15 Dads Confess What Grosses Them Out The Most During Labor

Some dads say that seeing the birth of their child reminds them of a crime scene, while others don't get to see anything because they fainted.

Moms and dads have waited nine months for their little one to be welcomed into the world, but some parents could never be prepared for what is waiting for them on the delivery day. It has been long debated if fathers should be present during the actual birth of their child. Some men think they can handle what awaits them while their wives or girlfriends are doing the real work of delivering a small tiny human being.

Sometimes what you read or see in movies just does not do the actual birthing process justice. Far too many men think that they are well beyond prepared for the next step. It could be their pride, the “macho” man appeal, or just denial, that leads them to believe that they can handle anything that gets put in front of them. But one would be surprised at how wrong they really are.

While moms are tireless working to push out their newborn, dad’s get a full view of everything that is happening. Regardless if their partner is having a natural V birth, or a C-section, dads are usually in for way more than they bargained for. While seeing one’s child being brought into the world can be a magical thing, for others, it just grosses them out far worse than one could have ever imagined.

Some dads confess that seeing their child being born reminds them of a crime scene, while others don’t get to see too much before they faint. Here are 15 confessions of what grosses dad’s out the most during the delivery of their child.

15When The V Gets Sliced Opened

Sometimes during childbirth, if tearing of the V is imminent, the doctor might go ahead and just opt to cut that little spot in between the V and the A. Or also known as a perineal laceration. I am sure for dad, because there is a good chance that he is watching what is going on, may become a little more grossed out than he already is.

One dad made the mistake of watching the show, and this is what he had to say; “Her V was sliced right open… Right in front of me. It will never be sexy again!” Hopefully, he did not tell his partner that while they were slicing her open! I am sure dad would end up sleeping on the couch for some time of getting put solely on diaper duty.

14The Big Crown

A lot of dads that have been present during their child’s birth will most likely agree with this dad. Besides everything that can during delivery to something out of Stephen King novel, the consensus seems to be that the moment the baby’s head is pushed out is what gets to a lot of dad’s who made it through everything else. This dad confessed that seeing his baby crowning was simply the grossest thing he had ever seen. That is pretty straight forward, I’d say.

Half the time, no matter how much a dad claims that he is not going to look, he always looks. Curiosity seems to get the best of people at times. Some men are glad they looked, while most are horrified that they peeked.

13The Gaping Hole

When some people think of a C-section, they think of the movie versions where one single incision is placed out pops the baby. But to those lucky few dads who have had the joys of peeking over the blue curtain, know that that is the nice PG-13 movie fantasy. One never wants to see the true scene, where the place the mom’s organs off to the side to get to the baby. Some people tend to forget that other organs surrounding the baby.

Another dad made the mistake of looking over the blue curtain and freaked out after the baby had been ripped from his wife’s abdomen. He was shocked to find a big gaping hole where his child had once been resting. That has got to be one disturbing imagine that this dad may never be able to get out of his head.

12The Cord Getting Cut

Some fathers find great joy in being a part of the delivery process when welcoming their child into the world. Some dads are excited about the chance to cut their baby’s umbilical born right after they are born, while others want nothing to do with it. It’s like an unspoken bond between fathers and their babies when they are able to cut the cord. However, if dad says that he does not want to be the one to cut it, there is usually a reason why.

A dad confessed that the doctor kept insisting that he cut his child’s umbilical cord and right away dad knew it was a bad idea, because after making that single snip; dad barfed up everything that he had in his stomach. Maybe the doctor should have listened to this dad of being so persistent!

11Why Is My Baby Blue?

A lot of parents tend to freak out a bit when they catch their first glimpse of their pride and joy, and he or she is blue. It can be quite frightening to the unsuspecting parent. The baby actually comes out a purple color sometimes due to lack of oxygen in the final moments right before birth. The baby will turn pink again once its blood is finally oxygenated fully, which is what leads to the bluish color that the baby is sometimes. One dad confessed that seeing his baby blue made him begin to feel woozy and frightened and that he kept wondering why his baby was blue. A lot of first time parents tend to think that the baby is going to come out looking like either one of their parents when that is not always the case.

10The Gushing Fluids

Nurses have the fun part of cleaning up the room after a messy delivery. It most likely took the nurses a while before the sight of everything became routine to them. There are a lot of fluids that come out of mom during the delivery, and one grossed out dad confessed that he couldn’t help but to wonder how the nurses can clean up the mess after delivery.

The dad also stated that it probably helps the nurses since it’s not the woman they love pouring out all the gross fluids. A lot of dad’s get squeamish when they see all the fluids that came with delivering a baby, especially if the doctor has to break the mom’s water himself. No one ever said that having a baby wasn’t messy.

9The Big Stick In The Spine

Again, some dads are just unable to handle the needle part while they barreled through everything else. I don’t know what it is about the stick of a needle that can just send some men running and screaming in the other direction, while they are okay with the entire gory scene of everything else. One dad confessed that he was able to handle all the blood, poop, and even the slimy baby. What he couldn’t handle was when the doctor stuck the needle straight into his wife’s spine for the epidural. He said that just completely freaked him out.

