15 Dangers Of High Cholesterol Women Should Worry About

While high cholesterol is very common in pregnancy, the thought of it is still scary. Bad cholesterol, also known as LDL cholesterol, contributes the risk of plaque and artery blockage because of fats that the body can’t process.

Good cholesterol (HDL) is known to be able to remove the LDL from our systems, as well as being able to be broken down much easier. Good cholesterol is necessary in the baby's development to make sure that hypertension does not occur and other similar health risks.

This might sound like a shock to some, especially with all the negative health effects of having high cholesterol, but it's true - cholesterol plays an important role in carrying a child to full term. However, women must remember that both good and bad cholesterol must be monitored closely. 

Making sure there is a complete balance in daily diet and exercise can help cholesterol from reaching those risky levels. Keeping up a regular communication schedule with doctors to make sure everything is heading in the right direction can also help along the pregnancy journey. There are plenty of risks when it comes to having high cholesterol when you are pregnant, some of which include things that can harm mom-to-be as well as the baby's future health.

15 Low Birth Weight

It’s so important to keep up a consistently healthy lifestyle, pregnant or not. High cholesterol in pregnancy is natural so a mother's body can create healthy steroid hormones while decreasing the risk of hypertension for the future child. It's important to remember that when a mother is entering the pregnancy phase, her cholesterol will be harder to manage than ever before. Keeping an eye on the rising levels of cholesterol while adjusting daily routines and communication with doctors regularly will help manage the changes the body goes through.

Babies born with a dangerously low birth weight because of the mother’s high cholesterol, are likely to face many of these horrible conditions for the rest of their life. Including but not limited to: Diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure issues, and obesity. These conditions form because of an excessive amount of bad cholesterol in the mother’s body, they all stem from complications stemming from blood pressure and sugar levels, starting from the mother during pregnancy and being passed down to the child while in the womb.

14 Plaque Buildup

One issue that stands out the most when experiencing actively high levels of bad cholesterol during pregnancy is the risk of plaque buildup. This is one of the most common side effects that can be a danger to the mother's health and the baby. Cholesterol slowly builds up in veins and arteries, because of the combination of fat, calcium, and other substances found in the bloodstream to form a very hard and hard to get rid of substance known as plaque. This condition, if not properly taken care of can cause many of the other symptoms that will complicate the pregnancy and delivery, such as excessive blood loss when giving birth and heart failure from the lack of blood flow from plaque blockage.

13 Heart Attack

Women who are pregnant are much more susceptible to experiencing the risks of a heart attack because of the excess cholesterol in a mother’s system during and after the pregnancy. Many people are unaware of how severe heart attacks are during pregnancy, compared to the average person.

Heart attacks while carrying a little one to term can introduce life-threatening risks that will continue to affect the mother for the rest of her life, such as trouble maintaining blood pressure, hormonal imbalance that can cause rapid weight gain, and loss of child in the womb. If individuals don’t concentrate on ways to balance good and bad cholesterol, it will increase the risk of detrimental heart attacks that can easily turn fatal.

Women that are carrying a child experience a spectrum of heart attacks when the dangerously high cholesterol keeps building up in their system, this all stems from side effects of the plaque buildup mentioned above. Learn to avoid plaque with a clean diet and it will be much smoother from here on out.

12 Bad Liver

Contracting a liver disease while being an expecting mother is another huge red flag when it comes to high cholesterol and pregnancy, it’s a tough pill to swallow because a disease that affects your body such as your liver will continue to change everything your body encounters, even something as simple as a cold. The symptoms of liver damage are not that different than natural symptoms that occur during pregnancy, which is why liver damage goes unnoticed and usually untreated, until it gets worse.

Both in the mother and child, the damage can cause a lot more than you might think. Since the symptoms are so similar to pregnancy symptoms, abdominal swelling, fatigue, weakness, and loss of appetite, it takes a lot of attention to be able to catch the warning signs. Simple ways to avoid this from happening is to maintain a healthy BMI, routine vaccinations, and using medications wisely. Many times the issue can not be reversed which is why it’s so important to do everything a person can do to stay on top of their health when bringing new life into this world.

