15 Dangerous Mistakes New Moms Make When Washing Their Newborn

Keeping the baby clean is usually a top priority for mama. Many moms are obsessed with bath time for this reason. Bath time can be a peaceful and relaxing time, but parents make some mistakes when it comes to bath time. People do not always talk about these errors, or even realize they are making them. Becoming educated on bathing the baby can prevent many issues. Bathing seems like common sense, but bathing a baby is much different than bathing yourself or an older child.

Everyone loves the smell of a freshly bathed little bundle of joy, but when parents make certain mistakes, things can become not so peaceful. There is so much more to bathing a baby than meets the eye. Things such as exploring different types of soaps and using the right amount of water can make or break bath time. Some parents use bath time as a part of the end of the night routine to tire baby out while others use bath time as a time to bond and giggle with their sweetie. When you know better you (are supposed to) do better, and some dangers are easily fixed and preventable.

The goal is to keep bath time safe and fun for everyone involved, and learning what mistakes not to make can be a life saver. Some parents would never think to make these mistakes while others maybe have made them all.

Read below to find out some of the  mistakes parents make when bathing their babies.

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15 Too Much Washing Is A Big Mistake

As parents we feel that hygiene is an important part of parenting a child. Giving the baby too many baths can be a big mistake. Too much bathing can dry out your sweetie’s skin which can be very uncomfortable. Too much bathing can increase skin issues such as itchy, inflamed, and dry skin. Newborns should only receive sponge baths as necessary and babies that are older only need baths a few times per week. Between spit up, diaper blow outs, and baby food stuck in the skin folds- it is understandable why parents would feel the need to constantly bathe baby. A warm wash cloth can do the trick for a lot of issues until the next bath time. Of course as babies get older they will need to be cleaned more than when they were a newborn, but do not push too many baths in a week.

14 Not Drying The Baby Properly

Babies need to be dried well after each bath- head to toe. Getting in-between the folds of baby’s skin and making sure not to dry those ears is super important. Being wet of the water can make the baby cold which is super uncomfortable. Also, trying to get a wet baby into clothes can be very uncomfortable for baby as well. You do not want to put baby in a diaper because that can increase the risk of a fungal infection and make the diaper last less time. Once baby is dry, it is a good idea to get baby dressed quickly to keep baby relaxed and warm. A towel can do the trick to dry baby head to toe. A soft towel is the best idea because rough towels can make baby upset.

13 The Baby Can Drown In Only 2 Inches Of Water

Babies and young children can drown in only two inches of water. It is best to not leave baby alone in the tub or allow an older child to be on baby duty. A baby seat and tub may sound safe, but when a baby is unattended it can result in the tub turning over. If mom or dad has to leave the bathroom for any reason (the door bell ringing, taking the cookies out of the oven, or even switching the laundry to the dryer) it is always best to take baby with you. The best thing to do eliminate any reason for having to leave so that baby is not left alone or taken out of the tub before it is time to end the bath.

12 Important Parts Aren't Cleaned


Babies do not need to be bathed every day, but they do have extra sensitive spots that need to stay cleaned. Keeping a baby “down there” area clean after every bowl movement and urination is crucial. Not every dirty diaper requires a bath, but sometimes depending on the extent of the mess, it might. Cleaning baby’s nooks and crannies can keep baby healthy and happy. Sometimes washing baby with a wipe or a wash cloth can be enough to keep baby clean down there before bath time. Improper washing can cause infection, some illnesses, as well as diaper rashes. Making sure the folds of the skin is important as well because sweat and grime can build up causing unnecessary discomfort. Taking the time to make sure baby is clean can really save mom and dad a lot of potential problems.

11 Using Too Much Soap

There are so many baby bathing products on the market that it can be hard to choose what will be best. Looking over the ingredient list and doing research cannot hurt. Parents tend to dry out their baby’s skin by using too much soap and cleansers that are just not gentle for that delicate skin. There are many additives found in baby soap that can be drying on the baby’s skin. Babies are little, and soap can go a long way, so a nickel sized dollop can be enough to wash that little cutie. Not every soap works well with every baby’s skin either, and some parents may need to try different brands and formulas before finding the perfect fit. Just like adults, too much soap and not using the right one can irritate the skin, and no one enjoys being uncomfortable.

10 Too Hot?


Keeping the water temperature just right is important at bath time. A cold bath may not have soothing effects and make baby irritable while a bath that is too hot can burn the baby. Testing the water with either a bath thermometer or a hand can save baby from discomfort. Putting baby in the tub after it is full is best because the water running can change suddenly. Whether parents are putting baby in the bath to soothe them for bed time or to clean off the gross smelling skin folds caked with spit up and drool from breakfast- it is important to keep baby comfortable in the water. A water temperature you or your older kiddo may enjoy may not be suitable for baby.

9 Using Dangerous Products

It can be hard to know what skin care products work best with your baby. Every baby is different, and just because your mom friends rave about one brand does not mean your babies skin can tolerate it. When preparing for baby’s arrival, mom will probably receive a good amount of soaps from her baby shower and find good sales. Testing out baby washes and seeing what works best with your baby is the best idea. Abrasive soaps can hurt babies delicate skin. Getting samples or buying small containers of soap can help mom/dad figure out what works best for their baby without wasting a lot of money. Of course, too much soap and water can dry out baby’s skin which can be terribly uncomfortable. When looking for a soap it is best to search for once that have gentle ingredients and that are not overly scented.

