15 Dads Who Don't Want To Be In The Delivery Room

There are a lot of dads in this world who wouldn’t miss the birth of their child - no matter how many times they have seen the whole grisly mess - for anything. They are devoted fathers from the moment they found out that their significant other was pregnant. Dad’s like that deserves a lot of respect because not every man looks at it in that light. There are some fathers who simply refuse to go into the delivery room with their wife and witness the moment their little boy or girl is brought into this world.

If a dad is going to miss their little one’s birth - they better have a good reason! In our opinion, unless it is physically impossible, no man should miss this special day! Moms also need all the support they can get.

We have compiled a list of 15 dads who all have their own personal reason for refusing to be there the day their baby is born. Some of these excuses are horrible! It really makes you feel bad for the moms who have to put up with these guys. Things like one dad putting his mistress first and another feeling too guilty to be there. See what these dads had to say and be the judge yourself!

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15 Been There, Done That

If this dad has been through five childbirths with his wife already, what is wrong with adding one more? It should not matter how many children a father has; he should be there for every single delivery. If he was fine the previous times, we are sure he will be fine again. This couple must really like procreating because six kids is a lot to handle. I don’t know how any mom or dad would be able to do it! I think I would lose my mind. After his wife delivered five other babies, the sixth one should just casually stroll right out. They might not be in labor and delivery for too long as long; as it is a healthy pregnancy. So, this dad should definitely tough it out for what may be the last time.

14 The Game Was On

This dad is just wrong in so many ways. He is too worried about his game and his bet to witness his daughter’s birth. Not only did this most likely make his partner mad, but when his daughter gets old enough, and she hears the story of why her dad wasn’t present at her birth she is going to think that he was a total jerk. This dad said that he is going to see his daughter for the next 18 years, which like saying, “Ah, who cares about when she gets brought into this world? I am stuck with her anyway until she is an adult.” I would be so offended if my dad would have done something like this! I hope he lost his bet so that staying home was a waste of time anyway!

13 The Mistress Comes First

This Whisper is even worse than the one about the side chick. This dad will be missing his sons delivery with his wife; to witness his daughter being born with his mistress. This is absolutely disgusting. He said that he refuses to be with his wife right now. Like a bunch of the other Whispers on this list, this dad probably made up some poor excuse as to why he wasn't going to be there. I feel so bad for his wife. This is supposed to be one of those most amazing days of her life - greeting her son. Now, she is probably upset and distraught. This horrible excuse for a husband needs to get his crap together and either get rid of the mistress or divorce his wife. It's obvious who he loves more.

12 An Unwanted Child

This is a short Whisper and right to the point. But this is harsh. Just because he didn’t want the baby, he refuses to be there for “its” birth. That is just wrong. He is old enough to know that doing the deed could lead to some major responsibilities. He is treating it like it is his significant other’s fault. I think I have said this a few times, but it really does take two people to tango! What, does he think that the girl that is pregnant with his child just climbed on top of herself and decided, “Hey, I am going to get myself pregnant right now!” It doesn’t work like that. He really needs to man up and deal with the consequences. It is quite obvious that he is not going to make the best “father.”

11 Straying From The Marriage

Wow, I do not blame this guy for not wanting to be in the delivery room. It’s horrible to think that his wife would even want him there knowing that he, her own husband, is not her baby’s father. Perhaps she should have contacted the real baby daddy and asked him to join in on his special occasion. At this point, the wife is lucky enough that her husband hasn’t left her - yet. It makes you wonder how this guy knew that it wasn’t his child; unless he busted her or she confessed to being unfaithful. This woman is definitely the definition of a homewrecker. Now, I am not saying cheating is right by any means, but if she knew she was going to cheat she definitely should have at least attempted to use some form of protection. At least then when her husband caught her or she confessed, a baby would not have been brought into this awful situation.

10 Feeling Guilty

This dad said that he feels really guilty because he said he saw how much the epidural hurt his partner and that he feels like it is all his fault. If he feels guilty, that should be enough reason to be there for the actual delivery to support his significant other. This sounds like maybe this is his first child. If he misses the birth of his little one, I am sure he will feel even more guilty. Missing something like that would be a big mistake because seeing your child being born and welcoming him or her into this world for the first time, is something that you can never, ever get back if you pass it up. At least it seems like this dad’s heart is in the right place.

9 Scared Of Falling Over

This dad said that he refuses to be in the delivery room with his wife because he is squeamish of blood. While that is definitely understandable, he should still try to be in the delivery room with his her. There are numerous dads who are freaked out by the sight of the red who end up being just fine because a lot of men find that watching the birth of their child is much more magical than they could have ever imagined. They get to see the moment their son or daughter makes a grand entrance. The chance of passing out may still be there, but at least some dads who are aware of that possibility still want to be there and give it a try. This dad needs to give it a try as well! He may one day regret not being there.

