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It is a known fact that couples can become competitive when it comes to how they raise their kids. Even couples who have healthy relationships behave this way. It is just an ego thing, however, couples who respect one another will not blatantly go against one another's wishes. They will even reassure one another that they are doing a good job.

It is easy to doubt your parenting style and if your partner tells you that you are doing a good job, then you have a great partner, even if the partner can be competitive in other ways.

Even couples who are either married or living together before the kids come into the picture become competitive with one another. This can happen when one is trying to prove that they are the one who puts in more work by purposely doing more chores around the home. However, once kids do come along, the competition can become worse.

Mom will easily point out that she does more with the kids than dad does, especially if she is working as well. She may throw it in his face that he isn't doing enough and that she is not feeling all that appreciated. However, eventually dad will get tired of hearing it and he may end up going out of his way to make his wife feel jealous.

However, there are times when the wife is jealous of her hubby without a good reason for it and the jealousy brings out her insecurities.

Either way, this kind of thing happens quite often, and let us look at 15 ways that dads go out of their ways to make moms jealous, not to mention angry as well!

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14 Too Much Time Spent

spending time with brother

This dad who went on Whisper to make this confession said that his wife is upset that he is spending more time with his brother than he spends with her and the kids. Well, maybe she has a right to be upset over this. Maybe he really prefers to spend time with his brother and it is obvious as to why this would be upsetting to her. The sad thing about this confession is that the dad doesn't plan on making any kind of change.

On the flip side, maybe his wife doesn't like his brother and she can't stand it when her husband spends any time with him. Therefore, she would make a stink about it and accuse him of spending more time with him than he does with her and the kids, even if that is not really the case. Either way, dad will continue to spend time with his brother, just like he said. But who is truly in the wrong?

13 Dreaming Of Another Woman Up

This Whisper confession is from a guy who is fantasizing about knocking another woman up to get his wife jealous. And the million dollar question is, why? Why on Earth would this man want to get another woman pregnant just to make his wife jealous? It is unknown if he has actually made his wife jealous in other ways, since no one responded to this confession. However, as long as it stays as a fantasy, it is fine.

If he goes out and really does this, he is not thinking about the consequences such as the one where his wife ups and leaves him. However, is he thinking about the strong possibility of the woman who he knocks up going after him for child support? Like I said before, as long as this remains a fantasy that is fine. But again, why does this idea thrill him so much?

12 The Better Parent

This dad who went to the Whisper app to make this confession about him not having any issues with making his wife know that he is a better dad than she is a mom makes us believe that he is incredibly arrogant to say this. Additionally, he is inconsiderate to not even care about how this affects her.

If she is parenting in a way that he doesn't agree with, that does not make him a better parent than she is. It sounds to me like they have a hard time finding some kind of compromise. In this situation, they will do nothing but mess the child up unless they find a way to work together. That will accomplish a lot more than dad pointing a finger at mom and saying "I am a better parent than you are". Perhaps some counseling would help them reach some kind of compromise if this father doesn't like mom's parenting abilities.

11 She Doesn't Measure Up

sister is a better mom

The dad who made this confession on the Whisper app has done a great job as far as making his wife jealous. He flat out said that her sister is a better mom than she is! Ouch. Of course, she is going to be super upset! This guy did not go into detail as to why he made such a statement like that. Maybe there is something that her sister does better when it comes to parenting, or maybe not and he is just being a jerk!

We all have been guilty at one time or another by saying something very hurtful to our significant others for one reason or another. But by telling your spouse that his or her sibling is a better parent than they are is beyond hurtful, even if there is a grain of truth to it. He would have been better off by stating in a gentle way what areas of parenting she could improve on if he had to say anything at all! Comparing her parenting abilities to her sister's is totally uncalled for! My bet is that he is not the “perfect dad” either.

10 Being A Good Dad Makes His Wife Jealous

This guy who went on the Whisper app to make this confession is most definitely not doing anything wrong. In fact, he only wants to be a good dad to his daughter and it is his wife who has an issue with that. That is because her father did not treat her very well and so she is jealous.

It is hard to know if the daughter is her biological child, and I am assuming she is because he did not say anything about her being a stepmom or anything else for that matter. And I know it is not uncommon for parents to be jealous of their kids if their kids have certain advantages that they never had.

However, if this mom is jealous of her daughter because dad treats her like an angel, then you really have to wonder about how mom treats her. I hope for the child's sake that mom is not taking her frustrations and resentment out on her.

9 Mom’s Cooking Doesn’t Measure Up To Grandma’s

bad cook

This dad went on the Whisper app to confess that he upset his wife by saying that her mother's cooking is even better than hers and that the kids even agree! Ouch. Even if there is some truth to this, that is a horrible thing to say to mom. I mean, mom probably feels underappreciated as it is by providing for the family without getting any thanks, considering that dad and the kids are critical of mom's cooking.

Maybe instead of telling her that her cooking sucks and that grandma's cooking is better, he would have been better off by making constructive suggestions like maybe adding, removing or changing a certain spice in a dish. I am sure she would have been happy to listen and make the change. He also did not say what it is about mom's cooking that is no good. Either way, the fact that he was critical of his wife's cooking in the way he was is wrong.

