15 Dads Talk About Their Wedding Day

For most people, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. For men, they get to see their beautiful bride walk down the aisle toward them. It’s when they finally realize they found their soulmate and the person they will be spending the rest of their life with. Women aren’t the only ones who get weak in the knees! Some of these men, and dads, that you will be reading about below realize just how lucky they are to have the woman of their dreams say, “I do.”

We don’t know about you, but we have always wondered what men have truly thought on their wedding day, especially when their soon-to-be wife is heading toward them in their gorgeous gowns and looking as stunning as ever. We thought a majority of men would be wondering if they are doing the right thing and imagined that some of them would regret this day, but we were so wrong! Most of them were just as elated as their brides, and sometimes even more so. Some of the things that these soon-to-be husbands reveal are extremely sweet but yet hilarious in their own way.

We have put together a list of 15 different thoughts from 15 very different men and fathers. Continue reading below to check them out for yourself! You definitely will not regret reading what these guys really and honestly thought about on the happiest day of their lives; Their wedding day!

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15 Scared Of His The Father-In-Law

Sometimes the groom-to-be is worried about what his new father-in-law really thinks about him and if he plans on ruining the ceremony. One dad revealed what he was thinking on the Bridal Guide, “Wait, is her dad crying? I hope those are tears of joy… Oh, God, does he secretly hate me? Does he think we’re making a mistake? Please don’t let him say anything at the ceremony…”

It appears that this soon-to-be husband was a bit too worried, especially if this is truly what he was thinking while waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. We can’t blame him, though. Getting a new father-in-law and mother-in-law can be quite scary! You never know exactly what they are thinking and what their true feelings toward you really are. When they are a bit more discrete, is when it leaves you wondering and worrying the most. What we don’t know won’t hurt us, right? We hope this ceremony turned out well for these newlyweds!

14 When The Appetizers Are What You Truly Desire

We’ve heard that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This groom admitted to Buzzfeed that what was being served was his main priority on his big day by saying, “Those prosciutto-wrapped asparagus appetizers are going to be so [flipping] good.” You have to admit, that is pretty funny.

Of all the things we could have assumed a soon-to-be husband would be thinking on his wedding day, this guy passed all that and went right to the food at the reception. We definitely were not expecting that one. We would have thought he had something nice to say about his bride or his feelings toward getting married, but he said none of that. We really hope the asparagus was all that he expected it to be and more. His wife should be proud of him!

13 Goal: Try Not To Cry Like A Baby

A lot of people assume that men don’t cry while they are watching their bride walk down the aisle toward them. Guys try to act tough and macho, but they all usually have a soft side buried somewhere inside that tough exterior. One groom confessed his thoughts about his wedding day to the Bridal Guide and said, “I literally couldn’t think. I just stared in complete awe and tried (read: failed) not to cry like a baby.”

It is apparent that he failed at his goal of trying not to turn into a leaky faucet. We are sure that this brought his bride to tears. I know on my wedding day if my soon-to-be husband would start crying, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from breaking out in gleeful sobs of pure happiness. It’s sweet to hear a man admit that he cried on his wedding day.

12 Knowing You Made The Right Choice

When people are getting ready to get married, they usually wonder if they are making the right choice. Too many couples tie the knot while they are filled with so much doubt. I know that’s how it was for my ex-husband and me.

One groom knew that he made the right choice when he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. He confessed his thoughts to the Bridal Guide and said, “I teared up and got really nervous I was going to mess something up. And then she looked so beautiful, and I was like damn I made the right choice.”

That is incredibly sweet. It’s very heartwarming to hear someone say that they know they made the right decision just by looking at the person they are about to spend the rest of their life with. We wish them a life filled with nothing but happiness!

11 When You Gotta Go

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom really bad but knew it was an inappropriate time? I am pretty sure that has happened to all of us! Regardless if you’re in a meeting, traveling in a car, or getting married—when you got to go, you got to go! Sometimes that urge takes over your mind, and you just can’t seem to think about anything else.

During this one dad’s wedding ceremony he wasn’t consumed with thoughts about how beautiful the ceremony was. Instead, according to the Bridal Guide, his very honest thinking was more like, “I just really needed to pee.” What a way to remember your wedding day! Hopefully, after he was finally able to go do his business—most likely hours later—he was able to finally create some fond memories!

10 Straight Out Of A Movie

Brides put so much hard work into looking their absolute best on their wedding day. They get their hair done just right, get a fabulous manicure, watch what they eat—so they look stunning in their gown that they spent weeks picking out—and they spend hours on their beauty regimen. In the end, every bride comes out looking like the most beautiful woman in the world. A bride’s main fear is tripping down the aisle. If you thought only women worry about that, apparently the love of their life worries about it too.

Here are two thoughts from one groom on these matters according to the Bridal Guide, “My exact thoughts were, ‘My God, she looks like a movie star.’ My second thoughts were, ‘Oh, God, she’s going to fall down in the loose stones leading to the patio.’” We can’t help but wonder if she actually fell or not. Hopefully, she was okay because I know I would feel completely embarrassed if I fell in front of my husband-to-be on our wedding day! At least this groom was in awe of how gorgeous his partner was!

9 Sweet Nothings

Grooms sometimes have the funniest thoughts on their wedding day—which show their humorous personality. On Buzzfeed, one guy wrote that his thoughts on that special occasion were, “Look at that beautiful idiot. What a fool she is showing up here.” The key words in those two sentences are, “idiot” and “fool.” How romantic, right?

Then again, how many men out there really do consider us women to be fools for falling madly in love with them? The icing on the cake for them is when we actually show up and exchange vows. Now that’s love! It would have been great if he would have whispered those sweet nothings in her ear while they were standing up at the altar! I’m sure that would have cracked a smile on the bride’s face since that’s not exactly what you expect to hear.