11 Jaw Pain

A mild symptom caused by the combination of pregnancy and high cholesterol, might seem on the lighter side of this list, but when this constant pain is bugging a stressed out mom all day, you can bet it’s one of the top annoyances reported to healthcare professionals. Jaw pain is a common occurrence when it comes to the effects of naturally high cholesterol during a pregnancy, due to stress, teeth grinding from being overactive during sleep, and simple joint pain.

Overall joint pain is fairly common and can be combated by adequate sleep and rest throughout the day, and the necessary exercises to keep your energy levels going. Exercise will also help mothers sleep better throughout the night! It’s tough to workout through joint pain and grinding jaw pain, but when a mother pushes through, she can get through anything with ease.

10 Artery Death

Artery death may be one of the most serious effects of high cholesterol and can put mom and the baby in serious and even fatal situations. When the limits of plaque buildup are reached in the body, it takes a heavy toll on the mother. Untreated plaque buildup will create a very unique circumstance where arteries will die from being closed off from the rest of the circulatory system. This causes aneurysms and often times, death. To prevent reaching this stage, like mentioned before, a healthy diet can cure many issues moms face, if a diet includes foods such as avocado, fish, broccoli, chia seeds, coconut oil, and other naturally fatty ingredients, they can work to unclog arteries naturally! Everyone deals with pregnancy differently, knowing what works and what doesn't will help immensely when it comes to overcoming these difficult obstacles.

9 Weak Eyesight

With rapid changes to a woman’s body during her pregnancy, there are many permanent changes a mother's body will face ahead because of the shock the body is experiencing, from little things like belly stretch marks, to more serious issues such as weak eyesight. Changes in hormones and water retention are one of the biggest reasons why weak eyesight can really impair a woman during her pregnancy.

Vision usually changes when a woman is pregnant, due to water retention, causing the cornea of the woman’s eye to bend and warp, causing blurry vision, symptoms of astigmatism, and overall balance issues when dealing with the depth a person sees on a daily basis. A few ways to reduce the swelling includes: eating less salt, increasing magnesium intake by ingesting more nuts, whole grains, and leafy green veggies, and finally trying Dandelion, an herb originally used in folk medicine to promote urine increase to drain body fluid to a healthy level.

8 Chronic Migraines

Migraines can really tear down a person, strong willed or not, it’s a tough obstacle to get past with a good attitude. Don’t worry, there’s good news! There are tons of natural remedies to try when it comes to combating a throbbing migraine. Since painkillers are a huge no no during pregnancy, natural is the best route to take, such as a massage from your partner, a warm bath, hot or cold compresses, or a cup of tea with soothing honey.

It’s so important to know what's a possibility and finding out what can stop the situation before it becomes completely unbearable. Most women have reasons for the massive headaches such as not eating the whole day because of an upset stomach, stress buildup, and a major lack of sleep can all trigger this awful migraine symptom. It’s important to remember to push through, talk to your doctor about what you can do to lower the pain if the remedies above don’t cut it.

7 Chest Tightness

Because pregnancy is so unique to every individual that experiences it, there can never be an exact pinpointed reason as to why something happens the way it does. One of the most common occurrences during a pregnancy is the chest tightness that can become so unbearable a mother has a hard time standing because of the weight she’s carrying.

There’s a whole list as to why chest tightness occurs, but most commonly it’s because of indigestion, gas, or the ribs widening because of the baby growing. This can be quite dangerous and can cause a person to faint because of shortness of breath and is usually caused by severe heartburn from high cholesterol. These small discomforts can really interrupt a daily schedule, which is why it’s key to keep moving and not give up because of this minor setback. From rib cage widening, the baby growing, to heartburn, a mother can’t let these things stop her from accomplishing her goals.

6 Gallstones

Gallstones are caused by cholesterol changes during pregnancy, they’re small painful hardened fragments of cholesterol that develop when there’s too much cholesterol in the body. It’s quite annoying how often they become an issue for many people. Women have twice the risk of men when it comes to developing gallstones, they can be rough to get rid of and can cause pregnancy complications, such as infections in the liver and rupturing the gallbladder.

