15He Wants It All The Time, She Says Hell To The No

From the time that a couple first gets together up until the moment she gets pregnant, they are doing it constantly - like rabbits during mating season or dogs in heat. They can't keep their hands off of each other. And now that he’s going to be a dad,

he’s feeling manlier than ever. Armin Brott of Mr.Dad.com explains, “For many men, getting a woman pregnant is a kind of confirmation of their masculinity (before becoming expectant fathers, a lot of us secretly fear that we’re sterile, and there’s nothing like getting a woman pregnant to make you feel like, well, a fully functional man). In addition, a lot of expectant fathers feel closer to their wives than ever before, and that closeness is often expressed erotically.”

But now she doesn’t want to be touched. Hell, she might not even want him to look at her. He shouldn’t take it personally though. She’s on a hormone overdose and between feeling hotter than the sun and fatter than Fat Bastard, she can barely stand to be in her own skin. He may have to fly Hand Solo for a few months but give her the space now and she'll make it up to him after she's no longer a hostage in her own body.

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