8 Nothing Could Have Ruined This Moment

We love to hear when a groom is madly in love and that he cherishes the moment he was married. What this groom said in the Bridal Guide is very uplifting. He said, “Nothing, not one single damn thing, could have ruined that moment for me. My first thought? ‘This is really happening, and it’s perfect.’” If that isn’t one exultant groom, then I don’t know what is! It really must have been a beautiful ceremony.

I’ve heard a lot of guys say that the moment that has the most meaning to them is when the music starts to play and he turns around to see his bride for the first time in her amazing gown. I can see that also being what made everything so perfect for this groom. And for him, just knowing that he is going to be waking up to the love of his life every morning is perhaps something that he will look forward to every day of his life.

7 The Impatient Groom

For some people, they want their wedding day to be frozen in time so that they can enjoy their happiness and astonishment for a little while longer—to be able to take in every sight, smell, and feeling. Others, however, want it over and done with as quick as possible. According to the Bridal Guide, one husband-to-be had two thoughts, “How did I fool her into marrying me?” Followed by, “Alright, walk a little quicker now. I want to get this over with.”

This guy probably fought to get the girl and now doesn’t want to savor a day that should be held dear to his heart. I am sure he had his reasons. I just can’t help but wonder what made this groom so impatient. Hopefully, he at least thought that his bride looked breathtaking and was at least moved by that.

6 When The Groom Has ADD

It seems our next groom had some serious racing thoughts going on during his big day. Here is what is said on the Bridal Guide that proves it, “‘Don't trip down that hill... don't trip down that hill... damn it, couldn't her dad have at least gotten a haircut? Man, I hate that guy. He's going to be the problem drunk at the reception. But oh man, she's beautiful. I hope it doesn't rain. Great, now I'm thinking about water, and I kind of have to pee’. I have ADD if that helps put things in perspective.'’ This man did not even have to mention that he has ADD because it is very in your face obvious. A lot of us can most likely relate! His hyperactive thoughts and the whole jumping back and forth is pretty comical.

5 How To Compare The Big Day To A Video Game

This guy must be a complete gamer from how he described his exact thoughts on his wedding day. According to the Bridal Guide, this groom said, "I won. I just felt like if there were a moment in my life where I had beat the final boss, saved the princess and got the congratulations screen, it was that moment.” Even though that is video game speak, it is so adorable. You would think that he just won the multimillion-dollar lottery.

I am pretty sure we all can remember what popular video game that was from! (Here’s a hint: the main character chased after mushrooms to gain an extra life!) I feel that a lot of women—regardless if they hate when their man is glued to a game or not—would find this statement very romantic. I wouldn’t mind if the person I was with said those exact words to me! How about you?

4 Guest Rules 101: Always Look At The Bride

This groom feels that when you are at a wedding, and the bride is walking down the aisle, you should always look at the bride who had spent hours getting ready for this exact moment. I would have to agree with that! According to Buzzfeed, here’s what one guy felt on his wedding day and what he was really thinking, "Why is everyone turned around to look at me? Of course, I'm going to smile and be happy. Look at her! She spent all day to look like that so look at her! I got out of the shower an hour ago!"

This statement speaks the truth. Grooms seem to like to just roll out of bed just before they are expected to be at the ceremony, quickly hop in the shower—hopefully, and make it just in time for the bride to make her grand entrance. The soon-to-be wife, however, wakes up as early as possible and spends most of the morning trying to look absolutely perfect for the man she is about to marry. So, what have we learned here according to this groom? Eyes on the bride, of course!

3 It’s Okay To Get Scared

"Wow she is beautiful, and holy crap am I scared about this." Is what a groom thought while his future wife was walking down the aisle, according to Buzzfeed. Finally, a guy who actually admits that he is scared. But that’s okay. Getting married is a huge commitment and should not be taken lightly. The day of a wedding is when everything starts to hit that, yes, this is really about to happen.

The couple who are getting married is about to take a vow in holy matrimony and make a promise to each other that they are going to be together forever—in sickness and in health. That is a major decision that will change everything. They are starting their future together. That is why it is okay to be scared, especially for a man when he is looking at the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.


According to Buzzfeed, on one husband’s big day he thought, "'PREEEEETTY.' My wife is generally not very elegant. On our wedding day, she pulled it off flawlessly.” I don’t know exactly how his wife would feel about being told that she wasn’t really elegant—it’s pretty insulting to most women—but the way he used the words “pretty” and “flawlessly” should make up for it a bit.

By elegant, I presume that maybe his wife is the dressed down and comfortable type of woman. There are basically three varieties of women in this world—the jeans or sweats and a t-shirt kind, the dress and heels kind—who won’t leave the house without makeup, and the type that intertwines the two together perfectly. No matter what category a bride-to-be falls under, she will always look radiant on her wedding day!

1 When No One Is Looking

Okay, so, this groom’s thought regarding how he remembers his wedding day is hilarious. This goes to show that some men just do not take a good look in the mirror before heading up to the altar to wait for their bride. According to Buzzfeed, one dad honestly revealed what was on his mind, “Did I zip my pants? Nope...well, I can fix that, nobody is looking at me.” Hopefully, this guy was not going commando on his wedding day, because he very easily could have given everyone that attended an awkward show.

It’s hard to believe that someone would forget to zip up their fly when their closest friends and family will be looking right at them. It seems like his wife was walking down the aisle when he decided to close the cage. Otherwise, I cannot fathom how no one was able to take notice. All men who are getting dressed, especially when they are getting married, should always double check the downstairs door. Lesson learned!

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