It's important to be aware that is it possible to develop gallstones during pregnancy, but even more common to have them after. Our gallbladder lives under our liver which is why it’s extremely important to monitor your health, because a rupture or infection could be fatal to the child in the womb. Our gallbladder helps keep the inside of our body clean, but it is very susceptible to turning against us when we're dealing with pregnancy. Be aware and if there are constant sharp pains early on in a pregnancy, scheduling regular checkups will help regulate the issue of these little monsters!

5 Stroke

Strokes are very common in everyday life regardless if someone is pregnant or not because we face a percentage risk of blood being interrupted when it’s traveling back to our brains. Mother's face double the risk when it comes to having a stroke during and after pregnancy. The main cause being the health epidemic spreading across the globe is altering the world's perception of health, obesity. Sadly giving women the idea that weight isn't a huge risk factor when trying to be pregnant, when in reality it's a huge factor in the process. Mothers who work hard on maintaining a regular exercise routine and focusing on a diet of leafy greens and vitamin rich natural foods are best equipped to combat these scary symptoms. Start slow by walking at least once a day and replacing a meal everyday with something green! Starting slow will ease the body through the change and will benefit both mom and baby in the long run.

4 Numbness

Swelling is one of the biggest issues that occurs to individuals when they’re pregnant. Causing tingling limbs that can be oddly painful and tortuous, these changes in your body can even develop for longer amounts of time past the pregnancy, learning how to deal with them is key. Numbness can be a sign of oncoming permanent things such as carpal tunnel, joint swelling, causing numbness in arms, hands, and fingers and back pain. These issues are something no one wants, but it happens to the best of us. Just remember to have adequate circulation and continue keeping up with a healthy lifestyle for the sake of yourself, spouse, and baby on the way! Do so by signing up for expecting mother's fitness classes in your area for pregnant mothers or even just walking everyday can help alleviate the numbness and swelling. Also a cup of Epsom salt in a warm bath will help loosen muscles if repeated a couple times a week, plus it’s relaxing!

3 Premature Labor

Normally a pregnancy lasts around forty to forty-five weeks. More often than not, a woman experiences labor pains and contractions around the thirty eight week mark. This can happen for many reasons, generally because of the cervix opening earlier than normal and the body begins pushing with or without you. Having high cholesterol can be the cause of an early birth three weeks before the due date, which can add a list of complications that apply to yourself and the child. Things that cause premature labor include high cholesterol, no prenatal care, being overweight or underweight, smoking, twins, and getting pregnant too soon after having a baby previously. Sticking to heart-healthy foods and eliminating trans fats during a pregnancy can help a mother avoid these complications on the big day and maintain a good level of cholesterol!

2 Hemorrhoids

When the not so great feelings that come with pregnancy are in full swing while combating cholesterol management, it's a extremely common to deal with daily constipation, upset stomach, and vomiting. With these stressful strains on the body it's common to have hemorrhoids start to develop. Similar to the annoyance of jaw pain, they can be one of those minor yet annoying changes of the body. While they can form because of bodily strain at home they can also develop because of the result of pushing during labor. Luckily enough there are many creams and natural remedies out there for these kinds of issues This occurrence is just as common as developing stretch marks, and it's an easy fix, if it's taken care of properly.

1 Hypertension

Hypertension is quite common in pregnant women, because of extremely high blood pressure, also a side effect of excessively bad cholesterol. Also known as Gestational hypertension, this can cause women to develop many issues later on in their term, such as heart failure, aneurysms, memory loss, and torn blood vessels in the eyes. It can be something that affects the child as well and can even cause them to have hypertension as early as in the womb. All of this usually stems from one thing, an unhealthy lifestyle, a poor diet, lack of exercise, and bad cholesterol levels. Mothers that make the necessary life changes as early as possible are an inspiration to those around them. Making the right changes in a positive direction and managing cholesterol levels will guarantee this list of complications can be avoided!

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