It is kind of understandable though, those needles look deadly and may be considered a torture device if done wrong. At least this dad knows the part he has to look away for if he decides to ever be present at another birth.

8The Bowels Getting Pushed Out

When parents have their first child, they are usually surprised about everything that can get pushed out beside the baby. Usually, women know that there is always a chance that some unpleasant smelling substances can come out as well, but dads are a little more unsuspecting at times. Especially the dad’s that didn’t read up on what to expect when expecting, or the ones that chickened out of watching the live birth videos pre-game day.

One dad confessed that when his wife gave birth, there was so much poop! He said that there was not enough hand sanitizer in the world for his germaphobia. This dad got way more than he bargained for watching his child being born! Poor unsuspecting guy, I’m sure next time-if there is a next time-he will be more prepared!

7When Mom Starts Losing Her Mind

Some men hold their partner to high standards and will feel shocked about the string of foul language that comes barreling out of their wife’s mouth during the labor and the delivery of their child. One dad could take almost everything that had been thrown his way, except for his wife’s potty mouth.

This dad confessed that he wished he never saw his wife curse like a sailor while their son was being born. This dad also said that because of the profanity she used, he never wants to have another kid. He said that he would never be able to get her voice out of his head. Who could have ever imagined that the grossest thing to a dad would be the curse words his wife was saying while she was in excruciating pain? That is hard to fathom.

6The Final Push

Men sometimes like to think of their girlfriend’s or wife’s V as their sexy time area. However, for some men, they will never be able to look at their partner’s V the same way again after witnessing the birth of their child. Some dads just can’t get the thought out of their head that something the size of a watermelon came out of something the size of a coin purse. One dad rightly confessed that the birth of his child traumatized him so much that he was unable to do the deed with his wife for a year! Apparently, the mom’s the one that has to go through the pain, but the dad is the one that chickens out and gets mortified by the whole thing causing extra strain on the relationship. Some dads just weren’t meant to be in the delivery room.

5The IV Is Nauseating

Some men can handle the entire labor process with ease, and still not get grossed out. However, if dad is faint at the sight of needles, he probably should not be watching his partner get anything needle related done. That is a lesson learned from this dad who confessed that he threw up three times during the labor and delivery of his child.

The first time he barfed, it was one they were starting an IV on his wife. The second time was while he wife was getting her much-needed epidural. The third was while she was being stitched up from a perineal laceration, or tear. Those three things seem like the easy part; it’s normally the other stuff that happens during delivery that makes dad’s lunch come up.

4Looking Over The Blue Curtain

When a woman needs to have a C-section, they delivery team puts up a blue curtain to keep mom and dad from seeing what is happening on the other side. It’s a good thing they do that too; otherwise more dads would be passing out. And passing out is just what this dad confessed to doing during the delivery of his child.

The dad said that when the doctors were cleaning the baby, he moved towards the baby and made a mistake he will most likely never forget. He happened to see behind the blue curtain. This dad gives a word of advice to other dads, “Never look behind the curtain during a C-section!” I am sure that what dad saw was not so pretty, which explains why this dad passed out afterward. This dad is most likely traumatized for life!

3The Murky Waters

Just because a birth is done at home, in water, apparently does not make it any less gross for certain dads. If anything, it may be a little bit more disturbing to see water go from crystal clear to look like something on the science fictional channels. One dad confessed that his wife was having an at home water birth, and he became extremely grossed out when the water went from clear to murky with all of the fluids. He said that murky water was what really got to him. That can be completely understandable, though. It might traumatize this father away from ever being able to look at bath water the same again. I am sure the memory of his child’s water birth, and the murky water, will follow him around for a long time.

2When Mom's Stomach Gets Pressed

Sometimes it’s not what happens during the birthing process, but what happens afterward, that may gross dad out. If dad was a champ and was able to make it through the entire labor and delivery without fainting, or throwing up, one would think that dad was in the clear. That is not always accurate, and parents need to learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to childbirth and even the hours following it.

One dad confessed that everything was fine until I nurse came into his wife’s room a few hours after delivery and pressed on her stomach. He stated that the next things he knew, blood was squirting all over the floor and all over this unsuspecting dad’s shoes. This dad said it looked like a crime scene and that he started to feel so light-headed. Apparently, his wife had started to hemorrhage after the birth, but luckily everything turned out just fine for this happy little family.

1The V Is Ruined Forever

There are some things that men just should not shout while their girlfriend or wife is pushing out their new baby. It is understandable that the whole labor and delivery process, while magical, is still pretty gross. However, dads should bite their tongue and try not to say the first thing that pops into their head when the baby is crowning.

One dad confessed to saying, “Oh my God, the V is ruined!” over and over again. I am sure mom was happy about that one. Hopefully, she did not squeeze something else too hard instead of the dad’s hand! Yikes, that would hurt! Other dad’s, take it from this dad: no matter how ruined the V may look, never, ever, tell the mother of one’s child that!

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