15 Dangers Of Bouncing Back So Quickly

Most women are so happy and relieved when childbirth is over. Yes! Baby is out! They are exhausted, emotional, and so in love with their little one. They gush and kiss and cuddle them. If they're able, they stay a few days in the hospital with baby. If not, they leave sooner. Regardless, when both Mom and baby are deemed healthy they are released from the hospital or birthing center. It if was a home birth they are told they can move forward, and the they can go and start their life together with baby. It's an exciting time and the new Mom says to herself that she will jump right in with feeding, changing and housework. But is this a wise move? The answer in short is no. Why? Well, the women’s body needs lots of rest in order to re-energize after such an intense experience as pregnancy and childbirth.

What happens if she does not heed this advice? Well, a whole slew of health issues can erupt which can affect her physical and emotional health as well as that of her baby. It's mandatory she learn to rest, re-charge her batteries, and delegate to other family and friends when she is not well. This will help her heal and help the family get strong and stay strong together. How can a woman know she is not bouncing back? There are definite signs of ill health. If any of these do occur, she needs to start making changes to her health. Here are 15 reasons not to bounce back so quickly:

15 Not Feeling Healed From Pregnancy And Birth

Yes, pregnancy is a natural state and if Mom and baby are healthy there need not be too much concern. However, it is a state where a woman’s body does go through a lot and needs the time to heal in order to be able to work at its full capacity again. This should not be rushed due to a new Mom thinking that she needs to prove something to herself or family members. Whatever kind of pregnancy and birth experience a Mom had, she needs to give herself time to recover fully so that she can be a full part of baby’s life and adjust to her own new reality. She needs to make sure to get enough rest, food and quiet when she is not needed by baby. All of this will help her heal in time. She also has to make sure if she is having difficulty she has the backup support of family and friends to help see her through.

14 Can Trigger Depression

Another thing that a challenging or even standard pregnancy and childbirth can trigger in some women is postpartum depression. This can either happen because they are exhausted and doing too much, had different expectations of motherhood and the help they would receive, or are simply prone to depression which has been triggered by this intense lifestyle change. There is nothing to be ashamed of and she will be fine as long as she seeks immediate help and support from her family, friends, and community. If a woman gives birth and realizes the importance of self-care and rest however, she may be able to avoid having any kind of postpartum depression and emotional issues. The important thing is to not try and be superwoman, but do the best she can to be attentive to baby, and rest when baby rests. This is also part of being a good Mom, taking care of herself so she can be fully present in all ways for baby.

13 The Clumsiness Factor

Again due to exhaustion, stress, and other adjustment factors, a woman may find she is more clumsy and forgetful after childbirth, not due to intelligence diminishing. Babies make us smarter as Moms have to think fast and move fast all the time. But it's merely due to them being tired and over doing it. When they are as rested as they can be, they will be able to be more coordinated, fit, and balance themselves physically without falling or injury. Pacing oneself is super important for all of us, but when we become Moms, it's even more imperative to take care of ourselves by sleeping, eating, and exercising lightly when we can. This will show our immediate family and everyone else around us how we treasure health, stability, and physical care, and that this is the example we want to set for our child from an early age.

12 Can Affect Milk Supply And Mom’s Nutrition

If a Mom rushes too quickly back in her old routine, work and other responsibilities, she also risks affecting her appetite and overall health which in turn can affect her milk supply and baby’s food supply. It's very hard to eat right, stay hydrated, and stay healthy if one is running around trying to do all the housework, return to work prematurely, or else is taking on other responsibilities that ought to wait. After all, people around the new Mom will understand she is dealing with a major change in her lifestyle and needs to figure out how to balance her own needs with that of her baby and partner. It should never be at the cost of her skipping meals and not keeping well hydrated with water, milk and healthy juices and fruits. She will not only do herself a disservice by not taking care of her health, but also to her family.

11 Can Affect Mom’s Ability To Conceive Again

For new Moms that want more children, overdoing it and rushing full back into a routine too soon can result in difficulties with conceiving again as well. How can a woman’s eggs be fully healthy to make a baby if the woman is not in top physical and mental health? She is better off slowly making her way back to her old routine than rushing into it. If she is able to sleep when she can, eat well, do light exercise or post-natal yoga, she is in good standing right there. All of these things done in a way where she can pace herself and keep to a schedule will help her body heal and keep her calm and happy. Then when at least a year has passed, she will probably be ready to try for baby number two. Even if it happens sooner, if she is taking care of her overall health, she and baby will have a good experience.

10 More Risk To Developing Viruses

What happens when we are run down and tired? We get sick. Well, guess what happens to run down and tired new Moms who are not sleeping or taking good care of themselves. That’s right. The risk for virus goes up, way up. And if they are sick, unless they have great backup for baby care, it's challenging to feed and care for a newborn if Mom is not feeling one hundred percent. Yet another reason she needs to consider not pushing herself too much too soon with doing everything alone. She should not be afraid to ask for help to get the necessary things done without it being at the cost of hers or anyone else’s health. If she thinks of the logistics of what happens each time she gets sick, it will definitely be more cost effective and easier for her to just take care of herself in the first place for everyone concerned.

9 Increased Risk Of Future Pregnancy Complications

Yes, if a woman’s body is not in the best shape post-partum and continues to remain that way, she will not be in the best possible shape for any future pregnancies. Should they arise, she will most likely develop complications which could be life threatening for her and baby. It's definitely important that she consider this when taking the necessary steps to heal and keep herself healthy for the next time around. After all, this time she will also have to juggle her own health with that of two babies or a baby and toddler. Even if she doesn't want any more babies, why have post-pregnancy health issues stick around when they can heal up in no time if she is monitoring her health and going for checkups? No one wants that. Mom wants to be around to enjoy her new life with baby, her partner and herself.