8 Spending Time With The Child

jealous of child

This dad who went to the Whisper app to make this confession said that his wife hates it whenever he spends time with their daughter. He wonders what the wife wants, and if she wants him to not be in her life at all? My bet is that if it was the other way around and he was a deadbeat dad, the wife would be making it known that she would be upset about that.

However, what is not known about this is whether dad spends all of his time with the child and not enough time with the wife. Because if that is the case, there has to be a better balance, and his wife does have a point. But since the situation is unknown other than the fact that mom is not happy that dad spends a lot of time with the child, we need to hear her side of the story on this one.

7 The Daddy Bond

bonding with daughters

This dad who made this Whisper confession said that his wife resents the fact that he has a close relationship with their daughters. The question is, why? Like it was mentioned before, it is not uncommon for parents to be jealous of their kids, but is it just a case of her not liking him spending time with the girls? Or is it that maybe he doesn't spend enough time with her?

We don't know who is in the wrong here because again we are only getting one side of the story. If it is just a matter of the wife being upset about the fact that dad is close to their daughters and he is still spending enough time with her, then mom needs to figure out why this is making her jealous. However, if dad is not spending enough time with mom then she certainly has a good reason to be upset.

6 Being Praised by Dad

praising son

This dad who went on Whisper to make this confession said that his wife hates it whenever he praises their boy. Now you have to wonder why. This is another situation where you need to hear two sides because why would mom hate the fact that dad praises their son?

Is she jealous of the boy since it is again, not unusual for parents to be jealous of their kids for one reason or another? If so, you have to assume she was not praised very often when she was a child. Maybe even by her father. Maybe whenever she hears dad praise the boy, it makes her cringe because she may have missed out on that. If that is the reason behind it, that shows you right there that if parents don't praise their kids- that will mess them up later on. That is only assuming that that is why she hates it whenever dad praises their boy.

5 When The Baby Looks Like Dad

baby looks like dad

This dad who went on the Whisper app to make this confession said that his wife absolutely hates it every time he says that the baby looks more like him instead of her. I can see how that can be annoying, but is that worth throwing a hissy fit? I am not sure. That all depends on how dad really defines "hissy fit".

If he is saying it all the time to purposely annoy her because she doesn't need to hear it anymore, then she most definitely has the right to throw a hissy fit over that. However, if he pointed it out once or twice and she just hates hearing that fact, then she is way too sensitive.

Either way, this dad decided to go on the app to share this because he obviously finds this amusing. He probably keeps throwing this fact at her because he likes getting a reaction. Even if mom doesn't like hearing this, she needs to ignore him, because he probably won't stop otherwise.

4 Hubby’s Mom

mommas boy

This guy who went on Whisper and made this confession said that his wife is jealous of his mother so much that she called him a momma's boy. It is hard to say whether this is true or not. The reason I know this man is a dad is that when someone asked him how his kids like his mother, if he has any, he responded and said that they love their grans on both sides.

However, it is hard to know if this man is really a momma's boy. He may just love and respect his mom just like any decent child should and that does not make him a momma's boy. Therefore, it is unfair for her to call him that. But again, we have no idea, so we really need to hear her side of the story to find out what bothers her so much about her husband wanting to keep his mother in their lives.

3 When Her Son Has A Happier Time With Dad

jealous sahm

This Whisper confession is different from the others because it's the mom who went to the app to share what is bothering her. She said that she is a SAHM and is obviously divorced or separated from her baby daddy. She is jealous that her son has happier times with dad who only visits for 2-3 hours.

At least dad is still in the picture, and let's face it, the child probably has happier times with dad because dad is probably not anywhere nearly as stressed as the mom. She is obviously a single mom, which makes her very stressed out alone. The unfortunate fact is that the less stressed out parent will be more fun to be around for the child. Other than just making her feel jealous, this likely makes her feel quite sad and underappreciated as well!

2 Dad Is Not Pleased

baby weight

This dad who went on Whisper to make this confession deserves to have his head bitten off. He said his wife is angry with him because he said that she could have done a better job at losing that baby weight, and then went on to say that if her best friend could do it, then why can't she? That is truly uncalled for.

If he was truly concerned about her health because of not losing that baby weight, he could have told her in a kind way that he is worried for her health and offered to cook her up some healthy meals. He could've also suggested that they go for a walk together with the baby. He could have really left her best friend's weight loss out of the picture.

You also have to wonder if he is truly concerned about her health, or if he's just trying to be a jerk and said that because he is unhappy with how she looks? Either way, he deserves to get hell for that!

1 Momma’s Boy

real mommas boy

This Whisper confession was made by a mom who complained about her husband who was not only a momma's boy but is, in fact, so much of a momma's boy that it is having a negative impact on how they raise their son. That is quite troubling. However, you have to wonder which part of this statement is true.

Is it true that her husband is really a momma's boy to the point of it really getting in the way of how their son is being raised? Or is she another wife that is just jealous of the fact that her husband loves his mother? Additionally, she could be blaming her mother-in-law because she cannot agree with her husband about how their son should be raised. It is hard to know which part is true. However, if he really is a momma's boy to the point that he is listening to everything his mom says about raising the boy and ignoring his wife, then she does have a valid point!

Source: Whisper.sh

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