like a plaything, or camera fodder. Some moms grow out of this kind of behavior, and we can only hope that for her child's sake, she does. Maybe her motherly instinct will take a while to kick in, but please, motherly instinct...do kick in! Don't let this baby grow up with her mother still behaving this way!

1 Ooops. Cartwheel Drop!

And lastly, the cartwheel drop! OUCH! Every parent has times where they play a little too rough with the kiddos, and mostly we could avoid injuring our children by not playing things that are too dangerous. We can't possibly avoid them ever being injured all together, because then our kids would never have any fun, but we still need to be careful. Simple things like moving dangerous furniture out of the way, or not throwing your kid into the air, or not allowing them to jump around on the couch would help. If you have a little gymnast on your hands, just be sure that he/she is ready for whatever gymnastic move they're attempting. Try not to drop them on their heads, as well. Falls are a very common injury among children, and it's best to do everything you can to avoid them. Certainly you don't want to be the cause of your child's fall. That's a lot of guilt to deal with, especially if they are seriously injured.

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