15 Dads Reveal What They Did While Their Wife Was In Labor

Not all dads stay in the delivery room for the delivery, but many do, and many of those men end up with some hilarious stories to tell.

If dad is one of those people with a not-so-strong stomach then he may want to think twice about sticking around for the baby’s grand entrance, especially if momma is going to have a c-section. I was there to watch every one of my children being born, and one of them was born by c-section. It is definitely an experience that you shouldn’t miss if you can help it. It is truly amazing how much a woman can endure. Women are such amazing and strong people, and sometimes it takes something like the birth of a child for us guys to see that.

Even though the sight of a baby being born can be rather gruesome, those images don’t hang around in your mind too long – once you get to hold your precious little child, nothing else matters. That little bundle of joy will melt your heart instantly. Babies are the greatest gifts of mankind, and anyone who thinks differently must have a cold heart. Enjoy these delivery room mishaps.

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15 Fell Asleep While Holding His Wife's Legs

This woman named Jen posted on TheBump.com that she was in the delivery room pushing, and her husband was holding one of her legs and at some point, he actually fell asleep holding her leg. She didn’t specify if he let go of her at that point, but you have got to be pretty tired to fall asleep during an experience like that.

Who knows, maybe he was celebrating the birth of his child a little early. Or maybe he already has so many children that the whole delivery thing just bores him. Either way, I’m sure his wife didn’t appreciate it too much. I would be willing to bet that he doesn’t have any trouble staying awake any other time when she has her legs spread, which is why she is in the delivery room in the first place.

14 Orlando Bloom Did #1 In A Bottle

According to a Youtube.com, Miranda Kerr was in the delivery room in labor for 27 hours.

During that time Orlando Bloom, who was in the delivery room with her, couldn’t leave to go to the bathroom by orders of Miranda, so Orlando did what he had to do – he went in a bottle.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I know guys use bottles in all sorts of situations, but I have never heard of anyone doing it in a delivery room. After being in labor for those many hours, what are the chances that she would have the baby before he got back from the bathroom?

My wife was in labor for ten hours and I thought that that was long; twenty-seven hours is a long time to be waiting.

13 Danced For His Wife In A Nurse's Uniform

On Rightthisminute.com, a woman said that her husband dressed up like a nurse and started dancing around to try and make her laugh (pictured above). He was apparently trying to distract her from the pain she was feeling.

A good dad will do anything he needs to in order to try and help his wife in the delivery room, not to mention make the day something to be talked about through the years. I think I was always too excited about the arrival of my children to think about being funny. I just couldn’t wait for them to make their entry into the world. It is truly an amazing moment.

I would say just make sure you are dressed like a dad instead of a nurse the first time your child sees you.

12 Took Calls From Work

According to the Thebump.com, while this woman was pushing, her husband was taking calls from his job.

He should have stayed out in the waiting room if he wanted to be on his phone during this magical time. What kind of a person is not going to understand that you cannot answer your phone during this time. I wonder if he was talking on the phone when they were busy making the baby; maybe the next time they are engaged in those moments together, she should keep telling him to hold on while she takes a call.

I didn’t even know that cell phones were allowed in the delivery room. Maybe he should have just put it on video chat, that way he could prop the phone up somewhere and then he would have his hands free and whoever was on the other end could be there to experience the whole thing with them.

11 Not All Men Can Handle Labor

On parents.com, a dad and minister revealed that he actually fainted during his wife’s labor. I am sure that throughout history there have been a lot of dads who have hit the floor in the delivery room but I would think that a minister would be prepared for almost any situation. But of course, they are human just like the rest of us.

Just wait until the child gets older and asks "was daddy there when I was born?". Yes, he was. He was on the floor keeping the dust bunnies company. He could always say that he felt the overwhelming desire to get down on the floor and start praying. But would mom believe the same story?

I suppose he didn’t get to cut the cord unless he woke up just in time.

10 He Got Down On One Knee

Darick Mead, as mentioned on Thebump.com, was in the delivery room with his girlfriend. She wouldn't be his girlfriend for long, however, because after their beautiful child was born, Darick had the nurses bring the baby to the mother with a very special outfit on.

On the babe’s outfit were written the words "will you marry me?" and pinned to it was an engagement ring.

This is why I had mentioned that he would not be with his girlfriend for long because she would now be his fiancée.

This is such a touching story. To throw her off, he would always tell her that he wouldn’t get married for a long time just so that it would be completely unexpected when the time came for real. That outfit the child was wearing is one that I’m sure will be kept away forever.

9 Out In The Hallway... Up Chucking

According to what Amanda said on Babble.com, her husband apparently missed the birth of their child. Oh, he was there in the delivery room, but not for long. Once she gave her first good push, her husband ran out of the room and began tossing whatever it was he had for lunch.

Apparently, at some point, the nurses told him that he could leave to get something to eat and so he did, but probably due to the fact that he ate really fast so as to be there in time for the baby, his stomach wasn’t ready for this experience. So instead of watching his wife give birth, he was blowing chunks in the hallway. This was a moment I am sure he will regret for a very long time to come.

