15Eating Habits

Bad eating habits such as overeating and eating the wrong foods are extremely dangerous choices during pregnancy because at this time, a fragile undeveloped human is relying on on the mom. Surely cravings are a part of pregnancy but satisfying such cravings should never equate in doing such in an

unhealthy manner. No one wishes for an obese baby neither does any one wish for an underweight or malfunctioned one.

Another reason why a woman should be mindful of what is taken is due to the teeth and gums. At this point they are vulnerable to any harsh thing taken in; they can swell up or inflame and could bleed so eating food that would not cause irritation or eating sugary food too much should be avoided. It is a popular saying that a woman becomes a mother the moment she discovers the pregnancy; the life of the child is the utmost priority, as well as the health of the woman. This time is very influential too, if a child would be obese later in life.

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