8 No Bonding During Bath Time

Bath time is a great time for bonding between parent and baby. Bath time gives the parents the opportunity to enjoy one on one time. Giving baby a bath is also an important part in building a healthy routine. Parents should understand that bath time is a chance to grow closer to that sweet little baby as well as learning more about your baby. Life gets busy, and bath time can be a time for parent and child to solely focus on one another. When a parent does not take the time bond with baby during bath time it can take away from sweet moments and memories. It is time to get off the phone, stop worrying about the dishes in the sink, and just focus on having a relaxed time with baby.

7 Are You Paying Attention To The Clock?

Image result for bath time crying

Parents should give the baby a chance to splash and play in the tub. The concern here is the water getting too chilly. Parents need to pay attention to baby to see when it is time to end the bath. When baby’s skin starts to feel cold or they start to cry a lot, it is probably time to end the bath. Bath time should not be rushed, but they do not need to stay in there for an hour. Play time in the bath can be a blast for babies, and when mom and dad rush baby out of the tub that can take away from baby becoming comfortable and enjoying the water. If baby is rushed out of the tub they may not be thoroughly either.

6 Dropping Happens More Often Than You Think

No parent plans on dropping their baby, but it does happen. Wet babies are often slippery. To avoid this potential issue, having a good grip on baby before lifting or moving him is a good idea. Washing off any soap on the baby (which tends to make them more slippery) as well as having dry hands before touching baby can be helpful. Some parents shower with baby, which sounds like a good idea (multitasking is a parent’s best friend) but it can be extremely dangerous being that parent and baby are both slippery. Also, having a tub with grips on the bottom (or using the kitchen sink) are easier to manage than a standard bath tub. It is easy to have an accident like this in the bath or shower, but the problem is also easily avoidable.

5 Using The Wrong Sized Tub

Some parents bathe their sweeties in the kitchen sink while some purchase an over the top baby bath tub. Parents should know that using a plastic bath tub or a kitchen sink can help parents easily rasp and contain that squirmy little baby at bath time. Whatever you decide to use and whatever price it costs- it is important to make sure that you pick a tub that helps you control and have a good grip on baby. Some parents want to bathe baby in a regular tub, but the issue is that the parent must sit on their knees and hang over the side of the tub which can be challenging. That method can be a sure-fire way to lose hold of that baby. It can be hard to know what kind of bathing situation will be best for you and your family, and in that case, it is always good to hold onto receipts.

4 You Washing Hair Wrong

Image result for washing babies hair

It seems to be common for babies as well as big kids to really dislike getting their hair washed and washed out. We do not blame them- who enjoys the possibility of soap stinging their eyes? Parents must prevent shampoo from getting in their baby’s eyes. If soap does get into the baby’s eyes, do not panic. Using some water to remove the soap from the eyes can be a quick fix. Many parents decide to wash baby’s hair at the end of the tub because that is usually the most dreaded part.

To keep water and soap out of babies eyes it can be useful to lean babies head back or invest in a plastic baby visor. Only using a small amount of shampoo can prevent too many suds from forming which could make it easier for baby’s eyes to burn. This can be frustrating at first, but it can be easy to get a method down that works for you and your baby.

3 Cleaning At The Wrong Time

Many parents believe a bath before bed is the ideal time to clean baby. Of course, a warm bath can help calm and relax baby before bed. That may not be the case for every baby and work well for every parent. Due to time or your baby in general a bath mid-day or in the morning could work best. A bath could wake baby up and get them ready for the day, or unwind them just in time for a good nap. A routine can provide security and stability, so after finding what time of the day works best for you and your babe, it is best to stick with it. Of course, getting out of routine once in a while is bound to happen when there is a super messy lunch that requires a bath or a huge diaper blow out.

2 Using The Right Amount Of Water

Image result for gif for baby bath

Some parents believe adding a lot of water to baby’s bath is best because it keeps baby warm, but that is not totally true. A lot of water can increase the risk of not being able to contain baby well and baby falling into deeper waters. To keep baby from being cold it is a good idea to keep bath time short (but not too short where baby does not get cleaned properly) and sweet. It is also a good idea to keep the bathroom at a good temperature and closing the bathroom door, so a draft does not get in. A baby can stay warm in about two inches of warm water if a parent continuously uses a warm wash cloth to squeeze warm water on the skin. Also, using a cup to pour warm water on the skin can keep baby warm.

1 Getting Water In The Ears

No one enjoys getting water in their ears, so it is best to keep babies ears from getting too wet. Typical ear infections are not normally the result of water in the ears, but it is still best to avoid getting the ears super wet. When baby is done his bath, using a dry towel or cotton ball to clean behind and on the ear is a way to keep baby from getting too uncomfortable. Avoiding Q-tips is a good idea because a swab can puncture baby’s ear drum and/or cause damage to other parts of the ear. If your baby gets ear tubes due to frequent ear infections, the doc will probably instruct parents to avoid getting water in their ears. Overall, it is best to avoid getting water in the ears because it is uncomfortable, but it is not detrimental if it happens.

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