8 He Had To Deliver His Own Baby

This story from Foxnews.com reported that Zaheer Ali was in the delivery room with his wife who was soon to give birth. In order to speed up the contractions, they put her on a Pitocin drip. Apparently, while she and her husband were waiting for the big moment, another woman had to be rushed into the operating room for an emergency c-section, and so they stopped the Pitocin drip so that the baby wouldn’t come before this other woman’s surgery was over.

According to Zaheer, there was a nurse in the room with them and as his wife started screaming in pain, he told the nurse the baby was coming and the nurse left the room to get the doctor but by the time they returned, the father had already delivered the baby.

The hospital, of course, had a different story as to what really happened – they claim that there was a nurse there who delivered the child.

7  Jason Sudeikis Was Out For Dinner And Drinks

As seen on Youtube.com, it is said that Jason Sudeikis just barely made it to the delivery room in time to see Olivia giving birth, Apparently since labor was going slowly, Jason decided to go out to Taco Bell for a bite to eat, and then to a bar for a couple of shots, and somehow he made it back just in the nick of time. Luck was surely on his side that day,

I think dinner could have waited for a while, I am sure he wouldn’t have starved to death before the baby was born. He was taking one heck of a chance going out like that. It is bad enough that he left to go eat, but to make it even worse he went for drinks after dinner. I’ll bet she wanted to smack him for that.

6 He Was Too Faint To Stand Up

One woman on the parents.com site had to take pictures of herself giving birth while the father was sitting on a chair because he felt like he was going to pass out.

What is with these guys who can’t seem to watch their own wife giving birth? It’s not like you have to be looking down there, you can keep your eyes on her face.

Maybe it is the overwhelming joy that causes the faint feeling. I wouldn’t call these men weak, but maybe oversensitive. Even if this guy felt like he could pass out, he still could have moved the chair he was on right next to the bed to hold her hand and that way if he fainted, at least he is already sitting down, just a thought.

5 Took A Quick Snooze

One woman on the Thebump.com said that not only did her husband fall asleep while she was in labor, but he even started snoring. It is nice to know that while she is laying there uncomfortable and in pain, he was feeling relaxed enough to take off to dreamland.

I hope for his sake that somebody woke him up before the baby came. I know for myself I would not get over knowing that I had missed out on the birth of my child because I could not stay awake. I have to admit though that sometimes a woman can be in labor for a very long time and it can be very tiring waiting around. So I don’t think he should be too hard on himself. Although she may have had a few words for him.

4 Camping In The Wild

As posted on Stuff.co.nz, Rob and his daughter would take a camping trip together every year, and on this particular year, Rob’s wife Hayley was expecting another child. Hayley had a c-section planned which wasn’t for another three weeks, so she wasn’t at all concerned about her husband and daughter going on a trip together; in fact, she was even looking forward to it so that she could enjoy some alone time before the baby came.

On a Friday morning, Rob and his daughter said goodbye to mom and left to go camping. Well, this is one baby that couldn’t wait for daddy. Hayley went into labor and had to have an emergency c-section so unfortunately, Rob wasn’t there for the birth of his son. But on a positive note, the mother and baby were healthy.

3 Serving His Country

This story from Stuff.co.nz is so heartwarming. It is actually happy and sad at the same time. While Captain Anthony Burch was stationed in Korea, his wife Mary was about to give birth to their four children.

Anthony knew that he would not be able to be there in person, but thanks to today's wonderful technology, he still got to witness the birth of his children.

They were able to set up a video call with him and he actually saw his children being born, and as his wife stated, he even got to see the babies before she did. It turns out she had three boys and one girl. It is truly amazing what we can do nowadays with the newest technological advances. Not so many years ago this would not have been possible.

2 He Kept Complaining...

Image result for delivery room dad

This woman said on The Bump that in the delivery room while she was pushing and was more than likely was in some pain, her husband complained that his arm was getting sore from holding up her leg so he let go of her so that he could stretch. My thoughts are the same as hers, I mean REALLY?! I guess he won’t be carrying the baby around a lot because his arms will get too tired.

With all that she was going through at the time, him complaining about his arm getting tired is a terrible move. I guess it is just too bad that they can’t trade places. Women go through so much more than men do in their lifetime, and yet some men like to complain about the smallest of things. It’s no wonder that women were given the ability to reproduce – men couldn’t handle it.

1 Out Buying A PlayStation 3

A woman named Anne said on Mommyshorts.com that she went into labor on a Black Friday, and so while she was laying in the hospital her wonderful husband left her there to go bye a new PS3. I think this is the worst delivery room story I have heard so far. Anne never mentions if he made it back in time for the birth of their child, but she did say that he would never live it down, so I am guessing that he didn’t make it.

Sounds to me like this dad really has some growing up to do. I mean to put a game system before his child is horrible. I know a guy who puts his game system before his child all the time and it really angers me. These guys need to grow up and become dads. It is very obvious that his wife and child are not the most important things in his life.

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