15Needing HELLP

HELLP Syndrome and preeclampsia symptoms can include severe swelling, headache, vomiting, blurry vision and even seizures. The only cure is to the deliver the baby, and if the symptoms are severe enough, that might mean that progressing through labor naturally isn't a very good idea.

One of the most dangerous complications that could hit a woman in late pregnancy is high blood pressure. It can cause some women to go on bed rest, and sometimes it could cause the need to deliver the baby immediately, even if that means that the child will come early. It's

even more dangerous when the condition develops into preeclampsia, and the most severe version of that is called HELLP Syndrome. If that happens, it means that the mom's organs are shutting down, and she needs immediate medical attention at a hospital if that happens.

Some women are able to try to give birth naturally if their labor speeds up with induction medication, but doctors are watching closely, and they will rush her to the operating room for a C-section if the baby needs to get out right away. The condition can become very severe very quickly, so it's not a good idea to try to give birth at home when the blood pressure is high. A mom might need help right away, and even an ambulance might not get her to the hospital in time.

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