8 Can Affect Healthy Exercise Routine

Physical fitness is so important for overall health, but if a woman rushes back too soon with an exercise regime that includes weights or heavy cardio, she could be getting more than she bargained for. She may get sick, pull or tear something, or simply exhaust herself to the point that she had no value in starting up exercising too soon after giving birth. She obviously needs to be checking in regularly for postpartum visits to her obstetrician or other health care practitioner, and checking on baby too to make sure that they are thriving. If all of this is positive and she receives the go-ahead from the doctor or medical care practitioner, then and only then should she go back to an exercise regime. They will also let her know what intensity she can start at, though of course she needs to exercise common sense and go the gradual route to have benefit overall.

7 Can Affect Parenting Style

Think how well most of us would do at a job interview or in a course if we're stressed, overtired, and angry. If a new Mom is not taking care of herself, her health both mentally and physically, will cost her patience, humor and energy to handle new parenting ups and downs. There is also the constant demand of newborn parenting which makes it difficult if Mom is a mess. Even with toddlers and older children, they require different levels of supervision and activity. If Mom can’t supervise properly due to feeling overwhelmed, she will not have the patience to stay calm around her child. This is one hundred percent necessary in order to show children the boundaries they need to accept and learn from. A Mom who may normally be very loving and positive in parenting can easily become a screaming banshee at a child testing his or her limits if she is not rested or healthy. This is yet another reason to take it easy.

6 Can Affect Sleep Patterns

New Moms who are nervous, stressed, overwhelmed and scared to ask for help will also lose sleep due to this. Of course this is not good. They will put themselves at risk for all of the above problems, as well as be less equipped to handle things and ask for help. Everything looks terrible when one is tired as well as insurmountable. The first thing any new Mom who is exhausted needs to ask herself is how much sleep she got the day before? If the answer is barely anything, she needs to ask another caregiver to take over with the kid or kids so she can slowly start to catch up in batches. She will see that everything will look differently after a good night’s sleep and everyone will look more positive to her. It's hard to sleep continuously those first few months, but even power naps or sleep in three to four hour increments will help her feel much better and slowly get back to her own energy level.

5 Risk Of Prolapse

This is actually not caused by over activity AFTER childbirth, but rather in the childbirth experience. However, it can become exacerbated by being on one’s feet too much, too much activity, or any kind of strain on the body. Prolapse occurs when the muscles in the uterine wall collapse, affecting the bladder and other areas around the vagina so there is discomfort, feeling of bulging, or other unpleasant sensations. One has to get to the doctor and make sure there is no worse damage, and though there is a genetic predisposition to some women developing this problem, it's generally due to a medically assisted birth or a weak pelvic floor. Though it's good to be monitored by a doctor, the best way to prevent further damage is to rest and stay off one’s feet after childbirth. The woman’s body has been through nine months of major adjustments. She needs to give it time to heal.

4 Core Is Weak

This can happen if a woman has started with a weaker core prior to pregnancy and childbirth, but even if she had a super strong core in the past and exercised regularly, she still needs to take it easy and slowly build up her core with gentle exercises after getting the medical OK after childbirth. No woman, whatever physical shape she is in, wants to risk doing damage to her core or weakening it. The whole point of exercise is to build it up, make it strong so she can be at her best for everyone. Done properly and slowly, she will not get into problems. If she rushes it, she risks being on bed rest with injuries and permanent damage that only time or surgery will heal. So it's definitely important she start back with muscle and weight workouts with the mentality that her core is a little weaker and will need time to build it back up and heal.

3 Injury Can Happen More Easily

Again, even for a woman who was in super cardiovascular and muscular shape, after childbirth the muscles are much more relaxed and the woman’s pelvis, feet and legs end up moving differently. Her body is much more susceptible to injury and sprains if she doesn't stretch, overdoes her movements, or begins with too high of an intensity. As if that weren't enough, the injuries will also take longer to heal as she is busier now, and with the body changes, her muscles are more elastic making the potential tears or sprains in her muscles slower to recover. This is why she needs to do gentle stretches, gentle movements, and take her time to get used to her new body. Mom needs to acknowledge that it's a little different than her pre-baby one, so time, patience and rest is what will help her in the long run. Setting a gentle routine is also a good example for the rest of the family so everyone can take on a healthier pace.

2 Risk Of Prescription Drug Use Increases

The risk of prescription drug use also may be increased due to her health being neglected. She may either become depressed or physically sick or injured, so medication will have to be taken in conjunction with other lifestyle changes. If she wants to avoid the medicinal route, it's possible in most cases, unless she has a diagnosed medical condition like a thyroid disorder etc. If a woman takes the time to take good care of herself all around, she will most likely avoid prescription drugs which are better for her and baby in the long run. It would be the last thing she wants after having done everything else to take good care of herself and her health during the pregnancy. There is much under her control, as long as she realizes what it is she needs to do to stay healthy. Having a good team behind her, either family or friends, will be a huge benefit.

1 No Energy For Leisure Activities

Finally, if a new Mom is totally wiped and exhausted, she will soon lose her excitement and happiness for life. How can she maintain a positive attitude with lack of sleep, food and health issues? Also, what about leisure time for herself to read, watch television, soak in the tub? Or what about a date night with her partner in or out of the house? None of this will happen if she is exhausted. The incentive for keeping healthy and strong is to have that overall balance in life, and to show other women and families around her that it is possible for them and their families, too. A relationship can only stand the test of time with love and care. Loving and caring for herself will serve the same purpose. So showing that towards herself is the first step towards enjoying life again with her circle.

So there you have the 15 dangers of bouncing back too quickly. There is so much more happiness, health, and good times open to the new Mom who embraces life as a journey and not a race. She and everyone around her will be better for it.

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