8 Something Out Of A Movie

This dad is kind of jumping to the automatic thought that just because his wife is having a C-section, that he will see her insides. That is definitely not true, and when that does happen it is most likely because dad looked over the curtain, he was walking around, or the curtain fell down. So, either dad is assuming that is what will happen, he knows someone it happened to, or he is reading all the wrong literature. I am sure his wife would want him to be in the room with her for support. Almost every woman wants someone there for that reason. As long as he doesn’t look over the curtain, this dad may have it easier than others who have to witness their partner pushing for what seems like an eternity.

7 How Could This Happen?

This Whisper user is wondering how he could possibly be expecting a baby right now, and that he is too young to be going through this. That is the problem with a lot of teens; they think that getting it on is so great and that they are grown enough to be doing it until something like this happens. It seems like they know the consequences of being unprotected are there, but they never think it will happen to them. This is a perfect example of how it could happen to anyone, as long as the female has started her menstrual cycle, the possibility will always be there until they go through menopause. Just because he feels that he is too young does not mean that he should bail on witnessing the birth of his first born unless it is physically impossible. It’s time for this teen to start acting like a man.

6 Forever Changed

This is something very horrible for this dad to say, and also very selfish. He must have forgotten that it takes two to tango. He said that he does not want to see his baby ruin his wife’s lady parts, and because of that he is not going to be in the delivery room. I have a feeling his wife is going to be highly upset if he misses the birth of their baby girl or boy - especially because of his lame reason. This dad needs to own up and be responsible. Because he gave this reason for not wanting to be there, I believe this may be his first child. If that is the case, he is going to miss out on something great. This will be a story that his wife tells over and over again her friends when she feels like trash talking her husband.

5 Once Was Enough

This will apparently be this dad's second child. It seems that perhaps his first experience wasn't so great because he said once was enough. But if this dad's only issue was being bored, he needs just to stick it out and deal with it. His partner has to deal with it in a much worse way, why should he get off any easier? If he's bored, then he isn't bringing enough to do. Waiting may stink, but it's what he has to do. Again I must say, it takes two to tango! I feel bad for a lot of these women, not only will they have a newborn to take care of, but they have to baby their significant others as well! If only men who didn't want to be in the delivery room could experience what childbirth feels like, they would understand how important it can be to have someone in their with you.

4 A Tough Decision

This dad is a word that I am pretty sure I am not allowed to say. As if it weren’t bad enough that he has a side chick, he missed his own son’s birth because his homewrecker on the side “needed” him. What could possibly have been so important? Of course, he was going to get in trouble! He probably came up with some poor excuse that made his significant other question what was really going on. Thank goodness that his girl isn’t married to him - I assume since he didn’t use the word wife - because it will make it much easier when she leaves him. Less paperwork will be involved. No woman deserves to go through this type of situation. Unfortunately, for this mom, this dad may never get caught just from this Whisper alone. He deserves to get caught though!

3 The Jewels Are In Jeopardy

Okay, so, this Whisper is a tad bit funny. But if this dad didn’t want his family jewels to be put in jeopardy, he probably should have thought twice before using his tool without protection. It is not even guaranteed that his significant other will even grip them while she's pushing the baby out, unless “Mrs. Grumpy Gills” has done it before. Either way, all this dad would have to do if he's that worried, is wear a cup or something to protect those jewels. That is a lame excuse to avoid watching your child being born. I wonder if he talked this over with his wife or if he is going to spring it on her when she goes into labor. Maybe his wife should just grip them anyway, just for the fun of it.

2 A Strong Independent Woman

I sincerely hope that this guy’s significant other was lucky enough to see this Whisper confession from the baby’s daddy. If I were her, I would probably slap him for saying this. I mean, it sounds nice because he’s calling her a strong, independent woman and he’s saying that, “she got this.” But it is far from being nice. This dad refused to be there for the birth of his child due to work, that is just insane. He helped create this child; he should be there to support his partner. I wonder what the mom's reaction was when she realized that her baby’s father didn’t want to leave work. Even strong, independent women need support; especially when it comes to something like giving birth. After all, it is not the best feeling in the world to be in labor - as we all know.

1 Mid-Life Crisis

It sounds like this dad is having a major anxiety attack. I am not quite sure how old he is, but if he feels like he is “too old” to have a baby at this point in his life, he should have used a rubber. It definitely sounds like he is really having a midlife crisis. He doesn’t want to be there for the birth of his child, plus he feels like leaving home for a while. It sounds like he is in dire need of some therapy right about now. It is understandable that he is freaking out and that his head isn’t in the healthiest place right now, but he should have taken some deep breaths and attempted to sort it out in his head, on paper, or by talking to someone. I know it is not that easy in the midst of panic, but he really needs to be there for his wife and child right now.

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